The executioner

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  • "… Continued fair weather and the unusual circumstances of the execution promise a turn-away crowd of more than 100,000 spectators by Court time. All unreserved tent space has been sold out for several days. Next news at… ." Sir Jacques de Carougne, Lord High Executioner for the Seventh Judicial District, spun the dial on the instrument panel of his single-seater rocket, but

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  • "No, Natalie, weep no more! Quick, dry your tears. Let not my executioner see that we can feel pain or weep for sorrow!" Drying her tears, she attempted a smile, but it was an unnatural, painful smile. "Ivan," said she, "we will forget, forget all, excepting that we love each other, and thus only can I become cheerful.

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  • Many protein substrates of caspases are cleaved at noncanonical sites in comparison to the recognition motifs reported for the three caspase sub-groups. To provide insight into the specificity and aid in the design of drugs to control cell death, crystal structures of caspase-7 were determined in complexes with six peptide analogs (Ac-DMQD-Cho, Ac-DQMD-Cho, Ac-DNLD-Cho, Ac-IEPD-Cho, Ac-ESMD-Cho, Ac-WEHD-Cho) that span the major recognition motifs of the three subgroups.

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  • Government is a steering, a balancing of human social systems. This cannot be done today without handlangers, luistervinke, impimpi, shamans, priests, actuaries, enforcers, executioners, executives, thugs, human resources practitioners, spies, spin doctors, assassins, bankers, lawyers and those faith-based forecasters we name economists. Power, by definition, has to be shared with all these and more, if humans are to be governed. All power sails in a sea of anarchy; all legitimacy and all constitutions are the products of revolution and mayhem; all peace results from war.

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