The formative period

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  • The best age at which to marry--Incompatibility of temperament--A happy marriage need not be a successful one--The evils of early marriage--The wedding night, its medical aspect--The honeymoon--When marital relations are painful--Times when marital relations should be suspended--The first weeks and months of wifehood--The formative period--A true marriage--A wife's true position in the household--Only 5% of happy marriages--Period of adaptation--Differences of opinion--Differences of principle--The attainment of success--Arguing trifles--You must know what you want--The right kind of wife--...

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  • From ancient times until the modern technological age, healthcare was mostly for, about and by women. The wonder of the reproductive cycle, the miracle of birth and the powerless mystery of death were the domains of women who watched over them. Before the dawn of patriarchy, women were the natural healers and guardians of the mysteries and stories of the people. Women looked to the earth from where life began and where the food for sustaining life was grown for help in healing the ill.

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  • This book deals with an Ayyubid-Mamluk Egyptian jurist's attempt to come to terms with the potential conflict between power, represented in the state, and authority, represented in the schools of law, particularly where one school enjoys a privileged status with the state. It deals with the history of the relationship between the schools of law, particularly in Mamluk Egypt, in the context of the running history of Islamic law from the formative period during which ijtihad was the dominant hegemony into the post-formative period during which taqlid came to dominate....

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  • From that period in which the right and title to the lands of Carolina were sold, and surrendered to the King, and he assumed the immediate care and government of the province, a new aera commences in the annals of that country, which may be called the aera of its freedom, security, and happiness.

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  • It has seemed to me impossible to deal with the long period covered by this volume as briefly as the scheme of the series required without leaving out a great many events and concentrating attention chiefly upon a few central facts and a few important personages. I think that the main results of the development may thus be seen, though there is much which is here omitted that would have been included had the book been written on other lines. Some pages find place here which originally appeared in The Guardian and The Treasury, and a few lines which once formed part of an article in...

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  • No period in the history of our country surpasses in interest that immediately preceding and including the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Many volumes have been written setting forth the patriotism and heroism of the fathers of the Republic, but the devotion of the mothers and daughters has received far less attention. This volume is designed, therefore, to portray in some degree their influence in the struggle of the Colonies to attain their independence.

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  • PERIOD 13 LESSON 6 : LANGUAGE FOCUS A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to talk about intentions with be going to and know how to use Adverbs of place . B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , posters , chalks .... C / Procedure : I / Warm up : TELEPHONE TRANSMITTING II / New lesson : 1.Talk about intentions with going to : Introduce the form and use of going to - Form : S + be going to + infinitive - Use : express an intention Ex 1 : -...

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  • This text examines the contexts in which classical statuary was made and displayed, and restores its former cultural significance. It explains the techniques of the manufacture of Greek sculpture, and traces its production from the 8th century BC to the Hellenistic period. The author explores the effects the culture of heroes had on sculpture and the faith in deities in human form. Also examined are the causes of the "Greek Revolution", when sculptors discovered how to portray the human form more naturally....

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  • A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know some problem about the environment and know how to use if sentence . B / Teaching aids : Text book , cassette , chalks and boards . C / Procedure : 7 min I / Warm up : Word quiz - Ask Ss to guess words form the information . 1. What word is it ? + It is about things around us like air , water , land ,trees, forests. + It is being polluted now . And when it...

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  • Exercise 1: Fill each gap in the passage with the correct form of the word in brackets. Maria Callas was the most (1) ………………………..(fame) soprano of the postwar period. Born in 1923, the Greek opera singer had a truly (2) …………………………..(wonder) voice and a passionate nature. She was known for her technical skill and (3) …………………........(enthusiastic) for hard work. She sang in all the world’s great opera houses, but her career was full of (4) …………………….(person) dramas.

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  • A / Aims and objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know about the form of the letter and notices of a formal letter . Skill : Writing and speaking . B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , chalk and boards C / Procedure : 7 min I / Warm up : Put away and remember English Fluency From beginners to advanced 49.5 hours over 11 weeks ( 3 .15 hours per weeks ) Available on Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu/Sat Free : 150 USD Add : 36 Cat Linh Str Tel : 7338402

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  • To help Ss consolidate their knowledge II- Language contents A. Grammar : tenses, forms of verbs B. Vocabulary : pronunciation, stress…. III- Techniques : Communicative approach IV- Teaching aids : papers, color chalk, … V- Procedures A. Classroom procedures (1’) - greetings and checking attendances. B. Checking the previous lesson.

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  • To help Ss consolidate their knowledge II- Language contents A. Grammar : tenses, forms of verbs B. Vocabulary : pronunciation, stress…. III- Techniques : Communicative approach IV- Teaching aids : papers, color chalk, … V- Procedures A. Classroom procedures (1’) - greetings and checking attendances.

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  • The level of insurance risk may vary during the period of the insurance contract. For example, in a pure endowment policy the insurance risk reduces as the value of the investment increases. Also, in a deferred annuity contract there may be no insurance risk during the savings phase but there is significant insurance risk during the annuity phase. In assessing the significance of insurance risk at the inception of the contract the effect of discounting on the expected cash flows may be significant.

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  • In the present series of studies, we analyzed the lyrics in popular songs in an attempt to identify the existence of embedded reproductive/evolutionary messages. Being the first of their kind, these were largely descriptive studies. The adaptive value of music eluded scientists for a long time. While Pinker (1997) has been quick to dismiss music as “auditory cheesecake,” Darwin (1871) suggested that music may have evolved as a form of courtship display by means of sexual selection. Following Darwin’s lead, there is now growing interest in the origins of music (e.g.

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  • PERIODIC SOLUTIONS OF NONLINEAR SECOND-ORDER DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS ´ JESUS RODRIGUEZ AND DEBRA LYNN ETHERIDGE Received 6 August 2004 We establish conditions for the existence of periodic solutions of nonlinear, second-order difference equations of the form y(t + 2) + by(t + 1) + cy(t) = f (y(t)), where c = 0 and f : R → R is continuous. In our main result we assume that f exhibits sublinear growth and that there is a constant β 0 such that u f (u) 0 whenever |u| ≥ β. For such an equation we prove that if N is an odd...

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  • POSITIVE PERIODIC SOLUTIONS FOR NONLINEAR DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS VIA A CONTINUATION THEOREM GEN-QIANG WANG AND SUI SUN CHENG Received 29 August 2003 and in revised form 4 February 2004 Based on a continuation theorem of Mawhin, positive periodic solutions are found for difference equations of the form yn+1 = yn exp( f (n, yn , yn−1 ,..., yn−k )), n ∈ Z. 1. Introduction There are several reasons for studying nonlinear difference equations of the form yn+1 = yn exp f n, yn , yn−1 ,... , yn−k , n ∈ Z = {0, ±1, ±2,... }, (1.1) where f = f (t,u0 ,u1...

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  • PERIODIC SOLUTIONS FOR A COUPLED PAIR OF DELAY DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS GUANG ZHANG, SHUGUI KANG, AND SUI SUN CHENG Received 31 January 2005 and in revised form 24 March 2005 Based on the fixed-point index theory for a Banach space, positive periodic solutions are found for a system of delay difference equations. By using such results, the existence of nontrivial periodic solutions for delay difference equations with positive and negative terms is also considered. 1.

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  •   There  are  five  Quaternary  sedimentary  sequences  in  the  Red  River  Delta,  Vietnam.  The  forming of each sequence is related to transgression and regression phases. The sequences, which  was  formed  in  transgression  period,  composed  mainly  of  fine  grained  size  leading  to  the  water  bearing capacity is very low and plays a role as aquicludes. Besides, in these fine grain size layers,  the contents of arsenic and iron are high, especially in dark clay, silty clay rich in organic material ...

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  • The following pages are intended to place before the reader in a handy form an account of the principal ideas and beliefs held by the ancient Egyptians concerning the resurrection and the future life, which is derived wholly from native religious works. The literature of Egypt which deals with these subjects is large and, as was to be expected, the product of different periods which, taken together, cover several thousands of years; and it is exceedingly difficult at times to reconcile the statements and beliefs of a writer of one period with those of a writer of another. ...

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