The effects of soil structure interaction

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  • In this study, the seismic behavior of steel structures with various heights under the SSI effect have been studied. For this purpose, three steel structures including 9, 15 and 20 story frames were modeled using Opensees.

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  • A number of OECD countries experienced an environment of low interest rates and a rapid increase in housing market activity during the last decade. Previous work suggests three potential explanations for these events: expansionary monetary policy, capital inflows due to a global savings glut and excessive financial innovation combined with inappropriately lax financial regulation. In this study we examine the effects of these three factors on the housing market.

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  • The ultimate key to ensuring financial stability lies in the design of compatible international mechanisms that ensure the effective oversight and orderly resolution of banks at both national and global levels. Such a mechanism would reduce financial stability concerns of home and host countries regarding specific legal structures and allow banks to organize themselves in ways that fit their business models best.

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  • This review of the environmental effects of freight is structured by transport mode, addressing shipping, air cargo, trucking, rail, pipelines and intermodal terminals. It begins with a brief overview of the major environmental media or mechanisms through which transport can affect the environment. These include air pollution, global climate concerns, noise, water pollution, accidents, land use and habitat fragmentation.

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  • Compost Tea: A basic product used to build soil structure, add to the organic matter content of the soil and helps hold valuable nutrients in the soil. This tea is made from the leachate of compost and may be the best foliar feeding tool of all. It is not only an effective foliar fertilizer, it has powerful insect ñ and disease ñ control properties. The humic materials and microorganisms in compost tea are effective on many pests. German researchers studied the effects of compost tea, but gardeners have known its beneficial properties for years.

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  • Water-related diseases continue to posemajor threats to children’s survival and well-being inmany places in the developing world.This article develops a theoretical perspective on the ways in which children’s vulnerability to water-related disease hazard is produced within the everyday circumstances of livelihood and child care. Central to this analysis is the role that household resources play in mediating or shaping particular microenvironments of health risk.

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  • Agricultural production is mainly depends on the health of soil, which is a measure of a complex set of biological, chemical and physical interactions driven by microorganisms. Effective microorganism increases the beneficial microbial population in the soil for sustainable crop production. Effective Microorganisms are mixed cultures of beneficial naturally-occurring organisms that can be applied as inoculants to increase the microbial diversity of soil ecosystem. They consist mainly of the photosynthesizing bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes and fermenting fungi.

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  • The main objective of the present review study was to assess the impact of long-term manure and synthetic fertilization and residue retention on SOC storage, soil aggregation and responses of SOC fractions in the Typic Ustochept soil of Northwest India.

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  • The numerical results show that with the new dynamic foundation model the foundation mass effects more significantly on the dynamic response of track-vehicle interaction. The study shows that the new dynamic foundation model describes the true behavior of soil in the analysis of dynamic response of structures on the foundation.

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  • Recent major earthquakes around the world have shown the vulnerability of infrastructure and the need for research to better understand the nature of seismic events and their effects on structures. As a result, earthquake engineering research has been expanding as more and more data become available from a large array of seismic instruments, large scale experiments and numerical simulations.

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  • Alterations to fire regimes have resulted in many changes to the biological communities including changes in vegetation composition and structure and vegetation type conversions or ecosystem migrations. This text details many of these changes, explains how fire has changed as an ecosystem process, and provides insights for determining the direction that the changes might take in the future.

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