The little prince

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  • Một cách tình cờ, tôi tìm được trong thư viện địa phương bản dịch tiếng Anh - The Little Prince từ nguyên văn tiếng Pháp*. Tôi sung sướng như tìm gặp lại người thân yêu nơi chốn quê người.

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  • They were immigrants, immigrating. She’d seen them departing from Mexico City after a bus from Morelia, or air transfers from Quito or Guatemala City. She’d seen them in Managua and Port-au-Prince, Caracas and Bogotá. Everywhere in the world she’d gone, she’d seen them. Now she is one of them. Now this is her, curbside at the airport in Frankfurtam-Main. Behind her is a pile of eight oversized mismatched suitcases. She’d seen such gigantic suitcases before in her life, and had thought, Who in their right mind would ever buy such unmanageable... The Expats by Chris...

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  • The following brief memoirs of a beautiful, engaging, and, in many respects, highly gifted woman require little in the way of introduction. While we may trace same little negative disingenuousness in the writer, in regard to a due admission of her own failings, sufficient of uncoloured matter of fact remains to show the exposed situation of an unprotected beauty--or, what is worse, of a female of great personal and natural attraction, exposed to the gaze of libertine rank and fashion, under the mere nominal guardianship of a neglectful and profligate husband.

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  • Earl de Montford sat in a plainly furnished room in his stately mansion. Gorgeously decorated as were the other apartments of his princely residence, this apartment, with its plain business-look--its hard benches for such of the tenantry as came to him or his agent on business--its walls garnished with abstracts of the Game and Poor Law Enactments--its worn old chairs and heavy oak presses, the open doors of some of which disclosed bundles of old papers, parchments, etc.

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  • This is an exciting and timely book. It describes how nurses are pioneering complementary therapies within the medical system to give comfort and healing to their patients. It is 40 years since I graduated from general nursing training at Prince Henry’s Hospital Melbourne with deep disappointment about the medical model of 1960. Perhaps my greatest concern was that nurses had insufficient opportunity and resources to give true caring to their patients.

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