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  • The Deep Web is the collection of information repositories that are not indexed by search engines. These repositories are typically accessible through web forms and contain dynamically changing information. In this paper, we present a system that allows users to access such rich repositories of information on mobile devices using spoken language.

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  • The Definitive Guide to HTML5 Video dives deep into the markup that is introduced for media element support in browsers. You’ll explore the default user interface offered through browsers for media elements, as well as the JavaScript API provided to control their behavior. You’ll also learn how to account for H.264 and Ogg Theora codecs.

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  • Some say necessity is the mother of invention. Nonsense. I think laziness is the mother of invention. Our ancestors invented things too, didn’t they? Mankind develops new technologies quickly, all to make our lives simpler and more comfortable. Simple is just another word for easy, however, so you could argue we made such great progress because we didn’t want to do quite so much work. Amazing thought, isn’t it? The world absolutely condemns lazy behavior, but deep down we are all engaged with it.

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  • Quantifying the semantic relevance between questions and their candidate answers is essential to answer detection in social media corpora. In this paper, a deep belief network is proposed to model the semantic relevance for question-answer pairs. Observing the textual similarity between the community-driven questionanswering (cQA) dataset and the forum dataset, we present a novel learning strategy to promote the performance of our method on the social community datasets without hand-annotating work. ...

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  • Network Calculus is a set of recent developments that provide deep insights into flow problems encountered in the Internet and in intranets. The first part of the book is a self-contained, introductory course on network calculus. It presents the core of network calculus, and shows how it can be applied to the Internet to obtain results that have physical interpretations of practical importance to network engineers. The second part serves as a mathematical reference used across the book. It presents the results from Min-plus algebra needed for network calculus....

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  • Dig deep and master the intricacies of the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework 4.0. Written by a highly regarded programming expert and consultant to the Microsoft® .NET team, this guide is ideal for developers building any kind of application-including Microsoft® ASP.NET, Windows® Forms, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Web services, and console applications. You'll get hands-on instruction and extensive C# code samples to help you tackle the tough topics and develop high-performance applications....

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  • This is a fantastic resource for any busy person suddenly responsible for getting a website ranked in search engines. The book starts off with the very basics and builds quickly to a surprisingly deep level of sophistication. Tightly written and to the point, it gives you the knowledge you need to make a big difference in how your site appears in search engines. In addition to all the very specific recommendations on what to do, the authors give you the background to understand why their techniques work. I highly recommend it. —Rafael Baptista, SEO Specialist, Tripadvisor.

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  • The NCX-1000 service delivery cabinet integrates ADC’s patented Distribution Intercept (DI) broadband service delivery cross-connect inside a compact pad or pole mounted cabinet specifically designed for today’s new breed of hardened (brick) DSLAMs. The NCX-1000 family of cabinets supports from 48 to 144 DSLAM ports and up to 600 OSP Intercept pairs in/out. It allows strategic placement deep in the network to achieve required loop lengths for optimum bandwidth on xDSL services.

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  • The U.S. newspaper industry is in the midst of a historic restructuring, buffeted by a deep recession that has battered crucial advertising revenues, long-term structural challenges as readers turn to free news and entertainment on the Internet, and heavy debt burdens weighing down some major media companies. Eight major U.S. newspaper companies filed for bankruptcy between 2008 and early 2010 (though nearly all have since emerged as reorganized companies), while hundreds of smaller papers went out of business or moved to Web-only publications.

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