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  • This paper presents the first probabilistic parsing results for French, using the recently released French Treebank. We start with an unlexicalized PCFG as a baseline model, which is enriched to the level of Collins’ Model 2 by adding lexicalization and subcategorization. The lexicalized sister-head model and a bigram model are also tested, to deal with the flatness of the French Treebank. The bigram model achieves the best performance: 81% constituency F-score and 84% dependency accuracy.

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  • Purpose - Through this Masters dissertation, the researcher aims to understand the use of bankruptcy rates for the assessment of suppliers and the effect of sector-specific ratios on the accuracy of bankruptcy rate. To consult more Economic essay sample, please see at Bộ Luận Văn Thạc Sĩ Kinh tế

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  • Nowadays, the concept of globalization seems reduced to the size of the market and, export is only one aspect of the phenomenon of globalization. In global industries, it is now the most competitive positions and bases of competitiveness which should be established worldwide. Therefore, globalization raises strategies to become more global rather than local. Those strategies consist in expanding and coordinating all activities of the company worldwide.

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  • Psychology has an impact on humans’ temporal perception, thus affecting the way people use tenses, and the correspondence of tenses is of no exception. It occurs between independent clauses as well as subordinate clauses. The article distinguishes two perspectives of correspondence of tenses and describes their characteristics, then justifies mismatch in some particular cases.

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  • This paper is to investigate the fitness of the Fama and French three-factor model in the HCMC Stock Exchange (HOSE) over the period 2007-2009. The results have proven that this model is more superior to the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) when explaining changes in the total risk premium or the return on equity in HOSE.

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  • Bonfand borrows it from the philosopher Jean-Luc Marion (one of the most important thinkers of the French new wave in phenomenology), as particularly developed in In Excess: Studies on Saturated Phenomena, 2002 (originally published as: De surcroît. Etudes sur les phénomènes saturées, 2001). In Marion’s phenomenology of giveness, the saturated phenomenon refers to a kind of extreme phenomena which confront the perception and the condition of phenomenality to its limits.

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  • The question of what is included in the vocabulary of a particular variety of English (or any other language) raises a number of questions. The first of these is at what point a word adopted from a contact language becomes a word of English. Consider a simple case of adoption from French in current British English. The word baguette is a relatively recent import into English. The long, crusty loaf (which is what baguette means in French) used to be called French bread. The term baguette was added to the ninth edition of The Concise Oxford Dictionary published in 1995,...

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  • Increasing men’s participation also is a high priority for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF/Africa), which tries to reach men in their communities, in workplaces and schools, in hotels and bars, and through social marketing, as well as with clinical services. Lessons learned from IPPF experience suggests that men are not opposed to family planning or to contraception but need to receive more information, along with community support and support from employers and opinion leaders.

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  • In such a case, weighty reasons would support con- version of the German savings banks into regis- tered cooperatives on the French model. German savings banks and cooperative credit insti- tutions already possess numerous common fea- tures. Both are integrated into a tripartite financial association cooperating on the basis of a division of labour and exhibit a decentralized structure operating on the regional principle. In addition, both have a similar customer base consisting large- ly of private individuals as well as small and mid- sized businesses.

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  • The Walt Disney Company, Areas of Operations, Main Problem, Yen Bullet Loan, ECU/Yen SWAP with French Utility As the main contents of the lecture "The Walt Disney Company’s Yen Financing Case". Invite you to consult the lecture content to capture detailed information.

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  • The aim of this series is to sketch the history of Modern Europe, with that of its chief colonies and conquests, from about the end of the fifteenth century down to the present time. In one or two cases the story commences at an earlier date: in the case of the colonies it generally begins later.

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  • There is no doubt that our far-away grandfathers, whether of English, French, Dutch, Scotch or Irish blood, were much more afraid of ridicule than they were even of sinning, and far more than we are of extreme derision or mockery to-day. This fear and sensitiveness they showed in many ways. They were vastly touchy and resentful about being called opprobrious or bantering names; often running petulantly to the court about it and seeking redress by prosecution of the offender. And they were forever bringing suits in petty slander and libel cases.

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  • The aim of this series is to sketch the history of Modern Europe, with that of its chief colonies and conquests, from about the end of the fifteenth century down to the present time. In one or two cases the story commences at an earlier date: in the case of the colonies it generally begins later. The histories of the different countries are described, as a rule, separately, for it is believed that, except in epochs like that of the French Revolution and Napoleon I, the connection of events will thus be better understood and the continuity of historical...

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  • Most of the sovereign bank debt likely to be exchanged, however, is held by larger German, French and Swiss banks with the capability (if not necessarily the desire) to take the write-offs required. The overhang of such future losses affects the entire European banking system at a time when it too is being restructured.

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  • There have been many erudite works, in French and other languages, describing the antiquities and historical annals of Paris from the earliest times; and in English the mid-Victorian era turned out--there are no other words for it--innumerable "books of travel" which recounted alleged adventures, strewn here and there with bits of historical lore and anecdotes, none too relevant, and in most cases not of undoubted authenticity.

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  • The particular domain chosen here as a case study is the problem of restoring missing accents 1 to Spanish and French text. Because it requires the resolution of both semantic and syntactic ambiguity, and offers an objective ground truth for automatic evaluation, it is particularly well suited for demonstrating and testing the capabilities of the given algorithm. It is also a practical problem with immediate application.

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  • We introduce two novel methods of text categorization in which documents are split into fragments. We conducted experiments on English, French and Czech. In all cases, the problems referred to a binary document classification. We find that both methods increase the accuracy of text categorization. For the Na¨ve Bayes classifier this increase is ı significant.

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