The empirical linkages

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  • Economic growth and macro variables in india: An empirical study. The research objective of this paper is to explore the empirical linkages between economic growth and foreign direct investment (FDI), gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) and trade openness in India (TOP) over the period 1980 to 2013.

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  • This text offers business school students an excellent practical explanation of the short-term linkages in the macroeconomic arena. While the underlying theoretical constructs are not ignored, emphasis is placed on the empirical underpinnings and managerial implications of macroeconomics. The text begins by introducing key concepts such as the GDP, National and Personal Income, and the various measures of inflation and unemployment.

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  • This discourse participates, in turn, in a broader discourse of accumulation, the irrevocable flow of advertisements interwoven with the Oscar show itself. While these high-priced advertisements—ads during Oscar telecasts, like Superbowl ads, are often themselves celebrated as elaborately produced showcases—are for a variety of products, their metonymic linkage to the film history montage overdetermines the montage’s celebration of spectatorship as accumulation and consumption.

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  • The unique segmentation of Chinese stock markets has attracted great attention of re- searchers. Much empirical work concentrates on analysing the segmentation and linkages between Chinese stock markets, as well as integration of Chinese with international stock markets (Wang and Iorio, 2007; Girardin and Liu, 2007). Meanwhile, some studies inves- tigate issues concerning discounts of B shares relative to A shares based on asset pricing models. Chan et al. (2008) and Chakravarty et al.

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  • Utilization of RCH services and their linkages with basic demographic parameters and socioeconomic developmental factors have often been argued and highlighted in the theoretical and empirical literature. The NPP-2000 also affirms the provision of quality RCH services and an informed choice of contraception alongwith women empowerment characterized by improvements in women's educational standards, working conditions and autonomy.

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