The nature of strength

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  • We have analyzed definitions from Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary using Sager's Linguistic String Parser and again using basic UNIX text processing utilities such as grep and awk. Tiffs paper evaluates both procedures, compares their results, and discusses possible future lines of research exploiting and combining their respective strengths. Introduction As natural language systems grow more sophisticated, they need larger and more d ~ l e d lexicons.

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  • We are privileged to be living in one of the greatest eras of exploration that humankind has ever undertaken. Our current Age of Space grew out of the dark struggles of World War II when large rockets were developed as agents of mass murder. The subsequent Cold War rivalry between the United States and Soviet Union pushed rocket capabilities to the point that it became possible to send vehicles into Earth orbit and beyond (even though the stated aim was to send missiles carrying nuclear weapons over mere continental distances). The Russians put the first human into Earth orbit.

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  • The application of these four models is found in many fields of evaluation, but mostly in educational program evaluation. In order to help educational evaluators have better and deeper understandings of the four models, the paper presents the nature of the models, the characteristics of the models, as well as discusses strengths and weaknesses of each model.

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  • Our book is the collective effort of six economists with a great deal of help from their colleagues, teachers, families, and friends and, of course, the publisher (we especially thank Elizabeth Wald at Blackwell). As originally conceived, the book was to have only two authors (Quentin and Rob), but as the scope of the text expanded so did the need to bring in additional expert- ise for the chapters on non-market valuation (Vic), water (Steven), trade and biodiversity (Diane), and forestry and the global commons (Harry).

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  • How can you ensure these companies discover your products? Some catalog buyers, as well as many retail store buyers, rely on the convenience of trade shows as a one stop shopping place for their products and trade shows can be a wonderful venue not only for you to showcase your products to potential buyers but also because they offer a variety of training and networking opportunities. The Natural Products Expo series of trade shows offers both the Distributer Matching Service, mentioned above, and a Global Business Training Program free to participants at its trade shows.

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  • Air pollution does not only damage the air; it also damages environments on Earth’s surface and their inhabitants. Plants and animals are harmed by air pollution. Sometimes it is the pollutants themselves that cause damage. Other times pollutants combine and change the resources that plants and animals depend upon such as water, soil, and nutrients. The impacts of air pollution are diverse and numerous. Air pollution can have serious consequences for the health of human beings, and also severely affects natural ecosystems.

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  • Many people in the field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) share the belief that a revolution is under way. As MEMS begin to permeate more and more industrial procedures, not only engineering but society as a whole will be strongly affected. MEMS provide a new design technology that could rival, and perhaps even surpass, the societal impact of integrated circuits (ICs). Is this fact or fiction? If it is fact, then several questions must be asked.

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  • This payment pattern contrasts with the monthly payments typically associated with AFDC/TANF and food stamps, and it may provide a way to gain addi- tional insight into the nature of credit markets and consumption behavior for low-income families. Our goal in section 3.5 is to summarize succinctly what has been done, to evaluate the strengths of this work, and to identify areas where addi- tional work could be useful to either verify existing conjectures or alter what we thought was known.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'uiarine tructural designlv loads ultimate strength, fatigue and frature structural reliability,', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The type of soil strength characteristic (i.e. the variation of soil strength with soil water content) favourable to crop growth depends on both the amount and the distribution of the annual rainfall, and on the nature of the crop. The soil must have sufficient mechanical strength to provide adequate anchorage for the plant throughout its development, and to prevent the collapse of soil water and air pathways by soil overburden pressure and the weight of vehicle and animal traffic. Dense regions of high strength may limit root growth and crop...

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  • The paper addresses the problem of automatic enrichment of a thesaurus by classifying new words into its classes. The proposed classification method makes use of both the distributional data about a new word and the strength of the semantic relatedness of its target class to other likely candidate classes.

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  • Unsaturated polyester composites reinforced by glass fiber and by hybrid reinforcement glass fiber - lung fiber with cellulose microfiber (MFC) were prepared and investigated. Tensile and flexural strengths of material reached the highest value at polymer composite with 48 %w glass fiber mat and 0.3 %w MFC (208.33 MPa and 243.6 0 MPa), while the highest impact strength reached 212.48 kJ/m2 at composite containing 48 %w glass fiber but 0.5 %w MFC.

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  • The results showed that the obtained epoxidized natural rubber and epoxidized natural rubber/silica are liquid resistance which is expressed by high contact angle of water and poly(ethylene glycol) solution on the rubber surface. The bending strength of wood was improved by coating epoxidized natural rubber and epoxidized natural rubber/silica. The material with epoxy group content of 15 mol% is suitable for the protection of the wood surface.

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  • The aim of this study was to determine some mechanical properties (compression, static bending, impact bending and shear strengths) of Eastern beech wood (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) and to compare with them other beech species.

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  • Ongoing research in the development of design philosophies for earthquake resistant structures over the past few decades was initially based on the strength and elastic analysis. Later, design philosophies recognized the deformation to be an important parameter to be considered in design following nonlinear analysis. The maximum design lateral force, for a particular earthquake, acting on structures having multiple natural time periods can be obtained from inelastic response spectrum.

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  • Surface water treatment is a controversial issue. A healthy balance between possible risks, such as immediate microbiological contamination and long-term carcinogenic effects due to dsinfection byproducts, and the treatment costs is required. Another issue of concern relates to drinking water standards, whch seem unreasonably strict in some countries and practically absent in others. The price people are required to pap for their water varies with the standards.

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  • In terms of teaching and learning, there are many approaches, which have been applied in the past. However, more recently, one approach has come to the forefront as a model for success. In this chapter, we will discuss the learner-centered approach, a model of learning and teaching that gives the student the choice and flexibility to learn in a way that optimizes his/her potential strengths and interests.

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  • Hall of Fame golfer Ben Hogan once remarked that golf is 100 percent mental and 100 percent physical, and the two factions of golf cannot and should not be separated. I agree. By its very nature, golf is both physical and mental. It also has a strong emotional component that makes it the toughest and greatest game ever created. On the professional golf tours, what separates winning golfers is the strength of their mental game and emotional resiliency.

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  • Fiber composite technology is based on taking advantage of the high strength and high stiffness of fibers, which are combined with matrix materials of similar/ dissimilar natures in various ways, creating inevitable interfaces. In fiber composites, both the fiber and the matrix retain their original physical and chemical identities, yet together they produce a combination of mechanical properties that cannot be achieved with either of the constituents acting alone, due to the presence of an interface between these two constituents.

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