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  • When order of the filter increases hardware resource optimization becomes the real challenge. Distributed arithmetic (DA) architecture is comparatively more competitive to any of the other architectures in gate efficiency and operating speed.

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  • The objective of this study was to determine the head losses in several type metal body disc filters manufactured by domestic companies. In order to meet the objective, three different filter designs (L, LT and Y type), each at four different inlet and outlet pipe diameters, were used to measure the head losses at different flow rates in the laboratory.

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  • The computational lexicalization of a grammar is the optimization of the links between lexicalized rules and lexical items in order to improve the quality of the bottom-up filtering during parsing. This problem is N P - c o m p l e t e and untractable on large grammars. An approximation algorithm is presented. The quality of the suboptimal solution is evaluated on real-world grammars as well as on randomly generated ones.

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  • In order to narrow down the scope of target nodes sometimes using it, multiple keywords can be efficiently executed. In order to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method, we conducted an experiment by simulation and we will also describe the results.

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  • ADS Tutorial #4 Filter Design Oklahoma State University Part I Synthesis Filters with Lumped Circuit Elements From the top menu click “tool”, and then select “E-Syn” to start it. Click on the “Select Type” button on the top right corner, a menu will pop up and we can select the type of filters. Suppose we need to synthesis 3rd order Chebyshev LPF, and then we can fill the parameter table. Next we click the button for synthesis, and a small window will pop up. Click on the “synthesis” button on the lower left corner, two designs are available, one is CLC circuit...

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  • Using ROM decomposition method of DA architecture we can reduce ROM size, however complexity of system design still exists. Hence to study DA architecture in FIR filter design a lower order filter is designed. Decrease in the order of the filter affects the frequency response of the filter, but it is time being neglected.

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  • For this given specification 10 KHz of sampling frequency is chosen. Equiripple filter design method is opted. Equiripple method provides same tolerance as that of Kaiser Window with less number of filter orders. Filter is designed using ‘fdatool’ of the MATALAB software.

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  • Designed filter is excited with impulse signal. The first sample is assigned a value of one (impulse signal) and all other inputs from sample1 to sample7 are made zero. When ‘en’ signal is enabled filter starts the processing of accumulation of partial products. After N clock cycles, where N is the order of the filter

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  • For the implementation of band pass filter as per the specification implementation of 161 order is necessary. Implementation of such a higher order using simple DA architecture requires ROM size of 2161 which is very large and practically not feasible to implement on FPGA. Even though it is possible to reduce the size of the ROM by utilizing symmetrical property of coefficients

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  • ROM size of the present design is still very large. Hence a 7th order with 8 coefficients having 28=256 look up table values is implemented. Coefficients designed by the ‘fdatool’ of the MATLAB are:-0.027, -0.013, 0.004, 0.012, 0.012, 0.004, -0.013 and -0.027.

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  • The first objective of Kalman filtering With a radar tracking implementation is to give deep enough insight into the mathematics of the Kalman filter algorithm to be able to choose the correct type of algorithm and to set all the parameters correctly in a basic application. This description also includes several examples of different approaches to derive and to explain the Kalman filter algorithm.

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  • Distributed Arithmetic (DA) architecture yields better area, power and speed trade off balance. [1]. A 7th order band pass filter is designed, simulated and synthesized. Modified DA architecture for the implementation of higher order filter is also discussed.

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  • The discussion about the manned spacecraft program was initiated at NASA in 1959. Only one year later, Dr. Kalman and Dr. Schmidt linked the linear Kalman filter and the perturbation theory in order to obtain the Kalman-Schmidt filter, currently known as the extended Kalman filter. This approach would be implemented in 1961 using an IBM 704 computer (running at approximately 4000 operations per second) for simulation purposes, and subsequently, in July 1969, for making the descent of the Apollo 11 lunar module to the Moon possible....

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  • The magnitude and phase response of the designed filter is shown in Figure (1). The figure shows both reference filter response and response of the filter after coefficients have been quantized to fixed point representation. Order of the filter comes out to be 161 i.e. total 162 coefficients. Design of such a higher order filter is difficult task

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  • This paper proposes a control system connecting for the grid-connected PV (Photovoltaic) system. The control structure includes two alternating flyback converters, a control unit for connecting PV system to the grid, filter circuits at input and output of the converters. The output voltages of two flyback converters having half sinusoidal wave are is converted to completely sinusoidal wave by unfolding converter with the grid synchronization. This control system monitors the load demand and generated power capacity of PV in order to regulate power getting from the grid.

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  • Active Low-Pass Filter Design focuses on active low pass filter design using operational amplifiers. Low pass filters are commonly used to implement antialias filters in data acquisition systems. Design of second order filters is the main topic of consideration.

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  • There is reason to expect strong genetic influences on the risk of developing active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) among latently infected individuals. Many of the genome wide linkage and association studies (GWAS) to date have been conducted on African populations. In order to identify additional targets in genetically dissimilar populations, and to enhance our understanding of this disease, we performed a multi-stage GWAS in a Southeast Asian cohort from Indonesia. Methods: In stage 1, we used the Affymetrix 100 K SNP GeneChip marker set to genotype 259 Indonesian samples.

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  • The filter compensates influences of the network to acquire accurate estimate of the system state and consequently ensures the convergence of the control laws. The optimality of the filter in term of minimizing the mean square error is theoretically proven. Many simulations and experiments have been conducted. The result confirmed the validity of the proposed approach.

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  • This article has presented an adaptive fuzzy controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor. The rotor speed estimation based on reduced-order extended kalman filter (reduced-order EKF). The sensor less algorithm controls have implemented by very high speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL). The simulation work is performed by MATLAB/Simulink and ModelSim co-simulation mode. The simulation results shown that the motor’s speed has good dynamic performance and isn’t sensitive to the parameter variations.

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  • This paper introduces a control structure based on the classical PID controller in order to monitor the IGBT switching frequency while still guaranteeing the qualities of SAPF. There are two controlled loops needed for the system.

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