The context for design

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  • Traditional conceptualizations of knowledge management fail to incorporate the social aspects in which knowledge management work operates. Social knowledge management places people at the center of all knowledge management, including placing the end user at the center when developing eLearning packages, particularly within the context of digital health literacy.

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  • If you are like me, you will just skim this foreword for the series and move on, figuring there is nothing of substance here. You will miss something of value if you do. I want you to consider with me a tale that most people know but don’t often think about. That tale illustrates what is ailing this industry. And it sets the context for why we wrote the Net Objectives Product Development Series and this particular book. I have been doing software development since 1970. To me, it is just as fresh today as it was four decades ago. It is a never-ending source of fascination to me...

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  • This paper designs a novel lexical hub to disambiguate word sense, using both syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations of words. It only employs the semantic network of WordNet to calculate word similarity, and the Edinburgh Association Thesaurus (EAT) to transform contextual space for computing syntagmatic and other domain relations with the target word. Without any back-off policy the result on the English lexical sample of SENSEVAL-21 shows that lexical cohesion based on edge-counting techniques is a good way of unsupervisedly disambiguating senses. ...

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  • You will understand the context for systems analysis and design methods when you can: Define information system and name seven types of information system applications; identify different types of stakeholders who use or develop information systems, and give examples of each; define the unique role of systems analysts in the development of information systems; identify those skills needed to successfully function as an information systems analyst.

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  • This paper will outline the logics of the research design, and explore the issues that now confront the research team as they seek to make this data available to policy makers. These issues will be explored in terms of the key stakeholders and the relationships between them, the context of policy making in a one party socialist state in transition, the content of currently proposed policy and the construction of the research data, and the complex relationships between these over time.

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  • This study was designed to analyze the influence of agricultural land acquisition on people's livelihoods in the Urbanization context in Vietnam. The findings show that agricultural land acquisition due to urbanization opens up new job opportunities for households at the same time, households also have opportunities to expand and change their livelihood strategies through new investment activities.

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  • The size of the rooms is planned according to the hierarchy in the family. Halls connecting the rooms are shared areas of use for all family members. Though the meticulous decorative arts and wooden craftsmanship on the ceilings, cabinets and door surfaces in a Turkish house can be thought to be based on the carpets and rugs used in the tents, traditional decorative arts such as woodcarving, kündekâri, and Edirnekâri have developed in time and acquired originality.

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  • Vocabulary in Context was written especially for you. The program was designed to enrich your personal word bank with many hundreds of high-frequency and challenging words. This book presents topic-related readings with key terms in context. Follow-up exercises provide a wide variety of practice activities to help you unlock the meanings of unfamiliar words. These strategies include the study of synonyms and antonyms; grammatical word forms; word roots, prefixes, and suffixes; connotations; and the efficient use of a dictionary and thesaurus.

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  • C++ PROGRAMS TO ACCOMPANY PROGRAMMING LOGIC AND DESIGN is designed to be paired with the Fifth Edition of the highly successful Programming Logic and Design by Joyce Farrell. The two books together provide the perfect opportunity for those who want to learn the fundamentals of programming and also get a taste of an actual programming language. Users can discover how real C++ code behaves while remaining within the context of the traditional language-independent logic and design course.

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  • Applied WPF 4 in Context sets the standard for leveraging the latest Windows user interface technology in your business applications. Using this book, you'll learn how to implement world-class Windows Professional Foundation (WPF) solutions in a real-world line of business applications, developing the code from the ground up, and understand how to apply best development practices and related .NET products and technologies to your solutions.

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  • English for Information Technology is a topic-based course. To prepare students for their future job, the course is designed to introduce students to a full range of IT texts and to give students opportunities to practice their language skills in different IT contexts. The materials used in this book are arranged from general to more specialist content so that they can be understood by students easily.

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  • Are you ready to step into the next big arena of web design? Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices, as the name suggests, is all about designing for mobile devices. It’ s about designing for the future. This book will guide you through the process of designing and building a mobile web application from scratch. We’ll take a look at what you should consider when designing in a mobile context—building the base of our application using web standards, and layering interaction on top of that base.

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  • The findings from the questionnaire survey conducted among 100 instructors of English in Vietnam about the reading-question design for the intermediate solicited three worth-noticing issues. First, the design aims mainly to develop in students reading skills, language elements or both. Second, the designed questions are largely of recalling and understanding the information (the lower level of cognitive domain, Bo-linn, 2006) and leave a large gap on the applying, analysing, evaluating and creating (the higher level of cognitive domain, Bo-linn, 2006). ...

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  • Against this background, considering the limited empirical attention within the marketing-related literature regarding the measurement of the perceived luxury value of a product or a brand, the first step is to develop a scale that measures the sub-dimensions of luxury value perception. Even if the overall luxury value level of a certain product or brand may be perceived equally across national borders, a differentiated measurement may reveal that the overall luxury value perception is a combination of different evaluations with regard to the sub- dimensions.

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  • In line with this, TSC disagrees with theories that model cognition on conscious reasoning, as reflecting the ways thought processes are conceptu- alised in language. Instead, TSC states that cognition is ‘active’ in the sense that cognitive processes emerge in concrete situations of physical action and socio-cultural practices. In integrating conation and affect, cognition is driven by, on the one hand, the agent’s current needs and motivation and, on the other, the contingent, contextual elements that support immediate action.

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  • The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) is pleased to announce TIMBER IN THE CITY: Urban Habitats Competition for the 2012-2013 academic year. The competition is a partnership between the Binational Softwood Lumber Council (BSLC), the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) and the School of Constructed Environments at Parsons The New School for Design (SCE).

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  • This first lesson is designed to provide more context for XML and Microsoft .NET. To get participants enthusiastic about learning more about XML, this lesson describes types of XML solutions. This lesson is also designed to reinforce the principle that XML technologies work together to do different things, depending on the solution.

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  • The overall theme was to identify obstacles standing between men and their participation in reproductive health and to examine strategies for overcoming these obstacles. Another cen- tral theme was to encourage men’s participation in reproductive health by building on men’s decision-making traditions in French-speaking African countries.

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  • Our aim is to contribute to the above literature by proposing a life-cycle model with individual income uncertainty that can be used to assess how various macroeconomic factors a®ect the equilibrium value of household credit. We show that its value de- pends on (i) the lending-deposit interest rate spread, (ii) individual income uncertainty, (iii) individual productivity persistence, and (iv) the generosity of the pension system.

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