The sport of chance

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  • When this romance touches history the author believes that it is, in every respect, with one possible exception, in accord with the accepted facts. In detailing the history of "the '45'" and the sufferings of the misguided gentlemen who flung away the scabbard out of loyalty to a worthless cause, care has been taken to make the story agree with history.

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  • Tài liệu 15 Sports Stories includes about: The fighter, The race, That boy next door, A deserving substitute, The worth of a skill, Think to win, Sportsman spirit, The new girl in the team, Race the clock, Mind games, Second chance, The goal not scored, Playing for ride.

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  • “Scyoose m’ sar! A roond a gowf us s’posta tek thuree oohers! Nay sex!” If I understand the shouting of this incensed Scottish fellow correctly— and there’s always the outside chance I’ve completely mistaken his livid burr for an enthusiastically warm welcome—what he means to tell me is that a proper game of golf here in the land where the sport began is supposed to take only three hours to play. Not four. Not five. And for the love of Old Tom Morris, certainly not six!

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  • The confluence of two seemingly unconnected and important aspects of collegiate culture combine to create an interesting phenomenon: the distribution of financial aid for athletic ability by a huge majority of America’s colleges. Soon after athletic competitions between schools began, it became clear that the student bodies of the schools took the contests quite seriously and they preferred winning as opposed to losing, no matter how much sportsmanship the athletes on the fields of competition exhibited.

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  • Management consultant by day, major–league-baseball writer by night, I didn’t see the connection between my two jobs. Then came the day I witnessed a remarkably self-destructive client insist on a foolish decision—and in the evening watched the worst manager of post–World War II baseball destroy his team’s slender chances for the season with a boneheaded move hauntingly identical to my client’s.

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  • Everything of interest that has happened to me in life chances to have been in connection with South Africa. In that land, where some of my happiest days have been spent, I have also experienced long periods of intense excitement and anxiety; there I have made acquaintance with all the charm of the veldt, in the vast country north of the great Zambesi River, hearing the roar of the lions at night, and following their "spoor" by day; and last, but not least, I have there made some very good friends. ...

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  • on the bandwagon - to do or join something because many others are doing it Everybody in our company is on the bandwagon to eliminate smoking in the workplace. on the beam - to be doing well, to be just right or correct What the politician said about the tax problem was right on the beam. on the bench - to be sitting/waiting for a chance to play in a sports game The new player was forced to sit on the bench for most of his first season. on the bench - to be directing a session of court (usually a judge) The new judge was on...

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