The old guard

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  • The tales here told are written, not to glorify war, but to nourish patriotism. They represent an effort to renew in popular memory the great traditions of the Imperial race to which we belong. The history of the Empire of which we are subjects--the story of the struggles and sufferings by which it has been built up--is the best legacy which the past has bequeathed to us. But it is a treasure strangely neglected. The State makes primary education its anxious care, yet it does not make its own history a vital part of that education. There is real danger that for the average youth...

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  • Yes, when a man grows old he has heard so much that is strange there's little more can surprise him. They say the king in Mittagard has a beast of gold before his high seat, which stands up and roars. I have it from Filif Eriksson, who served in the guard down there, and he is a steady fellow when not drunk. He has also seen the Greek fire used, it burns on water. So, priest, I am not unwilling to believe what you say about the White Christ—I have been in England and France myself, and seen how the folk prosper. He must be a very powerful...

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  • when his two older brothers, fred and leopold, enlisted in the army during the boer war (1899-1902), the thrill-packed letters home were too much to resist, and one night fourteen-year-old victor ran away from home and joined the life guards. he never fought, however, as his father promptly secured his release from military service. while in the guards, victor first learned to use his fists to protect himself, developing an interest in boxing, and becoming the regimental champion.

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  • IT WAS ORLEY Mattup's killing of the old lab technician that really made us hate him. Mattup was a guard at the reactor installation at Bayless, Kentucky, where my friend Danny Hern and I were part of the staff when the Outsiders took everything over. In what god-forsaken mountain hole they had found Mattup, and how they got him to sell out to them, I don't know. He was an authentic human, though. You can tell an Outsider. Mattup and Danny and I were playing high-low-jack the night Uncle Pete was killed, sitting on the widewalk where Mattup had a...

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  • Adam Slade crushed the guard's skull with a two foot length of iron pipe. No one ever knew where Slade got the iron pipe, but it did not seem so important. The guard was dead. That was important. And Slade was on the loose. With a hostage. That was even more important. The hostage's name was Marcia Lawrence. She was twenty-two years old and pretty and scared half out of her wits. She

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