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  • The employed method is easy to implement in practical applications and moreover, the SMC exhibits the desired dynamic properties during the entire output-tracking process independent of perturbations. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed controller in terms of performance, robustness, and stability. Results show that the proposed controller for the load following operation is so effective that the xenon oscillations are kept bounded in the given region.

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  • The results show that the stabe region of the optical tweezer depends on the nonlinear coefficient of refractive index. Moreover, the stable region could be brokendown with a critical value of the nonlinear coefficient of refractive index of the surrounding medium irradiated by Gaussian laser pulse described by given parameters as intensity, duration and radius of beam waist.

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  • The small genus Snellenius Westwood, 1882 is newly recorded for Vietnam and two new species are described and illustrated, viz. Snellenius nigellus Long & van Achterberg sp. n. and S. similis Long & van Achterberg sp. n.; one new status is Snellenius theretrae (Watanabe, 1937) stat. n.; two newly recorded species for Vietnam’s fauna are Snellenius philippinensis (Ashmead, 1904) and S. maculipennis (Szépligeti, 1900).

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  • Based on the specimens of chalcid parasitoid wasps collected by malaise traps set in fruit orchards in the adjacent area of Ha Noi city from 2018–2019, one new species of the genus Trigonura, T. vietnamica Long, sp. n., was described and illustrated. Two species of this genus from Vietnam are keyed, the comparative characters of the new species were also given to compare with two similar species from the Oriental Region, T. indica Narendran and T. luzonensis Narendran.

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  • The knowledge of probable maximum one day rainfall for a given region corresponding to return periods varying from 2 to 100 years is essential for crop planning and designs of minor and major hydraulic structures. The probability analysis for maximum one day rainfall of Khurda region is done by different probability distribution methods (log normal 3-parameter, pearson method, log pearson, weibull, generalized pare to distribution and log normal) by taking the rainfall data of 25 years(1991-2015) through FLOOD - frequency analysis software.

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  • An ecosystem is a group of animals and plants living in a specific region and interacting with one another and with their physical environment. Ecosystems include physical and chemical components, such as soils, water, and nutrients that support the organisms living there. These organisms may range from large animals to microscopic bacteria. Ecosystems also can be thought of as the interactions among all organisms in a given habitat; for instance, one species may serve as food for another. People are part of the ecosystems where they live and work.

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  • This study grew out of a request from the Technical Advisory Body for Fisheries Management (TAB) conveyed to us by Wolf Hartman of MRC. We are grateful for the opportunity the body has given us to think about fisheries in the Mekong basin in the context of local and broader ideas about the role for livelihoods approaches in fisheries management and for Wolf’s encouragement and support. Carrying out the research on which this document is based was supported by many people it also links closely with related work on livelihoods....

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  • Today's absolute imperative is to tackle the economic crisis and put the EU back on the road to sustainable growth. This is the number one task for this generation of Europeans. It calls for a Europe able to compete in the global economy, reshaped to seize the opportunities of the future. It requires the stable macroeconomic environment which true economic and monetary union can bring. It needs a step change in the economy, to release the many strengths Europe can bring to bear in tomorrow's economy of high innovation and high skills.

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  • A brief synthesis of the state of the environment is given using the main themes in AEO-1 as the baseline, but discussing this within the context of the Brundtland report and the programme areas of NEPAD-EAP. Where appropriate, the general regional situation has been placed in the global context. Six thematic areas, forming the basis of the chapters, have been used in the analysis – Atmosphere, Land, Freshwater, Forests and Woodlands, Coastal and Marine Environments, and Biodiversity.

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  • Qualified long-term care services are those generally given by long-term care providers. These services must be required by chronically ill individuals and must be given according to a plan of care prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner. You are considered chronically ill if you are expected to be unable to do at least two activities of daily living without substantial assistance from another person for at least 90 days.

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  • In the traditional region of Northern Nigeria, Pathfinder has struggled to promote the use of modern contraceptive methods to delay and space pregnancies. Traditional communities in this area generally see children as a gift from God and, assured that He will provide for their families, resist limiting their family size or spacing women’s pregnancies. Sexuality is not openly discussed, so reaching families with RH/FP information and services has been difficult.

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  • A review of the regulatory framework can also provide some indication of the level of competition within a country’s banking system. Other things being equal, competition should be greater when regulatory barriers to entry and exit is low, encouraging new entrants. The regulatory framework for the EAC region, summarized in Table 1, suggests a relatively open regime with similar conditions of entry and prudential treatment for all types of banks across countries.

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  • A tax practitioner who, by passing an examination given by the U.S. Treasury Department, can represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Enterprise Resource Enterprise Resource Enterprise Resource Enterprise Resource Planning Planning Planning Planning (ERP) (ERP) (ERP) (ERP) A business management system that integrates all facets of the business to the related financial reporting functionality.

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  • In ARIES, Ecosystem Services are the effects on human well-being of the flow of benefits from an ecosystem endpoint to a human endpoint at given extents of space and time. The methodology combines spatially explicit models of ecosystem service provision and use with dynamic flow models to describe the distribution of benefits across the landscape. The exact form of these models depends on the specific context of application and is chosen by means of machine reasoning, on the basis of data analysis and ontological connotations of the services (e.g.

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  • Finally, specific maps for an ecosystem or beneficiary group of interest can also be generated. Such maps can show either 1) the parts of the landscape from which a given beneficiary’s benefits are derived, or 2) the beneficiary groups receiving benefits from a particular ecosystem region of interest (Johnson et al. unpublished). We have to date mapped only the spatial dynamics of carbon sequestration and storage, aesthetic views and aesthetic proximity.

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  • The result of these reforms was a decline in the share of banking assets in the hands of public entities and foundations from 68 percent in 1992 to 9 percent in 2003. Table 1 sug- gests that the majority of the privatization took place before the Ciampi Law of 1998. However, the numbers given in that table are likely to understate actual government own- ership because they do not include banks where several foundations jointly hold more than 50 percent of the capital, and even a share below 50 percent may yield significant possibil- ities of control.

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  • There is no topographical division of Europe which more readily defines itself and its limits than the Rhine valley from Schaffhausen to where the river empties into the North Sea. The region has given birth to history and legend of a most fascinating character, and the manners and customs of the people who dwell along its banks are varied and picturesque. Under these circumstances it was but to be expected that architectural development should have expressed itself in a decided and unmistakable fashion.

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  • Stakeholder and biodiversity at the local level is a three-year collaboration between the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC). Tropenbos International-Vietnam (TBI-V) has been a very helpful collaborator for coordinating the project activities. The project goal is to contribute to the enhancement of the livelihoods of local forest dependent communities and sustainable forest management.

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  • Many situations and new developments may cause a given department or faculty member to vary from the guidelines listed above in the assigning of credit. If this situation should arise, a Registrar Form 40 should be submitted creating or revising the course, specifying the type of variance to be applied, and the expected benefit.

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  • This tale is founded upon two sagas, which have been translated literally and without attempt to accord their discrepancies by York Powell and Vigfussen in their invaluable Origines Icelandicae. As well as those versions I have had another authority to help me, in Laing's Sea-Kings of Norway. I have blent the two accounts into one, and put forward the result with this word of explanation, which I hope will justify me in the treatment I have given them.

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