The myths of innovation

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  • How do we know if a hot new technology will succeed or fail? Most of us, even experts, get it wrong all the time. We depend more than we realize on wishful thinking and romanticized ideas of history. In the new paperback edition of this fascinating book, a book that has appeared on MSNBC, CNBC,, and in The New York Times, bestselling author Scott Berkun pulls the best lessons from the history of innovation, including the recent software and web age, to reveal powerful and suprising truths about how ideas become successful innovations ...

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  • These days, there's hardly a mission statement that doesn't herald it, or a CEO who doesn't laud it. And yet despite all of the attention that business creativity has won over the past few years, maddeningly little is known about day-to-day innovation in the workplace. Where do breakthrough ideas come from? What kind of work environment allows them to flourish? What can leaders do to sustain the stimulants to creativity -- and break through the barriers? Teresa Amabile has been grappling with those questions for nearly 30 years.

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  • The subject of creativity in public relations is something of an enigma. Ask any client or senior manager what key skills are required by a PR practitioner and they will invariably include the ability to be creative and to add the creative dimension to their work. In the UK, public relations practitioners work in an industry with millions of pounds spent by organizations and clients to pay them to be creative and practise creativity.

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  • According to Pérez López (1993), these models regard the organisation as “a social body with specific values that must permeate its entire activity” (page 28). The different contributions made in this line of research share the organisation’s anthropological and social viewpoint as well as the different cultural properties, meanings, values and beliefs seen in organisations, which are nourished by myths, legends and stories and carry out celebrations through rituals, rites and ceremonies (Allaire and Firsirotu, 1984). As Berry el al.

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