The paper crunch

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  • Approved products on their own are not always enough for successful exporting. A good knowledge of the relevant standards and the special characteristics of the market for the application must be taken into account in addition to the approved products themselves. A check list may help to clarify important questions and take them into account at the quotation stage. After a system is completed, any special requirements that were not taken into account in the engineering stage may require a high level of cost and time for their implementation....

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  • The financial markets touch all of our lives. If you didn’t believe that in years past, you surely do now after the tumultuous events of the late 2000s. The workings and integrity of those markets are vital to our increasingly global and interconnected economies. If you’ve chosen a career that involves working in the securities industry, you have a front-row seat in a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable field. George (Tres) Arnett and I met many years ago at Yale University where we both studied economics.

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  • This paper examines whether and to what extent the Vietnamese economy have been suffering and is still suffering from a credit crunch in the context of its dynamic growth.

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  • Microsoft@ Excel is a ‘number crunching’ application with the accountant as its primary target. However, it also provides the scientist or engineer with a very powerful computational tool. True, there are more sophisticated mathematical applications, such as Mathematica, MathCAD, Maple, etc., but none are as widely available as Microsoft Excel.

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  • Digital Signal Processors Until now we have assumed that all the computation necessary for DSP applications could be performed either using pencil and paper or by a generalpurpose computer. Obviously, those that can be handled by human calculation are either very simplistic or at least very low rate. It might surprise the uninitiated that general-purpose computers suffer from the same limitations.

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