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  • The Book of Gates is an Ancient Egyptian cosmological treatise describing the architecture and inhabitants of the Tuat, the underworld which the boat of the Sun God, Ra, traverses during the night hours. This is the second volume of the three volume Budge series which deals with the books of the Underworld, the Egyptian Heaven and Hell . It also includes a short summary of the Book of Am-Tuat, the longer version of which comprises the first volu

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  • He who waits beside the folded gates of mystery, over which forever float the impurpled vapors of the PAST, should stand with girded loins, and white, unshodden feet. So he who attempts to lift the veil that separates the REAL from the IDEAL, or to remove the heavy curtain that for a century may have concealed from view the actual personages of a well-drawn popular fiction, or what may have been received as such, should bring to his task a tender heart and a delicate and gentle hand.

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  • “Like Great-grandmother Jeffers,” he said to himself. His papa had asked Greatgrandmother to come with them to live. Thomas recalled how she’d been leaning on her bright blue gate at the time. No longer was there a fence around Great-grandmother Jeffers’ house. Its blue pickets had long since fallen and rotted back into the ground. But the gate continued to stand, and Thomas, since the age of ten, had painted it bright blue every spring.

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  • There is an adjustable feedback from the main valve to the pilot valve to adjust the ratio of main valve to pilot valve movement. By changing the amount the main valve moves for a given movement of the pilot valve, the relative speed of the servomotors is changed. This is independent of the setting for wicket gate travel rate. The main valve normally doesn’t move far enough to contact the stop nuts during a load change. The feedback acts on the pilot valve bushing to close off the pilot valve ports to stop the flow of oil...

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  • Journal writing is a technique that has been promoted by educators in many fields, including nursing, counseling and management, as a means of facilitating reflective practice and stimulating critical thinking (for a review see Bain et al., 1999). In the field of teacher education reflection is widely acknowledged and promoted as a criti- cal element in the professional development of teachers (Zeichner, 1992; Calderhead & Gates, 1993).

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  • A metallic voice rasped over the loud-speakers and echoed through the lofty marble and aluminum concourse of the New Chicago Monorail Terminal. "Atom City express on Track Seven! Space Academy first stop! Passengers for Space Academy will please take seats in the first six cars!" As the crowd of people waiting in the concourse surged through the gate leading to Track Seven, three boys in the royal-blue uniforms of the Space Cadet Corps slowly picked up their plastic space bags and joined the mass of travelers. ...

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  • In the 1990s, leading experts, politicians, public officials, business leaders and journalists predicted that the internet would transform the world. 1 The internet would revolutionise, we were told, the organisation of business, and lead to a surge of prosperity (Gates 1995). 2 It would inaugurate a new era of cultural democracy in which sovereign users–later dubbed ‘prosumers’–would call the shots, and old media leviathans would decay and die (Negroponte 1996).

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  • In this one book you will find the profound philosophical and political interpretations of Cornel West, the storytelling genius and witticism of Henry Louis Gates Jr, and the wisdom of Africa’s grand man of letters and the first person of African descent to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, Wole Soyinka.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'scaled planar floating gate nand flash memory technology', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kĩ thuật viễn thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This lively, engaging and witty collection of lectures brings together the renowned African and African-American scholars - Cornel West, Henry Louis Gates Jr and Wole Soyinka - to reflect on the public meaning of the iconic Nelson Mandela. Any one of these authors would have been a pleasure to read in his own right, but to have all three of them enjoined in this common intellectual effort is an enlightening experience.

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  • The metal gates positioned on each side of the Level Crossing are approximately 4.3 m wide and open away from the railway. The surface of the intersection of the road with the track is covered in rubber „Strail‟ units, which gives a level surface over the track. Cattle grids are installed on each side of the roadway, where it crosses the track to prevent cattle straying onto the railway line. There is concrete post and wire fencing running between the gates and the boundary hedges, see Photograph 2. There is a residential house...

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  • From Tom Paine to Blogs and Beyond 2. The Read-Write Web 3. The Gates Come Down 4. Newsmakers Turn the Tables 5. The Consent of the Governed 6. Professional Journalists Join the Conversation 7. The Former Audience Joins the Party 8. Next Steps 9. Trolls, Spin, and the Boundaries of Trust 10. Here Come the Judges (and Lawyers) 11. The Empires Strike Back 12. Making Our Own News

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  • Thirty or more years ago, one who stood at the foot of Main Street, Winnipeg, in front of the stone gate leading to the inner court of Fort Garry, and looked up across the river flats, would have seen a procession as picturesque as ever graced the streets of old Quebec--the dog brigades of the Hudson's Bay Company coming in from the winter's hunt. Against the rolling snowdrifts appeared a line, at first grotesquely dwarfed under the mock suns of the eastern sky veiled in a soft frost fog. Then a husky-dog in bells and harness bounced up over the drifts, followed by another and yet...

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  • As with all good Windows programs — and AutoCAD is a very good Windows program — you can make your drawings appear on-screen in numerous ways. For a start, there’s the . . . er, Start button, the one that Mick and the Rolling Stones sang about way back when Bill Gates launched Windows 95 on an unsuspecting world. To get to AutoCAD 2007 (or AutoCAD LT 2007), you click Start➪Programs➪Autodesk➪AutoCAD 2007➪AutoCAD 2007. (You can tell you’re at the end of the line because the last AutoCAD 2007 has a unique pro- gram icon rather than a generic folder icon beside it.

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  • What do Britney Spears, N’Sync,Michael Jordan, The Rock,Oprah Winfrey, J.K.Rowling, and Bill Gates have in common? They are able to entertain, compete, write, compose, or invent better than most, and are outstanding in their different fields. Each has developed an individual method to achieve excellence in what they do.We do not see the behind-the-scenes hard work these stars have done nor do we see the help and support given them by their parents, teachers, coaches, consultants, and crews who help them succeed....

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  • Choose the right programmable logic devices for your projects with this guide to the proprietary details of the alternative architectures and processes of Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). Engineers learn how to select the appropriate development tools and resources and how to optimize and increase the reliability of the design along with the appropriate use of simulation and testing. Engineering managers will gain insight into how to plan, schedule, and budget a CPLD-based or FPGA-based design...

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  • The objectives of the project were to review developments in embedded system design and future trends, and to explore board-level rapid prototyping using FPGAs. The embedded process design flow consists of many important steps that make it essential to achieve a functioning final product within the allocated design time. In order to make appropriate decisions, embedded systems hardware and software knowledge is an important requirement. The embedded hardware decisions are analyzed in terms of processor, memory, and peripheral requirements and limitations.

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  • Since the first edition of this handbook, semiconductor technology has gone through a continued evolution of new devices and materials like never before. Wafer sizes continue to grow with most of the new fabs equipped for 12-inch wafers. The changes are triggered by many considerations: continued need to provide more functions at lower cost; technology features less than 1000 Å requiring new processes, and exponential increase in the number of device elements.

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  • The advances in ultra-large-scale integration (ULSI) technology mainly have been based on downscaling of the minimum feature size of complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) transistors. The limit of scaling is approaching and there are unsolved problems such as the number of electrons in the device’s active region. If this number is reduced to less than 10 electrons (or holes), quantum fluctuation errors will occur and the gate insulator thickness will become too small to block quantum mechanical tunneling, which may result in unacceptably large leakage currents....

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  • The aim of this book is to provide readers with a fundamental understanding of digital system concepts such as logic gates for combinatorial logic circuit design and higher level logic elements such as counters and multiplexers. First year undergraduates taking a course in computer science or engineering (and related disciplines like information technology) are the main target audience. Foundation year students and those taking pre-university courses (like ‘A’ levels) will also benefit from the text. I have tried to follow a simple approach in writing the text.

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