The big polluters

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  • "jane genovese is a public speaker, university graduate of law and arts (majoring in psychology) and passionate global warming advocate. she became concerned about global warming after reading an article on artic eskimos losing their way of life due to rapid climate change. this motivated her to study environmental law and international environmental law at university. shortly after, she created the “global warming: too hot to handle?” workshop and this book with her mother, sharon. in her spare time, jane enjoys salsa dancing, watching good documentaries and going to the gym."......

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  • İzmir Bay has been one of most polluted bays of the Mediterranean for a long time. When the “Big Channel Project” was completed in 2000, sewage flow into the bay ended. Hence, the influence of creeks, which are the only source of water transportation to the inner bay, was investigated in the current study. Monthly samples of creek water and seawater were taken.

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  • What the described event marks is a moment where an expectation is shattered: the composer, who expected to become a big success in the French capital, had his art rejected by one of the most important figures from the city’s artistic scene. An event such as this is criss-crossed by innumerable social vectors. On one hand, a foreign artist, fresh from the ‘periphery,’ a recent arrival in the great cultural centre of the period; on the other, a Parisian artist completely established and at home in his setting.

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  • The solid product is a wet sludge of calcium sulfate which can be disposed of easily. So FGD does not eliminate pollution. What it does accomplish is to convert a big problem (emission of large volumes of air contaminated by harmful levels of gaseous SOx) into a small problem (collection and disposal of scrubber sludge). Dealing with the problem of air pollution is not cheap. An FGD system installed in a newly constructed power plant represents about one-third of the total cost of building the entire plant.

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  • Solar energy is radiant energy that is produced by sun. Everyday the sun radiates, or sends out, an enormous amount of energy. The sun radiates more energy in one second than people have used since the beginning of time! Where does the energy come from that constantly is being radiated from the sun? It comes from within the sun itself. Like other stars, the sun is a big ball of gases- mostly hydrogen and helium atoms. The hydrogen atoms in the sun’s core combine to form helium and generate energy in a process called nuclear...

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  • In the current context of eco-pollution, the substitute of conventional plastics with bioplastics is a big confront. On account of that, a non-growth associated PHB production study was conducted using Zobellella species under submerged fermentation process. As a result, Zobellella species showed the ability to accumulate 2.2g/L of PHB at pH 8. 0, temperature 37oC, salt concentration 2% in modified growth medium containing vitamins. Then, primary structural characterization of extracted polymer was conducted by FTIR analysis. The high intense peak was obtained at 1720.

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