The geometric algebra of the plane

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  • This is a textbook on geometric algebra with applications to physics and serves also as an introduction to geometric algebra intended for research workers in physics who are interested in the study of this modern artefact. As it is extremely useful for all branches of physical science and very important for the new frontiers of physics, physicists are very much getting interested in this modern mathematical formalism.

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  • This book is called a ‘Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice’. It is composed of chapters by experts in the field and was conceived during the AGACSE-2010 conference in Amsterdam. As you scan the contents, you will find that all chapters indeed use geometric algebra but that the term ‘practice’ means different things to different authors. As we discuss the various Parts below, we guide you through them. We will then see that appearances may deceive: some of the more theoretical looking chapters provide useful and practical techniques.

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  • Many people have given help and support over the last three years and I am grateful to them all I owe a great debt to my supervisor Nick Manton for allowing me the freedom to pursue my own interests and to my two principle collaborators Anthony Lasenby and Stephen Gull whose ideas and inspiration were essential in shaping my research I also thank David Hestenes for his encouragement and his company on an arduous journey to Poland

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  • Lecture present the particular antiderivatives and introduction to the area of a plane region. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Particular antiderivatives, application to rectilinear motion, introduction to the area of a plane region.

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