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  • The Personal MBA (PMBA) is an experiment in educational entrepreneurism. This manifesto will show you how to substantially increase your knowledge of business on your own time and with little cost, all without setting foot inside a classroom. The PMBA is more fexible than a traditional MBA program, doesn’t involve going into mas- sive debt, and won’t interrupt your income stream for two years. Just set aside some dedi- cated reading time, pick up a good book, learn as much as you can, and go out and make great things happen....

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  • Graduate students enrolled in the three-year, full-time Doctor of Physical Therapy program have unique opportunities to practice specific learning objectives in a variety of clinical settings. The partnership between Alamance Regional Medical Center and Elon’s Department of Physical Therapy offers students a wealth of clinical and research opportunities. The philosophy of the DPT program emphasizes critical thinking, active learning, strong clinical experiences, and inquiry-based approaches to treatment and research.

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  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), understood here as online systems supporting interactions between and amongst learners and teachers as well as access to resources and activities, have long been held to provide a range of benefits in further and higher education. For 2008, UK Government policy is far all pupils to have access to an online learning space, for many provided through a learning platform such as a VLE.

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  • An MBA is a curious beast: it can accelerate your career, even if it has limited practical value in day-to-day management. Top employers hire top MBAs, but not because MBAs have mastered the mysteries of management. An MBA is a hallmark of personal commitment, effort, and ambition which employers value more than the actual content of the MBA course.

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  • 5 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND YOU. Edward G. Cale Jr. Amazing though it may seem, the personal computer has only been around for about 20 years. Before 1980 the world of computing belonged to highly trained technical people who worked their wizardry wearing white coats in hermetically sealed rooms. Today kindergarten students use personal computers to learn the alphabet, grade school students use the Internet to research term papers, and on-the-go executives are always in touch with their beepers, Webenabled cell phones, cellular personal digital assistants (PDAs), and laptop computers. ...

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  • CHAPTER 3 Principles of Rational Behavior at Work in Society and Business We are not ready to suspect any person of being defective in selfishness. With this chapter we begin a detailed examination of key issues in microeconomics, namely the study of how prices are determined in individual markets.

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  • 16 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND THE FIRM. Theodore Grossman. INTRODUCTION. The personal use of information technology was discussed in an earlier chapter. This chapter will discuss the firm’s use of information technology. Of all the chapters in this book, the two dealing with information technology will have the shortest half-life. Because of the constant f low of new technology, what is written about today will have changed somewhat by tomorrow.

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  • (IB) sector and the general sector, denoted “f,” for financial, and “g,” respec- tively. Assume that, subject to expending some search effort, anyMBA can find employment in either of these two sectors immediately after graduation. Then, as the person graduates, he compares the expected utility streams from each of these sectors over the course of his future career. Let uf (w0 f ) be the expected utility, as of career year 0 (that is, upon graduation), of a career that starts in the IB sector. The function captures the person’s disutility of effort in investment banking.

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  • The modules ‘Psychology of Change Projects’ and portions of the modules ‘Project Management’, ‘Communication Management…’ and ‘Silicon Valley…’ constitute the communications and leadership view on change. Coordinated by experienced executives, students get in touch with tools and concepts for business case planning, project management, and financial aspects of change projects. Less theoretical, but valuable personal experience can be gained in a one-week outdoor module that takes place in the mountains.

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  • The module ‘Silicon Valley – A Change Ecosystem’ focuses on the infrastructure and cultural view on change. Switzerland and Germany may not be the best places to study rapid and radical business transforma- tions. Although considerable attention is paid to organizational and personal agility also in Europe, the most comprehensive ‘ecosystem’ for IT-enabled change is Silicon Valley. This was true in the peak of the bubble economy and is still true in times of sharp economic downturn.

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  • The rest of the paper proceeds as follows. The next section lays out the theoret- ical background for why initial placement might have long-term implications. Section II describes the data and Section III analyzes how initial MBA place- ment is affected by stock returns. Section IV documents a causal effect of initial MBAplacement onWall Street on the likelihood ofworking there as the person’s career develops.

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  • The modules ‘IT as an Enabler…’, ‘Methods and Models of Business Engineering’, ‘Information Man- agement’ and ‘Business Models of the Information Age’ constitute the information systems view on change. Being potential enablers for new business models and reinvented processes, IT innovations and novel standardized software packages as well as appropriate information systems architectures are addressed. Also more technical topics like media convergence, platforms for electronic commerce, infrastru ctures for mobile work etc. are cove red.

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  • While it is generally accepted that more education leads to an increase in wages, an extensive liter- ature attempts to quantify this effect. The difficulty lies in disentangling the effect of education on wages from the unobservable personal traits that are correlated with schooling. Because schooling is usually completed before entrance into the labor market, previous research has relied on instrumen- tal variables, such as proximity to colleges or date of birth, 1 or exclusion restrictions in a structural model to identify the effect of schooling on wages.

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  • We utilize a longitudinal survey of registrants for the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) to estimate the economic returns to an MBA. The GMAT exam, an admissions requirement for most MBA programs, is similar to the SAT for undergraduates without the competition from the ACT. The survey, sponsored by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), was administered in four waves, beginning in 1990 and ending in 1998. 14 In addition, survey responses were linked to GMAC’s registration and test data, which includes personal background information and GMAT scores.

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  • Institutions will want to know that you have not only fulfilled all these conditions, but have excelled in them. Your personal characteristics are important, and an academic reference and several essays may also be asked for. Their assessment of your potential will be thorough and rigorous. You will almost certainly be interviewed, which can sometimes be done in your own country. Once you have made your decision you need to ensure that your application gets the best consideration. Clearly indicate the details of your educational qualifications. A transcript is usually required.

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  • Usingmarket conditions at graduation as instruments for initial career choice, I show that taking a position onWall Street leads a person to bemuchmore likely to work onWall Street later in his or her career. I then estimate how shocks that lead people to either start their careers on Wall Street or elsewhere affect the discounted long-term financial value of their compensation. I estimate that a person who graduates in a bullmarket and goes to work in investment banking upon graduation earns an additional $1.

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  • We begin with the simplifying assumption that the individual has only one opportunity to enter business school at period t = k. 23 We further focus attention on full-time students. At t = k−1, an individual chooses whether or not to enter business school in the next period k. There is a cost to attending business school, ci + ηik, which is assumed to be observed by the individual at the time of the decision. The first term, ci, denotes the individual-specific costs that can be measured by the econometrician (i.e.

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  • Amat (1992) also differentiates two control perspectives. In the first place, a limited perspective of the control concept, which can be understood as analysis a posteriori and in monetary terms of the effectiveness of the management by the different person in charge of the company, in relation to the results that were expected to be obtained or to the predetermined objectives. In this perspective, control is developed rationally and isolated from its context (people, culture, environment), and it is ensured by comparing the results obtained with those expected.

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  • I gratefully acknowledge the support and contributions of people who have in some way helped me write this book. To begin with, my parents, Gene and Dee Donnelly, inspired me to become a veterinarian, and I decided early on to follow that career path in my father’s footsteps. My parents instilled in me a passion for client service and the human-pet bond; they taught me perseverance and gave me a great many opportunities that have helped me succeed in life.

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  • The Master of Business Administration will enhance student analytical skills related to management, people, markets, finance, and technical knowledge. Graduates will be able to solve complex organisational problems and be able to manage change through the mastery of particular skills related to creativity, information literacy, and self-reflection. The program focuses on how to demonstrate leadership in global sustainability and how to understand the nature of ethical decisions across contemporary business practice.

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