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  • This paper explores the influence of MOOC for the improvement of college students of electrical engineering based on the cloud platform and Moodle. MOOC-‘Massive Open Online Class’ is a new way of providing education along with the integration of network information technology and the educational teaching.

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  • LAB has a reputation for enormous power, yet virtually all reference materials that advocate its use illustrate its capabilities with a single class of image. This chapter introduces the basic LAB correction method and explains why it is so extraordinarily effective—if you happen to have a picture of a canyon.eep in Death Valley, land of desolation and summertime heat in the high 120s, a narrow canyon holds several lessons about color,

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  • The boundary of the detailed view are defined with a spline. To sketch a spline, pick points around the center point to define the view boundary. Press middle mouse button to finish. Pick a location above the snap ring groove on the top view. The detailed view appears. Be sure to move the detailed view and notes to best location – see figure.

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  •   The Center  for Audit Quality  (CAQ) was  founded  in order  to promote a  robust dialogue about  issues of importance to the U.S. capital markets for the benefit of investors, the public company  auditing  profession  and  the  markets  as  a  whole.  As  part  of  that  mission,  the  CAQ  recently  commissioned  a  survey  to  examine  an  essential  participant  in  the  preparation  of  audited  financial statements: audit committees.

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  • In this paper, a method which intends to provide the motion in every point of the path with possible maximum velocity is described. In fact, the path is divided to transient and cruising parts and the maximum velocities are required only for the latter. The given motion is called “Time-optimal cruising motion”. Using the parametric method of motion planning, the equations for determining the motions are given.

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  • In the development strategy up to 2025, cVKeZ would become the impetus for the socioeconomic development in central Vietnam and Western highlands. it is also the chief entrepoât point as well as the center for trade and processing facilities in the greater Mekong area and in the asia-Pacific rim.

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  • The editors express gratitude to the people whose advice and help at critical points in the project helped the volume come to fruition. Leanne Nash, Catherine Tucker, Glenn Stone, Dick Norgaard, as well as reviewers for New York University Press, pointed us to useful publications. Nora Haenn worked on the reader as a Mellon Foundation Fellow in Anthropology and Demography while at the Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina. In addition to the Foundation, she thanks the Carolina Population Center for building such a supportive research atmosphere.

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  • For small, medium, and large businesses, it is critical to provide high availability of data for both customers and employees. The objective behind disaster recovery and business continuance plans is accessibility to data anywhere and at any time. Meeting these objectives is all but impossible with a single data center. The single data center is a single point of failure if a catastrophic event occurs. The business comes to a standstill until the data center is rebuilt and the applications and data are restored....

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  • Diagnosis and Treatment by Clinical State The disease continuum—from the appearance of a preneoplastic and invasive lesion localized to the prostate, to a metastatic lesion that results in symptoms and, ultimately, mortality from prostate cancer—can span decades. Management at all points is centered on competing risks that are defined by considering the disease as a series of clinical states (Fig. 91-1).

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  • The starting point for this document was a review of literature on the creative sector and community change guided by Mark Stern and Susan Seifert from SIAP. Next, staff from TRF interviewed people involved in community development and cultural activity in Philadelphia and Baltimore, two cities that exemplify the plight of post-industrial urban centers. We then examined the arts and culture-related investments within TRF’s portfolio and reflected on how those investments relate to TRF’s model of investor-driven change. ...

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  • The Basics of Social Marketing was developed under the auspices of the Turning Point Social Marketing National Excellence Collaborative, one of five national collaboratives working to strengthen and transform public health as part of the Turning Point Initiative. Seven states and two national partners participated in this project: Illinois, Ohio, Maine, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided financial support for this endeavor.

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  • This addresses the bandwidth problem, in a way: A web site owner will certainly service fewer RSS requests as end users start polling the central service instead. The operators of these central services will definitely have bandwidth issues of their own: they will now be at the center of all RSS traffic. There is a far more insidious danger inherent in this approach, however: a central point of control, failure, and censorship has now been established for all partici- pating users.

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  • Ideas and trends can be as contagious as viruses. Seemingly unrelated, small events can mount to epidemic proportions, and “the slightest push” in “just the right place” will change everything. This is what Malcolm Gladwell (2000) calls the Tipping Point, a unique moment “when everything can change all at once.” After decades of changes, health care is approaching this transforming moment— and we want to be among those who deliver the push in the right place, creating a new system, a “virtual health system,” that delivers the greatest good to the greatest number.

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  • The processing results show that the common displacement direction is close to south-southwest with the largest value being approximately 2 m and the affected area being about 160 km in the southeast direction centered around the earthquake epicenter. However, a detectable GNSS signal was still observed at a station some 647 km away from the epicenter.

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  • We present a full Nesterov-Todd (NT) step infeasible interior point algorithm for second-order cone optimization based on a different way to calculate feasibility direction. In each iteration of the algorithm we use the largest possible barrier parameter value θ. Moreover, each main iteration of the algorithm consists of a feasibility step and a few centering steps. The feasibility step differs from the feasibility step of the other existing methods. We derive the complexity bound which coincides with the best known bound for infeasible interior point methods.

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  • The p-center problem is to locate p facilities in a network so as to minimize the longest distance between a demand point and its nearest facility. In this paper, we give a construction on a graph G which produces an infinite ascending chain G=G0≤G1≤ G2 ≤ ... of graphs containing G such that given any optimal solution X for the p-center problem on G , X is an optimal solution for the p-center problem on Gi for any i ≥ 1.

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  • This format has been tested for cognitive and attitudinal gains in students and the results clearly point out to its benefits. Instructional materials for a oneyear general chemistry sequence have been developed to facilitate its implementation in classrooms. The most important aspects of the format with tested practices are discussed while challenges and implications of findings are shared in order to assist instructors interested in implementing innovative formats of instruction such this one, the cAcL2.

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  • Successful pellet production has been reported in literature with cross-linked poly(vinylpyrrolidone), Polyplasdone® XL-10 and INF-10. In the present study, a quality by experimental design approach was used to assess several formulation and process parameter effects on the characteristics of Polyplasdone® XL-10 pellets, including pellet size, shape, yield, usable yield, friability, and number of fines. The hypothesis is that design of experiments and appropriate data analysis allow optimization of the Polyplasdone product.

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  • Diabetes mellitus is a major contributor to morbidity and mortality worldwide. Identification of patient requests, needs and judgment on health care received is the starting point of patients centered approach; therefore patient satisfaction is considered as important measure to evaluate the quality of health services and can predict both compliance and utilization that associated with the continuity of care. 1. Assess type 2 diabetic patients' satisfaction with the provided care at Tanta University Hospitals.

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  • In this paper, we proposed the novel techniques for estimating the parameters of absorbing structure (depth, center location, and width) in the turbid medium by using the convolution and deconvolution operations with the devised PSF. Firstly, by observing images with two-wavelength selected at which the absorption and scattering properties of the medium are different.

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