The reformation in germany

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  • "Whatever the prejudices of some may suggest, it will be admitted by all unbiassed judges, that the Protestant Reformation was neither more nor less than an open rebellion. Indeed, the mere mention of private judgment, on which it was avowedly based, is enough to substantiate this fact.

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  • On the banks of the river Saal, in Merseburg, forming part of Saxony, at the time of which we speak, governed by the aged and excellent Elector Frederick, stood the Castle of Lindburg. It was one of those feudal piles of the Middle Ages, impregnable to the engines of ancient warfare, but which were destined to crumble before the iron shots with which cannon assailed them, as the system they represented was compelled to succumb to the light of that truth which the Gospel was then diffusing over the greater part of Europe. Ulrich, Count von Lindburg, or the Knight of Lindburg, as he was...

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  • An important contribution to the debates surrounding the evolution of the European welfare state model, this volume investigates the role that “ideational leadership” has played in the passing of structural reforms in the change-resistant German welfare state. Based on in-depth case studies of individual reforms in health care, pensions, and unemployment insurance since the early 1990s, Stiller illuminates the ways in which Germany has made the transition from its Bismarckian past to a hybrid welfare state....

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  • The structure of health systems and PHI roles influence differences in access to health care by insurance status. In OECD countries with no observed waiting times for elective surgery – such as the United States, France, Switzerland, Japan, Belgium and Germany – all insured individuals enjoy timely access to care irrespective of whether their main form of coverage is public or private health insurance.

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  • Efforts to master the crisis have fallen short so far. Measures have been primarily implemented at a national level, if they have been implemented at all. As in many other countries, the bank rescue package in Germany has only been partially successful. The package’s provisions for the sale of toxic assets have hardly been taken advantage of to date.

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  • Route.--Rhodolph's Election as Emperor of Germany.--The Bishop's Warning.--Dissatisfaction at the Result of the Election.--Advantages Accruing from the Possession of an Interesting Family.--Conquest.--Ottocar Acknowledges the Emperor; yet breaks his Oath of Allegiance.--Gathering Clouds.--Wonderful Escape.--Victory of Rhodolph.--His Reforms. In the small canton of Aargau, in Switzerland, on a rocky bluff of the Wulpelsberg, there still remains an old baronial castle, called Hapsburg, or Hawk's Castle.

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  • The fiscal reforms that are proposed for Germany in 2007 may have significant economic effects so it is important to estimate the size of these impacts. Our analysis suggests that GDP will be 0.1 per cent lower in Germany in 2007 as a result of the reforms, with similar impacts in 2008 and 2009. The reforms will have a small but positive impact on GDP in 2006 (0.2 per cent) as a result of bringing forward of consumption in expectation of the VAT increase.

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  • Compared to Germany, the gross income of Italian banks is relatively large, but so are their operating costs (Figure 3). In both countries, the two time series show a negative trend, but in Italy the decrease in costs more than compensates the decrease in gross in- come. The negative trend in Italy’s gross income is driven by its shrinking interest income (Fig- ure 4), a trend also observed in many other European countries. However, this effect was countered by a marked increase in non-interest income.

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