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  • The aim of the study was to establish the role of external auditors in corporate failure in the banking sector. The study discovered that the auditing gaps within banks are tangibility and empathy services. It was also revealed that remuneration, training of external auditors, lot of variety in their job, level of logistics, loyalty rate of external auditors, motivational package and improved salary and opinion counts in the organisation were the factors influencing the effectiveness of external auditors.

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  • The 1980s and 1990s have been critical periods for Thailand’s development. After an initial period of instability in the early 1980s, Thailand’s economy expanded at an average pace of 9 percent p.a. during 1987–96, while the number of households below the poverty line dropped from 32.6 percent in 1988 to 16.3 percent in 1996. During this period, Thailand’s economy also underwent deep structural changes, including the liberalization of its financial sector and the integration of its economy with global financial and product markets. For example, trade as a ratio to GDP increased from 54..

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Distinguish between the private and public sector approaches to project evaluation; explain the net present value approach to project evaluation and compare it with the internal rate of return and the benefit-cost ratio; show why, under ideal conditions, public sector projects should strive to maximise consumer (and producer) surplus;...

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  • The paper deals with expert predictions on the development of elearning in the Czech Republic, a country in Central Europe. The first part of the paper describes the development of e-learning with specific feature in the Czech Republic in relation to the implementation of Information and communication technologies (ICT) to schools and the business sector. The second part of the paper presents a survey with selected experts, conducted in the years 2012 and 2013 in the Czech Republic, aiming at identifying the trends of e-learning.

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  • This article investigates the reaction of investors in the Bahrain Bourse toward two types of signals from the telecommunication sector: Marketing and financial announcements made by corporate management. Using an event study, six events that were announced over the period of 2011-2014 by Batelco, the only listed Telecommunication Company in the Bahrain Bourse, have been thoroughly analyzed. Results highlight that, regardless of the type of signal, investors exhibited significant reactions to all the announcements.

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  • The present study has been conducted to check the possible existence of an optimal capital structure in the Indian corporate sector.

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  • This paper examines how corporate financial structure shapes the impact of a financial crisis on the real sector by way of its effects on flows of funds and on corporate real expenditures. It is one of the first papers to utilize extensive cross-country flow and balance sheet data and also to examine subcomponents of GDP in the wake of banking and currency crises rather than focusing exclusively on aggregate GDP.

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  • Customers who purchased caps are not included in the scope of the review unless they complain to their bank during the course of the independent review and are non-sophisticated customers. If the customer does complain, it will be considered in the same way as the other interest rate hedging products (except structured collars) category. However, if a customer complains after the independent review, their complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the banks’ usual complaints handling procedures.

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  • The paper seeks to assess how a major policy regime change – such as the introduction of the currency board in Bulgaria – affects the flow of bank credit to the corporate sector. An attempt is made to identify the determinants of corporate credit separately from the viewpoint of lenders and borrowers. The estimated credit supply and credit demand equations provide empirical evidence of important changes in microeconomic behavioral patterns which can be associated with the policy regime change.

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  • The excess demand thus drives up sales prices, which given an unchanged nominal income of private households leads to a revision of real consumption plans. The increase in sales prices in turn leads to a redistribution of real incomes from the household to the corporate sector. Thus profits in the business sectors increase which in the national accounting end up as retained profits and hence saving by the corporate sector.

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  • Measuring sovereign risk with contingent claims analysis: The empirical evidence in southeast Asia credit markets. This paper focuses on examining the degree to which the Contingent Claims Analysis is useful for Southeast Asia markets. Such a framework is initially developed for analyzing corporate sector default based on the theory of Black-Scholes options pricing.

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  • India has a history of having a compassionate attitude towards environment. But with the passage of time the ethical values towards society have degraded as a result of which judiciary intervened so as to protect the environment. A concept known as corporate social responsibility emerged in the light of right to pollution free environment and the constitutional duty to protect and improve the environment. In order to realize the constitutional objective of protecting environment the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility was recognized in the legislative enactments.

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  • Using China's A-share listed companies as a sample, this paper provides empirical evidence that with the deepening of financialisation in non-financial corporate sector, the level of corporate risk-taking is significantly reduced, and the complete mediating effect is R&D innovation. The results are still robust when we use instrumental variable method, and the negative impact of financialisation on corporate risk taking is significantly reduced under the constraints of a good governance mechanism.

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  • This study is targeted to enhance understanding of corporate governance (CG) in the banking sector and to examine the existence and practice of CG mechanisms in United Arab Emirates (UAE) Conventional Banks (CBs) and Islamic Banks (IBs). More specifically, the paper aims to explore to what degree corporate governance structures and practices used by CBs and IBs are different, including CG mechanisms forced by the law (Board of Directors, Auditors, Audit Committee and Credit Committee) and other CG modes adopted voluntarily by these banks.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to enhance understanding of corporate governance (CG) in the banking sector and to explore the existence and practice of corporate governance mechanisms in United Arab Emirates (UAE) national commercial banks. More specifically, the paper is targeted to examine whether the mechanisms forced by the law; Board of Directors, Auditors, Audit Committee and Credit Committee, are used by UAE banks and if the majority of these banks choose independent boards.

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  • The study apart from providing insight and evidence of the extent of corporate governance practices of banks in developing countries, it further highlights to the regulators and practitioners in the banking industry of existing gaps that need filling in order to fully comply with the corporate governance guidelines for banks in Malawi.

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  • Secured and unsecured borrowings shows the current status of the power sector whether the corporation is generating revenue or not the status shows it needs a lot of improvement on various points. For secured borrowings HPGCL & HVPNL needs lots of improvement and for unsecured borrowings DHBVNL needs to improve alot.

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  • The study uses a sample of all energy and utilities companies listed on Bursa Malaysia between 2013 and 2018. Ordinary least squares (OLS) regression is applied to analyse the study data. The study finds that AC chairs with legal expertise are positively and significantly associated with REM, suggesting that they have not yet ceased REM practices. The findings add to the corporate governance and earnings management literature, and inform regulators and other readers of financial reports about the monitoring role of the AC chair.

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  • The projects that motivated initial development of many of the ideas in this book were primarily large engineering projects in the energy sector: large-scale Arctic pipelines in the far north of North America in the mid-1970s, BP’s North Sea projects from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, and a range of Canadian and US energy projects in the early 1980s. In this period the initial focus was ‘the project’ in engineering and ...

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  • The intertwining of the Internet and the globalization of finance, corporate governance, and trade raises questions about national models of technology development and property rights. The sudden ability of hundreds of millions of users to gain access to a global communication infrastructure spurred the creation of new firms and economic opportunities. The Internet challenged existing institutions and powerful interests: Technology was global, but its economic and business development was molded in the context of prevailing national institutions.

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