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  • This research introduces a new pedagogical approach, the Virtual Flipped Classroom (VFC). The VFC is an integration of two concepts: the Flipped Classroom and Virtual Classroom. It enables teachers to teach and guide students in applying the activities needed to achieve the best learning levels. To investigate the effect of VFC, the researchers applied it to students on a computer programming course in the Instructional and Learning Technology (ILT) department at the College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).

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  • Technology Literacy Applications in Learning Environments presents readers with a view of technology literacy in a learning environment. While word processing skills are important, the development of technology skills covers the areas of presentation software, storage, human interaction, and virtual reality. Instructional technology is dedicated to discovering and developing the pedagogical skills of teaching and learning in a technology-enhanced learning environment.

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  • The article describes the application of instructional design techniques to form and increase the effectiveness of training courses. A key emphasis is placed on blended learning techniques, involving the separation of study time between learning using online technology and learning with a more traditional form of instruction involving a teacher.

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  • This study applied multimedia in a general engineering and technology course in Taiwan and evaluated the effectiveness of multimediaassisted instruction and learning. The course presented trends in technological development and the achievements of Taiwanese industries and research institutes from a historical perspective, and overviewed the technology industries and industrial transformation development in Taiwan.

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  • This format has been tested for cognitive and attitudinal gains in students and the results clearly point out to its benefits. Instructional materials for a oneyear general chemistry sequence have been developed to facilitate its implementation in classrooms. The most important aspects of the format with tested practices are discussed while challenges and implications of findings are shared in order to assist instructors interested in implementing innovative formats of instruction such this one, the cAcL2.

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  • Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL is often the first course that many Oracle students attend. You might be their first contact with any Oracle personnel. At the same time, this may be one of the first courses that you teach as an Oracle instructor, so you might appreciate some help in achieving the best performance possible at an early stage of your career. The tools and tips in this section come from the highly recommended AIT (Advanced Instructional Techniques) class, which many Oracle Educaton instructors have attended.

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  • This book packages W3Schools content in an attractive two-color design that gets beginning Web developers and designers up and running with the core Web development technologies. To-the-point tutorials with clear examples and simple explanations give novices the knowledge they need to get going with confidence.

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  • With PHP for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide, readers can start from the beginning to get a tour of the programming language, or look up specific tasks to learn just what they need to know. This task-based visual reference guide uses step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots to teach beginning and intermediate users this popular open-source scripting language. Leading technology author Larry Ullman guides readers through the latest developments including use and awareness of HTML5 with PHP.

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  • FOR THE PAST SEVERAL DECADES instructors in the field of educational technology have focused on training instructional designers. A quick survey of graduate programs in this area indicates that the majority of the classes are geared toward instructional design from the viewpoint of learning psychology or from the viewpoint of using multimedia tools for the latest technological advances. Courses have emphasized a systematic approach to the development of instructional products usually consisting of various approaches to analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

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  • Technology Literacy Applications in Learning Environments presents readers with a view of technology literacy in a learning environment. While word processing skills are important, the development of technology skills covers the areas of presentation software, storage, human interaction, and virtual reality. Instructional technology is dedicated to discovering and developing the pedagogical skills of teaching and learning in a technology-enhanced learning environment

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  • Today’s new digital technologies and the spread of the internet have created numerous new opportunities and challenges for the education of the future. The rapid development of mobile and ubiquitous computing technology offered more chances to design and develop innovative learning approach with mobile devices in preparing schools and students for a future.

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  • The aim of this study was to describe and to test the effect of learning model (problem solving learning model oriented toward Balinese local wisdom (PSBLW) Vs Direct Instruction Model (DI)) and type of mathematics problems (open and closed problems) on the ability to solve mathematics problem of the fifth-grade students of elementary in Singaraja Bali. This quasi-experimental research used non-equivalent control group design with pretest and posttest.

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  • This study investigated the learning impact of online scafolding in sustaining a community of inquiry in Physics instruction. The students’ a-priori e-learning activities in online discussion were used in leveraging the learning behaviors of the students. Online learning segments were included in the process of developing classroom tasks vis-à-vis with the course intended learning outcomes.

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  • Valtech is a Paris-based consulting firm established in 1993 and devoted to e-business technologies. The company was initially structured as a distributor of new information technologies to the French and European market, which secondarily provided training in the use of its products. Valtech now positions itself as a pure knowledge-transfer firm that instructs clients in the strategic use and development of cutting-edge electronic technologies. Valtech organized itself according to KM principles in 1993, but only became aware of KM as a formal organizing framework in 1998.

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  • Conventional classroom instruction had already been transformed in to electronic mode of teaching and learning. Use of mobile technology is evolving in global and local context, as in Pakistan. Gaining insights from Media Richness Theory, the study intends to examine how m-learning pedagogy, opens up avenues for students’ learning and enhances their educational performance, endorsed by facilitation discourse and flexibility. In this cross-sectional study, data was collected from students in Private Universities in Lahore Pakistan.

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  • The study examines two dimensions that impact virtual team decision making. One is the influence of collaboration process structure: the sequences, patterns, and routines participants use to interact and solve problems. The other is technology affordance: the strengths and weaknesses of technologies in terms of the usefulness they offer to teams when performing tasks. Some teams used a structured collaboration process with monitoring, coordination, and backup functions during a decision-making discussion. Other teams had no discussion process instructions.

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  • Collaborative knowledge sharing requires that dialogues successfully cross organizational barriers and information silos. Successful communication in person or in a virtual community involves a willingness to share ideas and consider diverse viewpoints. This research examines a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content management system called NASATalk, which offers public and private blog posts, file sharing, asynchronous discussion, and live chat services.

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  • This article examines the development of novice instructional designers in a reflective learning community. The study was situated in a blended learning course, which utilized a web-based learning management system as a communication platform. Drawing from communities of practice as a theoretical framework, we examined (1) how individual and group characteristics influenced knowledge construction, (2) how members developed their epistemic frames of instructional design, and (3) the dynamics of group interactions during the knowledge constructions in the learning community.

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  • Learning is an active, social process. However, many distance education programs are flat and asynchronous with limited interaction. Virtual environments may be best equipped to foster an active social learning environment that provides optimal distance education. This study explored how nursing informatics students perceived the strengths and limitations of three different online modalities of learning: Learning Management System, Webinar, and Virtual Environments.

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  • Web Based Instruction (WBI) possesses great potential for delivering e-learning solutions into Lower Economically Disadvantaged Countries (LEDCs) and organizations with virtual networks of employees spread across the globe. However, these e-learning solutions are not without cross-cultural challenges. In order to adequately utilize these resources, it is imperative that developers and organizations understand how to address differences in norms, preferences and values of culturally diverse individuals when designing WBI.

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