The great transition

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  • This book began life in many scattered forms, including some of my earlier writings. But the central argument was forced into a unified form during a course of ten public lectures that I gave in the autumn of 1998 at the American University in Cairo. There I tried to explore some of the implications of the emergence of a single global economy, of globalisation or, in its most extreme form, the fusion of national economies.

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  • Tài liệu Harvard business review transforming leaders products about picking the right transition strategy; the quick win paradox; women and the vision ting; how not to lose the top job; the last act og a great CEO.

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  • Gerard Manley Hopkins was born in Stratford, East London in July 1844. Situated just beyond the metropolitan boundary, then, as now, the area was changing rapidly. With the arrival of the Great Eastern Railway’s locomotive works it was “cut up in all directions by branches of railways” (Olsen 1976: 275-6) but also suffered, as Norman White points out, as a consequence of London’s environmental diligence.

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  • This book is not simply an annotated roster of the Society of Dead Economists. As living economists grapple with modern economic problems and begin to alter their views, more and more readers are discovering a need for transitional books, books that bridge the gap between what economics has been and what it is becoming. A Brief History of Economics: Artful Approaches to the Dismal Science reflects this desire for a bridge over sometimes troubled waters.

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  • ALL LUSTADT was in an uproar. The mad king had escaped. Little knots of excited men stood upon the street corners listening to each latest rumor concerning this most absorbing occurrence. Before the palace a great crowd surged to and fro, awaiting they knew not what.

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  • his monograph presents the results of a project entitled Improving Army Doctrine and Planning for Stability Operations. A great deal of activity has been aimed at revising the approach to the planning and implementation of Stabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction (SSTR) operations. The primary emphasis of the

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  • The blending of fact and fancy which men call legend reached its fullest and richest expression in the golden age of Greece, and thus it is to Greek mythology that one must turn for the best form of any legend which foreshadows history. Yet the prevalence of legends regarding flight, existing in the records of practically every race, shows that this form of transit was a dream of many peoples--man always wanted to fly, and imagined means of flight. In this age of steel, a very great part of the inventive genius of man has gone into devices intended to facilitate transport, both of men and...

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  • Guava (Psidium guajava L.) is an important fruit crop and good source of income for Indian farmers. It’s infested with some major pests including plant parasitic nematodes. The number of plant parasitic nematode species associated with guava but some species are cause great losses. The accurate identification of nematode species is a basic key of successful management. Soil and plant samples collected from fields of guava from Arathwara village, Sheoganjtehsil, Sirohi district of Rajasthan, India on the GPS location 250 03’40.7”N; 720 58’05.0”E.

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  • Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) is an important vegetable cum spice crop valued for its aroma, taste, flavor and pungency grown in all parts of world. It belongs to the family solanaceae with the chromosome number 2n=24 and centre of origin of hot chilli is Mexico. chilli is one of the most valuable spice crop than other spices. It is used in India as a principle ingredient of various curries, and chutneys, it is also used for vegetables, spices, medicinal, condiments, sauces and pickles with great nutritional value. India has become world’s largest producer and exporter of chilli.

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  • GraphicS and interaction PART II Part II represents the largest section of the book, spanning Chapter 3 through Chapter 9. This part covers many significant features that distinguish ActionScript 3.0 from prior versions. It focuses on graphics and interactions and includes the new event model and display list. Chapter 3 is a discussion of properties, events, and methods—the items responsible for manipulating just about anything in Flash. Chapter 4 goes on to explain the display list, a great new way to display visual assets in Flash.

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  • Hooray! It's tweening! Wow, that's great! But the thrill wears off fast when you realize just how boring it is. I wish there was an easy way to make my gear look like it was ROLLING across the stage instead of just sliding like that. Oh yeah! There is! You can highlight any frame of the tween in the timeline and go to what you'll soon discover is your favorite panel, the PROPERTIES PANEL. Oooo look at all the goodies! You can adjust the tween type, whether or not the transition remains to scale, the "Ease" of the tween (this changes the...

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  • The global trading system is undergoing a period of transition. Shifting economic circumstances, major advances in technology and the emergence of new players on the global scene, all underscore that we are on the cusp of big changes. Persistent imbalances, driven largely by macro-economic factors continue to be a cause of concern in some major economies.

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  • ANALYSIS AND VERIFICATION OF NON-REAL-TIME SYSTEMS A great collection of techniques and tools are available for the reasoning, analysis, and verification of non-real-time systems. This chapter explores the basic foundations of these techniques that include symbolic logic, automata, formal languages, and state transition systems. Many analysis and verification techniques for real-time systems are based on these untimed approaches, as we will see in later chapters.

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  • The Middle Ages was an era of great changes in civilization, a transition between ancient times and the modern world. Lasting roughly from A.D. 500 to 1500, the period saw the growth of the Roman Catholic Church in Western Europe and the spread of the Islamic faith in the Middle East. Around the world, empires—the Byzantine, Mongol, and Incan—rose and fell, and the first nation-states emerged in France, England, and Spain.

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  • To help gauge these shifts in the global Internal Audit industry, and to gain insight into future and leading trends, Ernst and Young recently conducted a survey of Internal Audit executives worldwide. In short, the survey reveals that Internal Audit is in the middle of an evolutionary transition, facing great challenges, as well as new opportunities. There is a call for Internal Audit to do more to meet the needs of its stakeholders

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  • Soft Linen Minnie’s Cover Up Soft Linen 35% linen, 35% wool, 30% baby alpaca Soft Linen is composed of an interesting blend of fibers: Cool, crisp linen, soft, warm alpaca, and elastic wool. Together they make a soft yarn that’s comfortable to wear all year round. Garments knitted in Soft Linen have a nice drape while providing just the right amount of warmth. When knit in an airy lace pattern Soft Linen is great for transitional garments like Grace’s top. Wear it over a tank in warm weather or over long sleeves when the weather gets cooler....

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  • The issue of sustainability has a number of dimensions, some of which were already mentioned. The one addressed here is the sustainability of subprojects. This issue comes up when the transition of social funds from the emer- gency or crisis mode to the longer term is examined. The transition is essentially the change from building a facility to delivering an ongoing service. By implication, how the services are being used needs to be monitored and evaluated, not just what was disbursed or built.

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  • Stress and university. These are not two words you often see together! Many people recollect university as being the ‘best days of their lives’ or ‘a great laugh’ and we hope that this will be the case for you too. However, university is associated with huge change, and for most people change brings stress. At university there is a need to be more proactive in your studies, your social life and your ability to manage on your own.

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  • Menopause is the period of transition in the life of women during which several physiological changes occurs. This period not only marks the end of reproductive cycle of women but also makes them vulnerable to several chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, gastritis, asthmas, liver disease etc. Food and other lifestyle factors greatly affect the health status of post menopausal women. This demands special care and attention to the women during this phase.

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