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  • The standard set of rules defined in Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CCG) fails to provide satisfactory analyses for a number of syntactic structures found in natural languages. These structures can be analyzed elegantly by augmenting CCG with a class of rules based on the combinator D (Curry and Feys, 1958). We show two ways to derive the D rules: one based on unary composition and the other based on a logical characterization of CCG’s rule base (Baldridge, 2002).

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  • There are no digraphs or trigraphs in D. The source text is split into tokens using the maximal munch technique, i.e., the lexical analyzer tries to make the longest token it can. For example is a right shift token, not two greater than tokens

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  • ĐỀ THI TUYỂN SINH CAO ĐẲNG NĂM 2011 Môn: TIẾNG ANH; Khối D Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề Mã đề thi 642 ĐỀ THI GỒM 80 CÂU (TỪ QUESTION 1 ĐẾN QUESTION 80) Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. Question 1: You must answer the police’s questions truthfully; otherwise, you will get into trouble. A. in a harmful way B. as trustingly as you can C. with a...

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  • 210. The change from day to night results the rotation of the Earth. a. change b. to c. results d. the Earth --> c 211. As Ingrid Bergman lived a life of courage, she also approached die with courage. a. As b. a life c. she d. die --> d 212. Residents in some sites can call an electrical inspector to have the wiring in their house is checked. a. sites b. an c. to have d. is checked --> d 213. The best way to eliminate a pest is to controlling the food accessible to it. a. The best...

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  • All traffic has a trade-off. Free traffic isn't really free - you pay in time. If you can make it work, paid advertising is the holy grail of marketing. You simply buy as much traffic as you want... and if you get a positive ROI on it, then you'd buy it all day long right? Absolutely. One of the best ways to make paid traffic work is through using the Google Content Network in a very specific way. In this report, we'll show you how to increase your chances of meeting with success. Google Content Network Explained Google basically has two main...

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  • .PUBLISHED BY M crosoft Press A D v s on of M crosoft Corporat on One M crosoft Way Redmond, Wash ngton 98052-6399 Copyr ght © 2010 by Sayed Hash m and W am Bartho omew A r ghts reserved No part of the contents of th s book may be reproduced or transm tted n any form or by any means w thout the wr tten perm ss on of the pub sher L brary of Congress Contro Number 2010940848 ISBN 978-0-7356-4524-0 Pr nted and bound n the Un ted States of Amer ca M crosoft Press books are...

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  • In India, small kingdoms gave way to a series of empires that unified the region and took advantage of India's position along major trade routes. Similarly, ancient Chinese dynasties unified the large population and expanded the Chinese empire. This chapter includes contents: Early civilizations in India, new empires in India, early Chinese civilizations, rise and fall of Chinese empires.

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  • code code /kəυd/ noun 1. a system of signs, numbers, or letters which mean something 2. a set of rules code of practice / kəυd əv pr ktis/ noun 1. rules drawn up by an association which the members must follow when doing business 2. the formally established ways in which members of a profession agree to work Advertisers have agreed to abide by the code of practice set out by the advertising council. codicil / kəυdisil/ noun a document executed in the same way as a will, making additions or changes to an existing will coding / kəυdiŋ/ noun the...

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  • Stay ahead of the pack by learning how to draw a cartoon wolf! Once you’ve followed our easy steps, your friends and family will be howling in appreciation at your amazing artistic ability. So, grab those pencils and let’s get started – you’d be barking mad to miss this! STEP-1: Sketching out the Basic Shapes of our Cartoon Wolf The first part of learning how to draw a cartoon wolf is to sketch out some basic shapes which will form the basis of our illustration. To begin with, draw a large circle with a smaller one at the top –...

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  • Miyamoto Musashi (c.1584–June 13 (Japanese calendar: May 19), 1645), also known as Shinmen Takezō, Miyamoto Bennosuke, or by his Buddhist name Niten Dōraku was a famous Japanese samurai, and is considered by many to have been one of the most skilled swordsmen in history. Musashi, as he is often simply known, became legendary through his outstanding swordsmanship in numerous duels, even from a very young age.

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  • Historians have, on the whole, dealt somewhat harshly with the fascinating Madame de Montespan, perhaps taking their impressions from the judgments, often narrow and malicious, of her contemporaries. To help us to get a fairer estimate, her own "Memoirs," written by herself, and now first given to readers in an English dress, should surely serve. Avowedly compiled in a vague, desultory way, with no particular regard to chronological sequence, these random recollections should interest us, in the first place, as a piece of unconscious self- portraiture.

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  • In this ebook I’ll tell you about my own struggles to find the right combination of freedom, money and time. I’ll share some of the lessons about creativity, work and life I learned the hard way. If they are new to you, I hope my words will help you learn them more quickly than I did. But before we go any further I’d just like to clarify what I mean by a ‘creative person’. I mean someone who takes a creative approach to work and life. Someone who works hard, but because they love what they do, it doesn’t really feel...

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  • Chapter 1 Dr. Fiona Cameron stood on the very lip of Stanage Edge and leaned forward into the wind. The only kind of sudden death she might have to contemplate here would be her own, and then only if she was more careless than she thought she could manage. But just supposing for a moment she lost concentration on the wet millstone grit, she'd plunge down thirty or forty helterskelter feet, her body bouncing like a plastic doll on the jutting blocks of rock, bones and skin broken and violated. She'd end up looking like a victim. No way, Fiona thought,...

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  • Which statement is true? A. DSS1 is a subset of Q. 931 B. The B channel is governed by DDR C. ITU-T Q. 931 defines call control between the TE and the LE A. ITU-T Q. 931 is specified as the protocol for the layer 2 of the ISDN D channel

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  • – ANSWERS – Set 7 (Page 13) 102. c. A leopard, cougar, and lion all belong to the cat family; an elephant does not. 103. b. The couch, table, and chair are pieces of furniture; the rug is not. 104. a. The yarn, twine, and cord are all used for tying. The tape is not used in the same way. 105. b. The guitar, violin, and cello are stringed instruments; the flute is a wind instrument. 106. c. Tulip, rose, and daisy are all types of flowers. A bud is not. 107. d. Tire, steering wheel, and engine are all parts of a...

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  • This paper suggests two ways of improving transition-based, non-projective dependency parsing. First, we add a transition to an existing non-projective parsing algorithm, so it can perform either projective or non-projective parsing as needed. Second, we present a bootstrapping technique that narrows down discrepancies between gold-standard and automatic parses used as features.

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  • DTG are designed to share some of the advantages of TAG while overcoming some of its limitations. DTG involve two composition operations called subsertion and sister-adjunction. The most distinctive feature of DTG is that, unlike TAG, there is complete uniformity in the way that the two DTG operations relate lexical items: subsertion always corresponds to complementation and sister-adjunction to modification.

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  • It was a hot August day in Canton, Ohio, in 1999. As I stepped to the podium at the center of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony stage, all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. Looking out and seeing my family in the audience reminded me that nothing I’d accomplished would have been possible without their love and support. Seeing my former teammates looking back at me with admiration in their eyes humbled me in a way I can’t describe. Friends from my past and present called my name and waved to let me know they were there.

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  • Yes, Rev'rend Doane, and a better boy never stepped, if I do say it as shouldn't. I've trusted him to drive team for me since he was eleven, and you can't say more than that for a farm boy. Way back when he was a little shaver so high, when the war came on, he was bounden he was going to sail with this Admiral Farragut. You know boys that age—like runaway colts. I couldn't see no good in his being cabin boy on some tarnation Navy ship and I told him so. If he'd wanted to sail out on a whaling ship, I 'low I'd have...

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  • it is widely reco~nlzed that the process of understandln~ natural language texts cannot be accomplished w i t h o u t accessin~ mundane Knowledge a b o u t the w o r l d [2, 4, 6, 7]. That is, in order to resolve ambiguities, form expectations, and make causal connections between events, we must make use of all sorts of episodic, stereotypic and factual knowledge. In this p a p e r , we are concerned with the way functional knowledge of objects, and associations between objects can be exploited in an understandln~ system. ...

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