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The labor market

Xem 1-20 trên 168 kết quả The labor market
  • The impact of the public expenditure cuts policy on the labor market in Vietnam. The purp ose of this study is to evaluate the imp act of public exp enditure cuts on employ ment and income to supp ort policies for the develop ment of the labor mar- ket. Imp act evaluation is of interest for policy makers as well as researchers.

    pdf25p tranminhluanluan 28-05-2018 7 1   Download

  • CHOICE IN HIGHER EDUCATION: COLLEGE MAJORS. FINANCIAL AID. AND TRANSITION TO THE LABOR MARKET The argument above, supported by the theoretical model developed in the next section, predicts that ∂ 0 ∂ c θ for moderate values of δ but that ∂ = 0 ∂ c θ when δ is zero or large (i.e. when parents care only about effectiveness or only about peer group).

    pdf124p mualan_mualan 25-02-2013 34 5   Download

  • (bq) part 2 book "contemporary labor economics" has contents: mobility, migration, and efficiency; the economic impact of unions; the economic impact of unions bargaining; labor market discrimination; government and the labor market - legislation and regulation; the distribution of personal earnings,...and other contents.

    pdf359p bautroibinhyen22 22-03-2017 24 2   Download

  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Modern labor economics - Theory and public policy" hass contents: The labor market effects of international trade and production sharing, gender, race, and ethnicity in the labor market, inequality in earnings, unions and the labor market,...and other contents.

    pdf337p bautroibinhyen22 22-03-2017 19 2   Download

  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Modern labor economics - Theory and public policy" hass contents: Introduction, overview of the labor market, the demand for labor, labor demand elasticities, frictions in the labor market, supply of labor to the economy - the decision to work,...and other contents.

    pdf345p bautroibinhyen22 22-03-2017 21 1   Download

  • The results indicate that it is possible to objectvely obtain the student’s competency level discriminatng among diferent social competencies, as well as among diferent students in the same team. The applicaton of this tool fosters the development of specifc educatve actons to help the students with low competency profle, to reach acceptable levels for a successful inserton in the labor market.

    pdf10p guestgreat 06-05-2019 0 0   Download

  • (bq) part 1 book "macroeconomics" has contents: the science of macroeconomics; the science of macroeconomics, the open economy; unemployment and the labor market; economic growth i - capital accumulation and population growth,... and other contents.

    pdf317p bautroibinhyen30 15-06-2017 23 8   Download

  • The Incentive Effects of Social Policies on Education and Labor Markets Several specification tests and alternative data sets fail to reveal important biases in the basic models. Several specification tests and alternative data sets fail to reveal important biases in the basic models.

    pdf102p mualan_mualan 25-02-2013 38 5   Download

  • (bq) part 1 book "essentials of economics" has contents: the challenge of economics, supply and demand, consumer demand, supply decisions, competition, monopoly, the labor market, the u.s. economy.

    pdf247p bautroibinhyen23 02-04-2017 31 2   Download

  • (bq) part 1 book "macroeconomics" has contents: a tour of the world, a tour of the book, the goods market, financial markets i, the labor market; the phillips curve, the natural rate of unemployment, and inflation, the facts of growth, saving, capital accumulation, and output.

    pdf264p bautroibinhyen23 02-04-2017 14 2   Download

  • (bq) part 2 book "economic the basic" has contents: fiscal policy, monetary policy, the financial markets, international trade, technological change, economics of the labor market, the distribution of income, the distribution of income, economics of energy, the environment, and global climate change.

    pdf194p bautroibinhyen27 11-05-2017 14 2   Download

  • (bq) part 2 book "microeconomics" has contents: perfect competition, monopoly and monopolistic competition, oligopoly and antitrust policy, work and the labor market, thinking like a modern economist; microeconomic policy, economic reasoning, and beyond,...and other contents.

    pdf315p bautroibinhyen22 22-03-2017 7 1   Download

  • Chapter 6 - Recruiting and selecting applicants. This chapter presents the following content: The labor market, determining labor needs, legal aspects of recruiting and selection, recruiting, selecting the right person.

    ppt28p trueorfalse8 07-09-2017 8 1   Download

  • Since 1986, with the open door policy, Vietnam has been integrating successfully into the world community and at the same time into the world market. Due to economic, political and social changes, there are definitely new and growing linguistic needs and demands.

    doc34p quang101070 24-12-2009 242 112   Download

  • The objective of the dissertation: On the basis of the systematization of theoretical and empirical issues on labor markets, the dissertation focuses on analyses and assessments of changes in the labor market of the Mekong Delta region. From then, the dissertation proposes a number of solutions to the development of the labor market of the Mekong Delta region in the upcoming time.

    pdf27p nguyenthiminh32 12-07-2014 40 7   Download

  • Scholarly debates over immigration policy are conducted mainly in terms of the effect of that policy on labor markets and economic measures of pro- ductivity. Of principal concern is the fit between the labor-market needs of a given nation and the composition of people immigrating to that country. Debates over the displacement of indigenous workers are equally prevalent. While the economic and labor-force implications of immigration and immi- gration policy are important, they are not the...

    pdf305p layon_5 29-03-2013 24 5   Download

  • (bq) part 2 book "labor economics" has contents: the wage structure, labor mobility, labor market discrimination, labor unions, incentive pay, unemployment.

    pdf290p bautroibinhyen27 11-05-2017 17 3   Download

  • Chapter 17 - Work and the labor market. In this chapter you will learn: Explain how the supply of labor is determined, explain how the demand for labor is determined, explain how wages are determined by both the supply and demand for labor in combination with social forces, contrast four types of discrimination that occur in labor markets.

    ppt17p whocare_b 06-09-2016 9 1   Download

  • Chapter 8 "The labor market", after reading this chapter, you should be able to: Cite the forces that influence the supply of labor, explain why the labor demand curve slopes downward, describe how the equilibrium wage and employment level are determined, depict how a legal minimum wage alters market outcomes, explain why wages are so unequal.

    ppt26p hihihaha4 16-12-2016 23 1   Download

  • What are the prospects and challenges for CLMV countries? It is important to note here that in this paper, we focus only on a theoretical (not empirical) analysis of the integrated labor market in ASEAN and prospects as well as challenges for CLMV countries. Thus, the paper just provides theoretically analytical information and outcomes of the proposed research.

    pdf9p thithi300610 09-03-2018 13 1   Download


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