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The context for design

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  • This research project explores the effectiveness of an auditory display prototype for the sonification of internet \(c{o_2}\) emissions to a small user group within their office context. To date, methods do not exist for the reporting of this information to users of personal computing while they perform simple internet enquiries. Underpinning the theoretical development of this project is a focus on auditory displays guided by the concept and forms of auditory displays, together with the auditory perception elements to be considered in their design.

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  • The broad objective of research reported here was to develop a multi-publishing workflow for student atlases.

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  • 3D animation software is extensively used to create graphics for special effects sequences in live-action films, in animated feature film production and for the generation of computer games and virtual reality content. It is a commonly held view within the computer graphics community that 3D animation software is ―just another tool‖ for self-expression. This research questions that view by examining the inherent nature of the tool itself. In doing so, some of the philosophical assumptions embedded in the design of the new digital tool are revealed.

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  • The ‘Ephemeral Laboratory’ seeks to create a methodology for myself and other practitioners working within the field of ephemeral architecture. It tests the proposition that a robust armature can be developed to act as a common methodological device in the design, curation and orchestration of a diverse range of temporal engagements with participants and other practitioners within a variety of public realms.

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  • The aim of this research study "Exploring human resource management practices: an empirical study of the performing arts companies in Australia" is to explore HRM practices in the performing arts companies in Australia, using a qualitative research design and two phases of data collection. Firstly, interviews were conducted, with the overall objective to acquire richer data from key stakeholders on the perceived HRM practices in the performing arts sector, and the associated impact of the environment, for example, policy context and funding arrangements.

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  • The thesis "Evaluating climate change mitigation and adaptation considerations in the Victorian planning system, Australia" is structured as follows: Chapter one: introduction; chapter two: climate change and the land use planning context: a review of literature; chapter three: policy and institutional framework for land use planning and climate change in Victoria; chapter four: research design; chapter five: assessing the state planning framework for awareness and analysis of climate change; chapter six: assessing local land-use implementation and action on climate change; chapter seven: c...

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  • This contribution falls within the context of sustainable functional materials. We report on the production of fruit leathers based chiefly on peach pulp, but combined with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) as binding agent and cellulose micro/nanofibrils (CMNF) as fillers.

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  • Ebook Theory and practice of online learning – Part 2 presents the following content: Chap 7 The development of online courses; Chap 8 Developing team skills and accomplishing team projects online; Chap 9 Copyright issues in online courses: a moment in time; Chap 10 Value added - the editor in design and development of online courses; Chap 11 Teaching in an online learning context; Chap 12 Call centers in distance education; Chap 13 Supporting asynchronous discussions among online learners; Chap 14 Library support for online learners: e-resources, e-services, and the human factors; Chap 15 ...

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  • This article, in the context of the EMVITET Erasmus+ capacity building project, discusses how the Design Factory principles can support the development of innovation spaces for Education 4.0 in Vietnam.

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  • The research "A textile design practice to hypothesise a future scenario for sustainable fashion" sought to not only contend with the practical challenges involved in establishing ideals in an imperfect scenario but to establish a practice of defining and articulating alternative values — transforming compromised, fragmented vulnerability into antifragility.

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  • The ‘Ephemeral Laboratory’ seeks to create a methodology for myself and other practitioners working within the field of ephemeral architecture. It tests the proposition that a robust armature can be developed to act as a common methodological device in the design, curation and orchestration of a diverse range of temporal engagements with participants and other practitioners within a variety of public realms.

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  • The research "Practising Design in Response to Indigenous Sovereignty: A Narrative of Designing Lawfully on Country" explores the ways in which the designer and design practice is challenged by Indigenous sovereignty. Focusing on the entanglement of Design within socio-political contexts in Australia, what follows is a narrative of deep interrogation of both Western Eurocentric Design and the design practitioner’s racialised logic.

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  • Part 1 of the book "Software Architecture in Practice (Third Edition)" provide students with knowledge about: what is software architecture; why is software architecture important; the many contexts of software architecture; quality attributes; a design checklist for availability; interoperability general scenario; modifiability general scenario;...

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  • Given the rapidly aging society, shrinking workforce, and reducing dependency ratio, there is an increasing challenge for family members to provide care for older adults. While a broad understanding of caregiver burden and its consequences have been studied across various contexts, there is a need to better understand this challenge among family caregivers in Asian societies.

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  • This paper investigates the learning needs of students enrolled in an ESP course at the People’s Police University. A qualitative case study research design was employed through in-depth interviews with 20 undergraduate students. The findings show that the students perceived reading and writing as critical English skills needed for their future profession.

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  • Chapter 10 - Employee separation and retention. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Distinguish between involuntary and voluntary turnover, and discuss how each of these forms of turnover can be leveraged for competitive advantage; list the major elements that contribute to perceptions of justice and how to apply these in organizational contexts involving discipline and dismissal; design a survey feedback intervention program, and use this to promote retention of key organizational personnel.

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  • Classical phase 1 dose-finding designs based on a single toxicity endpoint to assess the maximum tolerated dose were initially developed in the context of cytotoxic drugs. With the emergence of molecular targeted agents and immunotherapies, the concept of optimal biological dose (OBD) was subsequently introduced to account for efficacy in addition to toxicity.

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  • This study involved 42 students in answering a questionnaire and 5 teachers in responding the interview questions. With the employment of mixed methods approach, the findings indicated that participants believed that the new English textbook grade 10 could improve their communicative skills. Specifically, the activities designed in the textbook reinforced the communicative skills among students. Furthermore, language provided in the textbook is appropriate and conducive for students, and the topics and contents could help to improve students’ communicative skills.

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  • "Ebook Language teaching projects for the third world" present the role and status of English as a subject in the Zambian English-medium context; planning a project; materials design in Africa with partcula reference to the francophone primary school project, cameroon...

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  • Over the last years, several methods for the phenotype simulation of microorganisms, under specified genetic and environmental conditions have been proposed, in the context of Metabolic Engineering (ME). These methods provided insight on the functioning of microbial metabolism and played a key role in the design of genetic modifications that can lead to strains of industrial interest.

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