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  • Uncle Vernon sat back down, breathing like a winded rhinoceros and watching Harry closely out of the corners of his small, sharp eyes. Ever since Harry had come home for the summer holidays, Uncle Vernon had been treating him like a bomb that might go off at any moment, because Harry Potter wasn't a normal boy. As a matter of fact, he was as not normal as it is possible to be. Harry Potter was a wizard - a wizard fresh from his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And if the Dursleys were unhappy to have him back for the holidays, it was nothing...

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  • “Kirk told me I could buy beer at the petrol station,” was the first sentence I heard out of Ben Evans’ mouth. He had come to Crete for an Open Spaces Java conference. I explained that I usually bought petrol at the petrol station, but that there was a shop around the corner that sold beer. Ben looked disappointed. I had lived on this Greek island for five years and had never thought of trying to buy beer at the local BP. I felt a bit like this while reading this book. I consider myself a Java fundi. I have spent the past 15 years programming...

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  • The book builds on provides advanced instruction in analyzing and interpreting written texts from a variety of academic disciplines, using written texts as evidence, developing ideas, and writing persuasive essays. It stresses analysis, inductive reasoning, reflection, revision, and collaborative learning.

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  • Whether you’re cramming for the test at the last minute, looking for extra review, or want to study on your own in preparation for the exam – this is one study guide every AP English Literature student must have! When it’s crucial crunch time and your Advanced Placement exam is just around the corner, you need REA’s AP English Literature & Composition Crash Course!

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  • Attitudes to the embellishment of cities with ornament and decoration range from a puritanical iconoclasm that sees such embellishment as decadent and pernicious, to one of joyous pleasure in the experience of complex, intricate and extravagant patterning. The Modern Movement in architecture, epitomized by the writings of Le Corbusier, the pronouncements of CIAM, the work of the Bauhaus and the much criticized post Second World War city developments in Europe, North America and elsewhere, was a time when decoration in architecture was eschewed....

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  • In motion pictures, the leader of a motorcycle gang or criminal syndicate is usually portrayed as a tough, aggressive person who, as he smokes, tilts his head back sharply and with controlled precision blows the smoke awards the ceiling to demonstrate his superiority to the rest of the gang. In contrast, Humphrey Bogart was often cast as a gangster or criminal who always held his cigarette inverted in his hand and blew the smoke own from the corner of his mouth as he fanned a gaol break or other devious activity. There also appears to be a relationship between how...

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  • If you're basing your livelihood on Java these days, you are going to run across at least one enterprise application programming project; if it hasn't come upon you already, it's just around the corner. I've been faced with more than twenty at this point in my career, and see many more in my future. Each time I get into these projects, I find myself paging through book after book and searching the Web, looking for the same information time after time. Additionally, I've developed a bit of a toolkit for handling common enterprise tasks....

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  • Although Feng has been practiced in the Eastern hemisphere for thousands of years, it is relatively new to western civilization. Feng Shui may seem mysterious and foreign to our western culture, but it is actually a very sensible collection of ideas and actions. Once you understand its principles, you will be able to produce harmony, comfort and balance in almost any situation or environment.

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  • There’s an old Chinese curse which goes, “May you live in interesting times.” I think it must have been especially aimed at folks who keep diaries (and if they follow Roger’s edict, that number will soon be increased by three: Bill Gelb, Sandra Jackson, and Herb “Give Me The World And Let Me Boss It” Porter). I sat here in my little home office—which is actually just a corner of the kitchen to which I have added a shelf and a bright light—pounding the keys of my typewriter for nearly five hours last night.

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  • For more than forty years Bagsbury and Company was old John Bagsbury himself; merely another expression of his stiff, cautious personality. Like him it had been old from infancy; you could as easily imagine that he had once been something of a dandy, had worn a stiff collar and a well-brushed hat, as that its dusty black-walnut furniture had ever smelled of varnish. And, conversely, though he had a family, a religion to whose requirements he was punctiliously attentive, and a really fine library, the bank represented about all there was of old John Bagsbury....

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  • The door to my room banged open so hard that it sent a pile of books tumbling off my shelf. One of them bounced off my cheekbone, sending me reeling back, head cracking against the tiny, grimy window. I wrapped my head in my hands and pushed myself back into the corner. Dad's big hands grabbed me. He'd been a scrapper when he was my age, a legendary fighter well known to the Bradford coppers. In the years since he'd taken accent training and got his job working the phone, he'd got a bit fat and lost half a step, but in my mind's eye, I still...

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  • It’s not surprising then that the planning-related books in the corner of my office disagree heavily with each other. Some focus on business strategy, others on engineering and scheduling processes (the traditional focus of project planning), and a few on understanding and designing for customers. But more distressing than their disagreements is that these books fail to acknowledge that other approaches even exist. This is odd because none of these perspectives—business, technology, customer—can ever exist without the others.

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  • 2.1. The Mac OS X Folder Structure The icon for your hard drive (usually called Macintosh HD) may appear in the upperright corner of your screen.

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  • There is, for instance, his Untitled of 1964 that also has the colloquial title of ‘Swimming Pool’. This sculpture is of a square configuration resting on the floor. Consistent with its square configuration it has straight sides, but the corners do not intersect at right angles, instead they are round. Inevitably this gives rise to the contrast between straight and round, as in the sides and corners respectively.

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  • There seemed to be some unusual commotion, a suppressed excitement, about the new and stately American Legation at Paris on the morning of the 3d of February in the year of grace (but not for France--her days and years of grace were over!) 1789. The handsome mansion at the corner of the Grande Route des Champs Elysées and the rue Neuve de Berry, which had lately belonged to Monsieur le Comte de l'Avongeac and in which Mr. Jefferson had installed himself as accredited minister to France after the return of Dr. Franklin to America, presented an appearance different from its usual quiet.

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  • August 11, South Bend, Ind. —I feel His gaze. I feel those granite eyes on me before I turn to meet them. Making my unhurried way across the Notre Dame campus on a still August evening, heading east on a thoroughfare named for one Moose Krauss, I am captivated, as usual, by the monument to my right, the tan-bricked colossus that is Notre Dame Stadium. I’ve covered huge 3. Texas 6. USC 8. LSU 10. Ok AP PRESEASON TOP 10* 1. Ohio State 2. Notre Dame 4. Auburn 5. West Virginia 7. Florida 9.

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  • Dùng với một danh từ được chỉ định rõ, hoặc đã được xác định cụ thể về mặt tính chất, đặc điểm, vị trí hoặc những khái niệm phổ thông, ai cũng biết. The boy in the corner is my friend.

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  • THE paper had gone to press, graphically describing the latest of the many horrible events which had been enacted upon the Earth in the last six months. The headlines screamed that Six Corners, a little hamlet in Pennsylvania, had been wiped out by the Horror. Another front-page story told of a Terror in the Amazon Valley which had sent the natives down the river in babbling fear. Other stories told of deaths here and there, all attributable to the "Black Horror," as it was called. The telephone rang. "Hello," said the editor. "London calling," came the voice of the operator....

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  • Hierarchical HMM (HHMM) parsers make promising cognitive models: while they use a bounded model of working memory and pursue incremental hypotheses in parallel, they still achieve parsing accuracies competitive with chart-based techniques. This paper aims to validate that a right-corner HHMM parser is also able to produce complexity metrics, which quantify a reader’s incremental difficulty in understanding a sentence.

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  • Very surprising it seems to assert that the Mother Country knows very little about the finest colony which she possesses--and that an enlightened people emigrate from sober, speculative England, sedate and calculating Scotland, and trusting, unreflective Ireland, absolutely and wholly ignorant of the total change of life to which they must necessarily submit in their adopted home.

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