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  • The Synthesis of Yoga first appeared serially in the monthly review Arya between August 1914 and January 1921. Each instalment was written immediately before its publication. The work was left incomplete when the Arya was discontinued. Sri Aurobindo never attempted to complete the Synthesis;hedid, however, lightly revise the Introduction, thoroughly revise all of Part I, “The Yoga of Divine Works”, and significantly revise several chapters of Part II, “The Yoga of Integral Knowledge”.

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  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are in themselves exceedingly brief, less than ten pages of large type in the original. Yet they contain the essence of practical wisdom, set forth in admirable order and detail. The theme, if the present interpreter be right, is the great regeneration, the birth of the spiritual from the psychical man: the same theme which Paul so wisely and eloquently set forth in writing to his disciples in Corinth, the theme of all mystics in all lands.

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  • Concentration signifies the state of being at a centre (con and _centrum_). Applied to thought, it is the act of bringing the mind to a single point. Each human being must practise concentration subjectively and objectively. In other words, each human being aims with more or less precision at concentration on a point within and a point without his own world. Concentration "without" is illustrated when you devote all your attention upon Nature, such as learning a trade, a profession, a science, an art or some form of business. This is _Evolution_, outgoing or positive mental energy.

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  • There are no recent statistics determining the size and scope of the inbound incentive travel market. The last estimates were provided in a report commissioned by the British Tourist Authority and partners in 1996, which calculated the value of inbound and domestic incentive travel (excluding air travel) to be in the region of £165 million per year. The fact that hotels do not differentiate between conference and incentive travel group bookings, makes it difficult to track occupancy levels.

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  • Purpose – The Encyclopedia of Operations Management (EOM) is an ideal “field manual” for students, instructors, and practicing managers. For students, the EOM is a useful guide for developing an integrated mental map for the entire field of supply chain and operations management. It has also proven useful as a reference for students preparing for case discussions, exams, and job interviews. It is particularly helpful for students new to supply chain and operations management and for international students who need precise definitions of specialized terms.

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  • This timely and hugely practical work provides a score of examples from contemporary and historical scientific presentations to show clearly what makes an oral presentation effective. It considers presentations made to persuade an audience to adopt some course of action (such as funding a proposal) as well as presentations made to communicate information, and it considers these from four perspectives: speech, structure, visual aids, and delivery. It also discusses computer-based projections and slide shows as well as overhead projections.

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  • This professional development handbook has been designed to support schools in making effective use of teacher aides and bilingual tutors. The handbook has been adapted from the professional development programmes for bilingual tutors and Pasifika bilingual teacher aides. The ten modules are designed as a professional development programme lasting approximately two terms. This allows about two hours per fortnight per module for the coordinating teacher and teacher aides to read the module notes and complete the tasks either as individual schools or with a local cluster (see p 9).

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  • This report describes interventions for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) at four sites in South Africa. The project sites are the Rustenburg and Orkney areas in the North West province, and the Kopanong and Matjhabeng municipalities in the Free State. The report highlights the knowledge, attitudes, practices, prevention, care and support issues concerning HIV/AIDS among the people located in these 4 areas.

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  • English article for your reference to improve English proficiency. One way you can achieve this is to read a lot and look up any words you come across that you do not know. Another is to study vocabulary with the aid of a book, preferably one that provides many opportunities for you to actually practice using the words (like this one).

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  • IMS 1Knowledge: Ss’ll able to review the vocabulary which they leant. 2. Skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing 3. Language focus: a. Vocabulary: in the unit 10, 11, 12 b. Grammar: in the unit 10, 11, 12 II. TEACHING AIDS: 1.

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  • A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to get further practice persuading someone to do something to save the environment . B / Teaching aids : Text books , chalks , boards . C / Procedure 10 min I / Warm up : Jumbled words - Ask Ss to work in groups of three or four , to put the letters in the right order to make good words : 1. onpitlulo 2. mpud 3. ira 4. sptesecidi 5. ands 6. ttainodfeoers - Call on some Ss to write...

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  • I. AIMS: By the end of the lesson, Ps will be able to ask and answer about habitial actions. - Teaching aids: handbook, pictures, cassette. - Anticipated problem. II. CONTENT: 1. Pre teach: (to) get up: (to) get dressed: Use the picture on P49 ngủ dậy mặc quần áo

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  • research for this report was conducted from november 2008 to January 2009. it consisted of an extensive review of documents and websites from governmental and non-governmental sources; in-depth interviews based on semi-structured questionnaires; and two focus groups. one focus group comprised five health care workers, while the other was composed of four hiV-positive mothers, one of whom was pregnant at the time. a total of 23 people were interviewed in six cities across argentina: buenos aires, mar del plata, montegrande, rosario, tres arroyos, and tucumán.

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  • Aim :Write a personal letter . II/Objectivive :To write a personal letter . III/Teaching aids:Test book , pictures . IV/ procedure : 1/Warm up : T : gives instructions T :prepares 4 cards saying the 4 parts of a letter : I arrived ……… Dear Hoa ,…….. Your sincerely. Lan th ‘ Duy xuyen ,sep 25 ,2007 - Ask Ss to put them in the right orders -Ss work in team . -Ss remind the four parts of the letter : 1 / Heading 2/ Opening 3/ Body of the letter 4/ Closing . T : leads to the new lesson . Today...

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  • Development planning is a contested terrain, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Historically, the approach to African development has been externally oriented. For the past four decades, the subcontinent has been negotiating its development with external partners. More often than not, this has meant that the process, instruments and outcomes of development have been determined by external partners, rather than by African societies and their leaders.

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  • By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to talk about the time, state the time and know the subjects. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: The subjects . 2, Structures: What time is it now? It’s 7 o’clock. It’s five past two/ It’s five to two. What time do you get up? III/ Teaching aids. - Make a plan. Prepare a lock. I get up at five o’clock.

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  • Digital cinema resolution is measured in units of “K,” which stands for 1024 horizontal pixels. In the early years of the DCI Specification, the dominant resolution was 2048 pixels horizontal x 1080 vertical, known as 2K. But 2K represents only 7% more pixels than 1920 x 1080 HDTV. Fortunately, a more future-oriented, higher-resolution option was also written into the DCI Specification: 4K. At 4096 pixels horizontal x 2160 vertical, this is exactly four times as many pixels as 2K, and greater than four times the pixel count of HDTV. ...

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  • I. AIMS: By the endof the lesson, Ps will be able to ask and answer about numbers, places and characters of things. - Teaching aids: handbook, pictures, cassette. - Anticipated problems. II. CONTENT. 1. Warmer: Bingo

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  • AIMS: By the end of the lesson, Ps will be able to ask and answer about schools: name of classes, describe school, talk using ordinal numbers. - Teaching aids: Hanbook, pictures. - Anticipated problems. II. CONTENT. 1. Pre listening: * Pre teach: 1st: The first (mussing word) 2nd: The second (mussing word) 3rd: the third grade (n):

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  • By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to ask and answer about schedules, read for comprehension about subjects and schedules. II/ Language contents. 1, Vocabulary: other, subject, interesting, important, difficult. 2, Structures: What is she doing? She is studying Physic. What time does she have her Physic class? III/ Teaching aids. Make a plan. Prepare pictures, a tape and a cassette player. She has her Physic class at 8.40

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