The model for investment and growth

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  • The article focuses on the regional economic growth as a result of the direct foreign investment in the region and its spill-over effects on neighboring regions. The unequal distribution of foreign direct investment should in principle tends to enlarge the regional economic differences. The article, however, shows that this is not the result of the investment.

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  • This research employs a VAR model to analyze the relationship between FDI and Vietnam’s economic growth. The results suggest that FDI has a positive impact on the latter and vice versa. The research also finds that FDI stimulates export and improves the quality of human resources and technology - important prerequisites for the economic growth.

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  • By transforming the paradigm for how health develops, a life-course approach provides a strong public policy rationale for health systemtransformation. It dem- onstrates how disadvantage during childhood diminishes future prospects by re- ducing a child’s health potential, which in turn directly harms educational out- comes and future social competence and accelerates the acquisition and severity of health problems in later years. 9 This approach emphasizes investments focused on prevention, health promotion, and improving the conditions of children’s lives.

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  • We find that the process measures of the quality of the prenatal and child care processes are positively and significantly associated with child growth. Structural quality and access variables, however, are not associated with child growth. These findings suggest that investments in improving prenatal and child care process quality in existing facilities in Indonesia may be an effective way to address conditions that result in a child’s inability to reach full physical potential. This paper is organized in four sections.

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  • Capital markets are becoming global markets and commercial real estate markets are no exception. Recently, international real estate investors have expressed interest in investing in the Asian emerging markets. Three main reasons can be given for investing in such markets. First the strong economic performance in the region, at least up to 1997 and the huge growth potential of the region in the future.

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  • The causes and consequences of the Third World debt crisis have been analyzed by scholars for more than a decade. 3 Its origin lay partly in the international expansion of U.S. banking organizations during the 1950s and 1960s in conjunction with the rapid growth in the world economy, including the LDCs. For example, for more than a decade before oil prices quadrupled in 1973–74, the growth rate in the real domestic product of the LDCs av- eraged about 6 percent annually. For the remainder of the 1970s, the growth rate slowed but averaged a respectable 4 to 5 percent.

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  • These are exciting times for Indian renewable energy, and especially so for solar and wind energy. Investments in renewable energy industry in India have increased from a meager $94.58 million in 2001 to $3.7 billion in 2008, and about $7.2 billion by 2009 - at a CAGR of 72%. A significant part of these investments were in wind energy. For the past few years China has been doubling its cumulative wind energy installed capacity, and by end of 2009, the country had a cumulative installed capacity of 25.1 GW, from 12.1 GW for end-2008 - over 100% growth! During the...

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  • Creating economic development is connected to increasing productivity and investments in areas such as education, nutrition and health. Population momentum joined with declining fertility rates provides a unique chance to spur economic development as the work force increases and the dependency burden of society decreases. However, this requires policies that create jobs for the growing work force.

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  • In our model, an initial improvement in the prospects for having higher future productivity growth generates the following set of reactions. First, the market value of firms is driven up by the increase in the expected discounted value of profits. Because of the higher market value, new firms find their financing constraints relaxed and are able to operate with a higher initial capital investment and employment.

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  • The main focus of this book is the presentation of the “inertial” view of population growth. This view provides a rather simple model for complex population dynamics, and is achieved at the level of the single species, without invoking species interactions. An important part of our account is the maternal effect. Investment of mothers in the quality of their daughters makes the rate of reproduction of the current generation depend not only on the current environment but also on the environment experienced by the preceding generation....

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  • Real estate markets globally have been severely affected by ongoing unprecedented economic turmoil, particularly in Europe and the United States. This is expected to continue. The Australian real estate market has, in this time, emerged as a destination of choice for global real estate investors seeking a safe haven in a well-regulated and highly transparent growth-oriented market for doing business.

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  • To achieve these objectives the government formulated various strategies. The Minister for Economic Development, stated that “the government has to tackle the most serious problems of mobilizing domestic savings to finance the nation’s investment program if it is to attain the desired goals (Toganivalu, 1978). This statement indicated a need for a mechanism, which can be an intermediary in the savings and investment process.

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  • Admissions to registered nurse (RN) programs rose steadily in Canada over the last decade from 8,947 in 1999 to 14,010 in 2008-2009. This significant growth represents a multifaceted response to a strong societal demand for more nursing graduates, including government investment in additional seats, the opening of new nursing schools, and the introduction of new program models. The demand for nurses and the baccalaureate entry requirement instituted in all provinces except Quebec also stimulated applicant interest and an upgrade in the quality of applicants to nursing programs. ...

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  • This suggested that increasing the level of integration with the rest of the world would have negative impacts on industrial growth, while FDI enterprises still hold irreplaceable role.Bases on these analyses, this paper suggests some useful solutions to Vietnam’s government for industrial development strategies. Governments need good preparation in long-term, focus on improve both labor skills and academic performance, invest on technology, R&D, enhancing management capacity and attract more effective FDI projects.

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  • This study aims at investigating the impact of globalization on economic growth in the case of Vietnam. Empirical analysis is done by using time series data for the period from 1995 to 2014. The paper tested the stationary cointegration of time series data and utilized the error correction modeling technique to determine the short run relationships among economic growth, globalization, foreign direct investment, balance of trade and exchange rate variables.

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  • The study aims at indicating determinants for Thai mutual fund growth based on two disciplines. The first discipline is the exploratory of Thai mutual funds via descriptive study or fact finding which indicates Thai mutual funds structure in terms of product concentration and the competitive situation as discussed in the last section. The second discipline is econometric model namely fixed effect model testing whether management fees, administrative fees, and other determinants affect the mutual fund growth.

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  • The risks to global value chains emerge not only from the decline in international trade, but also from key suppliers facing bankruptcy, and from firms re-considering their investment strategies and retrenching to core markets. Protectionist policies could exacerbate these risks. It would increase the input costs for domestic industries and would penalise exporters twice, through higher costs and through retaliation from other countries.

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  • Zhang (2004) designed a multi-index model to determine the effect of industry, country and international factors on asset pricing. Byers and Groth (2000) defined the asset pricing process as a function utility (economic factors) and non-economic (psychic) factors. Clerc and Pfister (2001) posit that monetary policy is capable of influencing asset prices in the long run. Any change in interest rates especially unanticipated change affects growth expectations and the rates for discounting investment future cash flows.

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  • The paper presents an overview of key issues in the process of strengthening effective relationship with foreign direct investment region. Based on that, the author offers some suggestions for Vietnam to switch from growth model of volume to the growth of quality through FDI technology transfer and determine policy priorities.

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