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  • This paper discusses the approach followed for three academic years 2014-2017 on a batch of 180 students per year. Training sessions, evaluation rubrics, usage of project management tools, mapping performance of the students with the outcomes of the course and program, feedback from the stakeholders like companies and students themselves gives a clear view of improvement of the performance of the students during the Final Year Project course in three years.

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  • A clear requirement in achieving this success was establishing the fully integrated management structure and leadership for the various elements of the program. That task obviously received major attention from NASA’s top leadership, with strong emphasis on management clearly enunciated by Administrator James Webb.

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  • The matrices that follow are designed as guidelines to assist readers in setting their own bench- mark requirements for SIEM system testing. While this is a benchmark checklist, readers must remember that benchmarking, itself, is governed by variables specific to each organization. For a real-life example, consider an article in eSecurity Planet, in which Aurora Health in Michigan estimated that they produced 5,000–10,000 EPS, depending upon the time of day. 4 We assume that means during the normal ebb and flow of network traffic.

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  • Most software is built in organizations for people with specific needs. A stakeholder is a anyone who has an interest (or stake) in the software being completed A user is someone who will need to use the software to perform tasks. Sometimes stakeholders will be users; but often the stakeholder will not use the software. For example, a senior manager (like a CEO - chief executive officer or CTO - Chief technology officer in a company) will usually have a stake in the software that is built (since it affects the bottom line), even if she won’t ever use it....

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  • We show that the group of firms with a strong sustainability culture is significantly more likely to assign responsibility to the board of directors for sustainability and to form a separate board committee for sustainability. Moreover, High Sustainability companies are more likely to make executive compensation a function of environmental, social, and external perception (e.g., customer satisfaction) metrics.

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  • The traditional way to build software, used by companies big and small, is commonly known as “The Waterfall”. There are many variants, but it typically begins with a detailed planning phase, where the end product is carefully thought through, designed, and documented in great detail. The tasks necessary to execute the design are determined, and the work is planned using tools like Gantt charts and programs like Microsoft Project. The team arrives at an estimate of how long the project will take by adding up detailed estimates of the individual steps involved.

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  • The present study was conducted at Cooch Behar district of West Bengal, India. Total hundred respondents were randomly selected for the study that is comprised of farmers, input dealers, NGO staff, Bank employees, KVK staff, farmer's club members, SAU, panchayat members, private companies and state extension professionals etc.The personal interview method is followed to collect the information from each and every women stakeholder of the women led agricultural innovation system in the study area.Actor oriented tools like Actor Linkage Map and Actor linkage Matrix were used in this study.

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