The East Sea area

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  • In this paper, seismic activity characteristics in the East Sea area was analyzed by authors on the base of the unified earthquake catalog (1900-2017), including 131505 events with magnitude 3 ≤ Mw ≤ 8.4. The seismic intensity in the East Sea during the period 1900 - 2017 is characterized by the earthquake representative level Mw = 4.7. The strong earthquake activity in the East Sea area clearly shows the regularity in each stage.

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  • This paper provides a summary of the current state of knowledge of sea level-rise and its effects on both human and natural ecosystems. The focus is on coastal urban areas and low lying deltas in South-East Asia and Vietnam, as one of the most threatened areas in the world. About 3 mm per year reflects the growing consensus on the average SLR worldwide.

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  • This paper presents brief introduction to PSSA and criteria for the designation and requirements of PSSA, and the compatibility with Vietnam’s legal regulations. This paper also presents benefits, advantages and disadvantages of implementing PSSA designation and proposes accelerating solutions to the establishment of PSSA in Vietnam.

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  • H History of Aral Sea investigations – as V.V. Bartold (see) noted, the areas nearby the Aral ‘‘had been involved in historical life rather late.’’ First allusions to the A.S. existence were found with Greek authors. Strabo (64–63 B.C.–23–24 A.D.) pointed out that the territory to the east of the

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  • Phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), carbon (C), and sulfur (S) contents of the leaves and specific leaf area (SLA), leaf mass per area (LMA), and N and P resorption were researched in Vaccinium arctostaphylos L. and Vaccinium myrtillus L., economically important for the East Black Sea region of Turkey.

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  • Coast (littoral or coastal) is defined as where land and sea borders. [1] The exact boundary is called the coastline, but this factor is difficult to determine due to the influenceof the tide. The term "coastal zone" is also used to replace the coast because it refers to an area of ​​occurrence of the interaction between sea and land. [2] Both terms can be used to refer to the geographic location or region; example, the west coast of New Zealand, or the East Coast and West coast of the United States....

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  • left panels). This ridge separates the Atlantic Ocean southwest of the ridge from the Norwegian Sea to the northeast. The sill of the ridge reaches different depths in different areas. Most of it is shallower than 500 m, but a small part is deeper with the Faroe Bank Channel being the deepest passage across the ridge. The upper layers of the waters surrounding the Faroes are dominated by ‘Modified North Atlantic Water’ which derives from the North Atlantic Current flowing towards the east and north-east (Hansen and Østerhus, 2000) (Figure, upper left panel).

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  • The Red River Delta (hereafter as RRD) is one of the two biggest deltas in Vietnam with the population is 19,625 million persons in 2009. It is also the most populous area with the population density of 932 person/km2 in 2009 (General Statistics Office, 2010). Tien Hai District of Thai Binh Province locates in the eastern part of the RRD, lies in the coastal zone - a sensitive area and affected by the interaction between the mainland and the South China Sea (in Vietnamese as Biển Đông - East Sea). The study area of this research is Van Truong...

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  • The later high alkaline, TiO2, and P2O5, and low SiO2 group, produced by central-type volcanic eruptions consisting of alkaline olivine and olivine basalts, overlies the early eruptive group. Crustal contamination may be expressed by the positive correlation between Ba/Nb and SiO2, which are higher in early eruptive basalts, possibly reflecting the involvement of crustal material, either in the source region or interaction of the melt on the way to the surface.

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  • The species diversity in the natural reserves increases from the Black Sea coast to the east, a movement that corresponds to a similar increase in altitude. In this study, 3 floristic groups are recognized: mountainous areas, lowlands, and piedmonts. The most speciesrich communities are found in extreme environments.

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  • Hau Loc is a coastal district, located in the northeast of Thanh Hoa Province. its total natural land is 14,367.19 ha, 1.170 hectares of alluvial sites is suitable for planting forest and raise sea food. the The County has authorized 27 units (26 communes and townships 1). the total population of the district The year 2009 is 163.971 people, with density of 11.4 people per km2. The County has five coastal communes (Rhodes, Minh Loc, Ngu Loc, Hai Hung Loc and Loc) locate in East to the natural area is 3442.25 ha (accounting for 23.

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  • More and more evidence of global climate warming, sea level rise, droughts, floods and climate extremes are recorded. In Vietnam, the manifestation of climate change (CC) is often considered as changing the level and trend of variation of main climatic elements and sea level. However, Vietnam climate influenced by the characteristics of atmospheric circulation in the Earth climate system.

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  • Mexico City is one of the world s largest metropolitan areas, containing nearly 20 million inhabitants within the Valle de Mexico (also referred to as the Mexico City basin). The Valle de Mexico occupies ~1,300 km2 at a nominal elevation of 2,240 m above mean sea level, and is bordered on the east and west by mountains that rise 1,000 m above the valley floor, with low points to the north and south. Although its elevation is high, Mexico City s location at 19 degrees north latitude provides it with a temperate climate throughout the year.

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  • The Ministers discussed security concerns with Chinese, European and American officials at a special meeting organized by the Association of South East Asian Nations, The joint statement urged talks between North and South Korea to reduce tension in that area. Reports say the Ministers also discussed territorial claims at the South China Sea and the situation in Burma and Cambodia.

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