The lasting legacy

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  • My collaborating authors and I have, from the very beginning of this project, struggled with the question of who is our audience and who might benefit from the lessons that one can glean from such a story of one company.

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  • The story of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) is fundamentally a forty-year saga encompassing the creation of a new technology, the building of a company that became the number two computer company in the United States with $14 billion in sales at its peak, the decline and ultimate sale of that company to the Compaq Corporation in 1998, and the preservation in its many alumni of the values that were the essence of the culture of that company. (The company’s official name was Digital Equipment Corporation, and its logo was “D.I.G.I.T.A.L.

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  • The island of Cuba, one of the earliest discoveries of the great admiral, has been known to Europe since 1492, and has borne, successively, the names of Juana,[1] Fernandina, Santiago and Ave Maria, having found refuge at last in the aboriginal appellation. Soon after its discovery by Columbus, it was colonized by Spaniards from St. Domingo, but was considered mainly in the light of a military depôt, by the home government, in its famous operations at that period in Mexico.

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  • Public health achieved considerable health improvements in the 19th Century with for example, treatment and legislation relating to water supply, sewage disposal and safer food. In the last century this legacy was extended with improvements in nutrition, the introduction of antibiotics and the sulphonamide drugs, early childhood vaccinations, the introduction of legislation on the compulsory use of seat belt and tobacco controls and taxation etc.

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  • The economy has made considerable progress in shaking off the legacy of the 2001 economic crisis and is on a path of growth and increased trade integration, underpinned by improved macro- economic stability and structural reforms. During the last five years real GDP growth has been impressive, with an annual average growth rate of 6.9%; inflation fell from an average of 77.

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  • In the unrelenting drive for bandwidth, communications service providers across the globe increasingly rely on ADC to eliminate the bottlenecks in the delivery of high-speed, highquality video, data and voice services to consumers and businesses — in the home, in the office and on the go. With an industry-leading portfolio of network infrastructure solutions and services, ADC is supporting our customers as they continue to invest heavily in the migration to next generation networks.

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