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The efficient operation

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  • IoT is set to revolutionize the supply chain—both in terms of its operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities—by making it transparent. This paper is devoted to the investigation of the challenges and effects of IoT and Digital Twins integration. The goal is to ensure the formation of a methodological basis for calculating the cumulative effect of the accelerated implementation of digital twins, which should become a source of reserved growth and increase the competitiveness of a modern industrial enterprise.

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  • This study proposed waste management plans for Perhentian Island in order to achieve sustainability of solid waste management in Small Island. Inefficient solid waste management will not only cause a deterioration in tourist arrivals to the island but it also has a negative impact on the quality of the Perhentian island environment. The study using qualitative approaches, in-depth interviews with chalet operators and Besut district Council officials in relation to the management of solid waste management on the island.

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  • Clusters and information management play an increasingly important role in the innovative development of regions and operational management. With the help of such structural entities, socially significant issues are being addressed, infrastructure development of the territories is being carried out, the investment climate is improving and various innovative projects are being implemented, new products, services, technologies are being created, the level and quality of life of the population is being raised.

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  • The purpose of mergers and acquisitions is to increase the value of the combined company by increasing the synergy effect, as well as improving the competitiveness and efficiency of the company. Within the framework of the study, two hypotheses were put forward: 1) the effectiveness of a merger and acquisition transaction increases with an increase in the capitalization of the company-buyer, 2) the effectiveness of a merger and acquisition transaction increases with an increase in its amount.

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  • In this study an optimal weather routing model (OWR) considers the meteorological and oceanographic information, ship’s characteristics combined with adaptive Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm will be proposed and applied for ship’ navigation. The simulation results will be presented to show the effectiveness as well as the reliability of this model. The OWR will make it possible for safe navigation, effective operation, energy efficiency and reduce emission from vessel.

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  • Ebook The C programming language (Second edition) present the complete guide to ANSI standard C language programming. Written by the developers of C, this new version helps readers keep up with the finalized ANSI standard for C while showing how to take advantage of C's rich set of operators, economy of expression, improved control flow, and data structures. The 2/E has been completely rewritten with additional examples and problem sets to clarify the implementation of difficult language constructs.

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  • The study "The role of web-sphere for managing supply chain business objects in heterogeneous systems" discusses the problem of managing supply chain business objects in heterogeneous systems through the use of Business Process Management Systems (BPMS).

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  • "Supply chain - Sustainability index - An approach towards benchmarking parameters for the food industry" proposes a quantifiable method to benchmark sustainability, i.e., competitive benchmarking, in MSMEs and to develop a sustainability index. On that line, the research article has two parts to it: 1) Measuring the efficiency of sustainability with respect to other organizations in the same industry 2) Developing a sustainability index to understand their supply chain operations.

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  • The paper about supply chain management information system operation model for service management in the library in Thailand is important for the effectiveness of the model as well as the application in actual work settings. Literature on supply chain management and information was reviewed.. The object of this paper were to develop study the efficiency development of supply chain management information system operation model for service management in the library in Thailand.

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  • The main purpose of the recent research is to investigate the importance of corporate governance in evaluating supply chain capabilities. This investigation aims to assess the direct effect of SC information systems potential, SC relational potential and CG on the SC command and control efficiency of manufacturing companies operational in Tin sector of Indonesia. Additionally, we have investigated the balancing effect of CG in the collaboration between SC capability and operating efficiency of the supply chain.

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  • The Supply Chain Management (SCM) has emerged as a new field of study which received much attention by the business houses and the researchers. Research shows that efficient SCM ensures on time arrival of raw materials at the production plant, prevents the need to source additional materials from alternative sources, avoids higher prices and guarantees higher profitability for the manufacturing company.

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  • The paper "The impact of preventive maintenance practices on Malaysian manufacturing performance" explore the influence of Preventive maintenance (PM) practices namely; Time-based maintenance (TBM); condition based maintenance (CBM); Predictive maintenance (PdM); on Malaysian manufacturing sector. The reason behind these PM integration on manufacturing performance is to obtain efficiency in minimize the error of production operational activities and machine breakdown in promoting effective towards realizing the goal of organization performance.

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  • In warehouse management, the equipment operators’ ability to perform safe and efficient operations is vital to handle inventory in excellent performance. This paper "The robust framework for inventory handling in warehouses: Equipment operations" includes a review of common equipment utilized to move inventory received from suppliers or issued to customers, and general operational activities in warehouses. The study findings revolve around the common unsafe equipment operating practices, which results in damaging the inventory, and reveals its deficiencies.

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  • This article discusses the influence that advanced B2B Software Solutions have on Supply Chain Processes. It substantiates the absolute need for businesses to employ modern technology for achieving operational excellence in the highly dynamic modern world where beating the competition is the only way forward and application of sophisticated technology is increasingly becoming a necessity and not a choice.

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  • The paper presents the result of the dynamics simulation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) using four Mecanum omnidirectional wheels when the tilt angle of each wheel’s roller is changed. Mecanum omnidirectional wheels have the ability to work flexibly, but operators are generally concerned about the vehicle’s efficiency issues.

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  • In this article, we explore the operation of the LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) protocol - a protocol compatible with low-energy sources and propose a solution to improve efficiency in wireless sensor networks. The simulation results show that our solution is better in terms of the number of packets reaching the base station and the average lifetime of the sensor nodes.

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  • Research results help tour operators in Vietnam achieve business efficiency through travel agents to increase satisfaction and maintain travel agents’s loyalty to tour operators, including: (1) providing stable service quality; (2) providing service quality as commitment; (3) providing service as the end consumer’s expectation; (4) always improve service quality; (5) provide competitive products.

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  • Ebook "Harvesting operations in the tropics (Tropical forestry series)" is bring together information on harvest methods, system productivity, and methods for conducting safe, efficient, and environmentally acceptable operations in tropical forests. It highlights the challenges of harvest operations in the tropics, includes techniques that have been shown to be successful, and discusses newer technologies.

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  • This paper presents a study to evaluate the effectiveness of auxiliary braking systems that are necessary when designing improvements for van trucks when descending hills. The results of the study show the clear effectiveness of auxiliary braking systems in different operating conditions, which provides a basis for the development and improvement of braking systems in the future.

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  • Ebook "Big data in omics and imaging: Association analysis" addresses the recent development of association analysis and machine learning for both population and family genomic data in sequencing era. It is unique in that it presents both hypothesis testing and a data mining approach to holistically dissecting the genetic structure of complex traits and to designing efficient strategies for precision medicine.

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