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  • The present contribution aims to describe the experience of using an automatic spreadsheet corrector, its perceived benefits as well as its impact on academic results. A total of 179 students coursing technical studies attended a basic course on business administration in the framework of which the field work was conducted.

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  • In the study of a previously unrecorded language, a taxonomy of the sound system is the most useful starting point for developing the phonological component of a grammar. If the linguist makes at least tentative assumptions about segmentation and fixes the limits of supposedly relevant contexts, a computer can approximate this taxonomy.

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  • Lifelong learning is an option to fulfil societal needs in order to create a dynamic society. The rising in participation in lifelong learning programmes contributed due to the pressure of globalization and technologies in Malaysia’s changing demography. Therefore, this study aimed at identifying the factors that influence the intention of the Malaysian working adults towards lifelong learning and to develop marketing strategies for Malaysian education providers. The foundation of this study is based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour.

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  • help for using digital recording devices. A full model student essay in Chapter 3, entitled “Out Patients,” demonstrates effective research and documentation of an online community. More writing coverage throughout the book includes expanded fi eld-writing sections in each chapter, focusing on important topics such as using language effectively, considering an audience, and working with rhetoric. New objectives at the start of each chapter indicate the writing skills covered in the chapter, guiding students to develop essential critical-thinking and rhetorical skills....

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  • This paper is the result collaborative work between international and riparian biologists and ecologists over a number of years. The principal contributing authors are: Yuwadee Peerapornpisal, Tatporn Kunpradid, Sutthawan Suphan, (benthic diatoms); Chanda Vongsambath, Niane Sivongxay (littoral macroinvertebrates); Pham Anh Duc (benthic macroinvertebrates); Nguyen Thi Mai Linh (zooplankton); Supatra Parnrong Davidson, Sok Khom, and Monyrak Meng (environmental variables).

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  • In a classic paper by the late Yale historian of science, Derek De Solla Price (1965), based mainly on the study of citations in a single scientific research field, it was shown how citations in a developing research area have a strong 'immediacy effect'.1 Citation was found to be at a maximum for papers about two-and-a-half years old, and the 'major work of a paper ... [is] finished after 10 years', as judged by citations.

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  • This work is designed to meet an existing want, viz.: a popular manual of Indian Mammalia. At present the only work of the kind is one which treats exclusively of the Peninsula of India, and which consequently omits the more interesting types found in Assam, Burmah, and Ceylon, as well as the countries bordering the British Indian Empire on the North. The geographical limits of the present work have been extended to all territories likely to be reached by the sportsman from India, thus greatly enlarging the field of its usefulness. The stiff formality of the compiled "Natural Histories"...

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  • The collection of data milling damage in the two provinces for more than three mills each province (Kien Giang and Tien Giang) were made in 2007-2008. Undertaking the recovery of rice will not only depend on the initial quality of rice (existing cracks or major cereals), but also on the effectiveness of the milling operation. So, in this work, the fact milling loss of data is collected in two provinces of Tien Giang and Kien Giang. There exist three system of rice plants in both provinces:

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  • Two areas of expertise required in the production of industrial and commercial robotics are motor control and obstacle navigation algorithms. This is especially true in the field of autonomous robotic vehicles, and this application will be the focus of this work. This work is divided into two parts. Part I describes the motor types and feedback devices available and the appropriate choice for a given

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  • Before the "Squire's" son went away to war, the neighborhood children knew him only by sight and by hearing their parents speak of him as the son of "the richest man in Titusville," who never had done a day's work in his life. Perhaps the parents were not quite right in this, for, even if Robert Favor had not gone out in the fields to labor, he had graduated from high school and college with high honors. He never spoke to the village children nor noticed them, and was not, as a result, very popular with the young people of his home town. The neighbors said...

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  • Furthermore, in order to boost innovative drugs and health solutions in Europe the Health Theme makes a major effort into investigator-driven clinical trials in various fields. With a focus on brain-related diseases, diabetes, and cancer (incorporating life style issues and social determinants of health) the 2011 work programme addresses major health-related societal challenges. Finally, with a focus on antimicrobial drug resistance and emerging epidemics, the Health Theme continues to address global health issues of utmost importance.

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  • Management of transport engineering construction quality is a very serious problem in need of attention in Vietnam today. This determines the quality, progress and cost of construction of works. This article deals with the responsibilities, obligations, and coordination of the relevant parties, including owner, contractor, design consultant, and construction supervision consultant in the field of transport engineering construction quality.

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  • The educational establishment was built and structured on a communication pattern at the core of the Gutenberg Galaxy that combines the spoken word with printed and handwritten resources. The current digitization of text is a pacesetter for retooling the workplace in the "industries of signs", for replacing skills on a broad scale and for developing new formal and informal social relationships. In addition to technological developments, a strong driver of this process is the cost of the mainly manual modes of academic operation.

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  • In this review article, important developments in the field of atomic physics are highlighted and linked to research works the author was involved in himself as a leader of the Cairo University – Atomic Physics Group. Starting from the late 1960s – when the author first engaged in research – an overview is provided of the milestones in the fascinating landscape of atomic physics.

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  • We introduce an inclusion-field technique for fast detection of collisions between a highly deformable object and another object with limited deformations. We mainly target the cloth simulation application where cloth (highly deformable) collides with deforming skin of a moving human model (has limited deformation as skin stretches and compacts within finite spacial and temporal limits specified by the bending angle and speed). Our technique intermixes concepts from space voxelization and distance fields to make use of the limited deformation nature of human skin.

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  • This article presents the subalterns' perspectives on government’s scholarship program in Badbhanjyang-1, Basundol, and Kathmandu. The information was analyzed and discussed using Spivak's (1988) subaltern theory to understand Dalit as special ability group and Bourdieu's cultural capital (1986) to know their different cultural assets at least in the field of education. This study showed that scholarship program was useful to educate and encourage the Dalit children to enroll in school. However, parents had to cover the additional expenses like exam fees, stationeries, and reference books.

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  • This paper mainly studies the field on magnetic transmission mechanism of down hole turbine generator by using ANSYS software. The effects of thickness of permanent magnets, thickness of distance sleeve, the average radius of working field, air gaps and rotating speed on torque were quantitatively analyzed, and eddy current in distance sleeve with different structure parameters was also analyzed.

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  • The present work was carried out during Rabi season in ten farmer’s field of Rajkot district during 2015-16 to 2017-18 in 12 hectare by active participation of 30 numbers of farmers. This programme is with the objective to demonstrate the improved variety of chickpea GG- 5 for production potential. These focused on increased the chickpea productivity, replacement of old variety with promising high yielding improved variety and get feedback from farmers on the performance of chickpea variety. The demonstrated variety GG – 5 performed better in all yeas compare to farmers practices.

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  • A concept of a planar vector magnetic sensor comprising in-plane tunnel magnetoresistive (TMR) sensors and an active flux-guide (AFG) was introduced in this work. The AFG redirected the magnetic flux at high-frequency benefiting a vertical detection capability and suppressing the field noise of the TMR at low-frequency measurement. The vertical sensitivity of 19.5 V/T was close to the in-plane sensitivity of 19.2 V/T.

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  • This paper presents the development of simulated workplace neutron standard fields at the Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology with the 241Am-Be source moderated by polyethylene spheres with diameters of 15 cm and 30cm. The characterization of the standard fields (in terms of neutron fluence rates and neutron ambient dose equivalent rates) was performed using Bonner sphere spectrometer system together with MAXED and FRUIT unfolding codes.

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