The synthesis gap

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  • A primary purpose in creating this 3rd Edition is the addition of a stair design component. Over many years as a design studio teacher and critic, I have been regularly reminded of the significant difficulty that many students have in learning to design and draw stairs correctly. From a design perspective, stairs are among the more complex elements within buildings, particularly when there are multiple levels to be accommodated and/or complex building configurations to be considered.

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  • QDs play an important role mainly in the imaging and as highly fluorescent probes for biological sensing that have better sensitivity, longer stability, good biocompatibility, and minimum invasiveness. The fluorescent properties of QDs arise from the fact, that their excitation states/band gaps are spatially confined, which results in physical and optical properties intermediate between compounds and single molecules. Depending on chemical composition and the size of the core which determines the quantum confinement, the emission peak can vary from UV to NIR wavelengths (400–1350 nm).

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  • Mùa Xuân đang đến với chúng ta theo quy luật tuần hoàn của tạo hóa: Xuân - Hạ - Thu - Đông. Sự sống của chúng ta cũng nằm trong vòng tuần hoàn: Sinh, Lão, Bệnh, Tử. Trong các ngành khoa học, bộ môn sinh học thường được biết có những quy luật từ thiên nhiên.

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  • Mùa Xuân đang đến với chúng ta theo quy luật tuần hoàn của tạo hóa: Xuân - Hạ - Thu - Đông. Sự sống của chúng ta cũng nằm trong vòng tuần hoàn: Sinh, Lão, Bệnh, Tử. Trong các ngành khoa học, bộ môn sinh học thường được biết có những quy luật từ thiên nhiên.

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  • The Executive Director of the Agency reports to the Board and is responsible for hiring and supervising a staff of legal and medical professionals who perform research and make recommendations to the members of the Board on issues of licensure, discipline and policy. In addition, the Executive Director is responsible for all management functions, budget and contract issues, and public information activities of the Agency. The Executive Director oversees senior staff members who, in turn, manage the various areas of the Agency. ...

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  • An international panel of experts in areas of relevance to obesity provided guidance for the study. This synthesis research encompassed a comprehensive search of medical/academic and grey literature and the Internet covering the years 1982–2003. The appraisal approach developed to identify best practice was unique, in that it considered not only methodological rigour, but also population health, immigrant health and programme development/evaluation perspectives in the assessment.

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  • TiO2 nanowires doped with different amounts of Ni2+ ions (from 0 to 18 mol%) were synthesized by hydrothermal technique. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman spectroscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), and diffuse reflection spectroscopy. The XRD analysis showed that the doped samples exhibit anatase single phase. The lattice parameters remain unchanged, independent on Ni2+ content.

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  • This book, as the synopsis says, contains over 700 verbs with over 1000 meanings. But I think this a weakness rather than a strength. Firstly, the phrasal verbs are grouped 16 to a page with one exercise per verb. The exercise is either a gap-fill, a multiple-choice or matching two parts of a dialogue. In itself this is not exactly imaginative, but the important fact is that it is impossible for a person learning English to assimmilate – much less activate – phrasal verbs in this way.

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  • Direct DNA-Interactive Agents DNA replication occurs during the synthesis or S-phase of the cell cycle, with chromosome segregation of the replicated DNA occurring in the M, or mitosis, phase. The G1 and G2 "gap phases" precede S and M, respectively. Historically, chemotherapeutic agents have been divided into "phase-nonspecific" agents, which can act in any phase of the cell cycle, and "phase-specific" agents, which require the cell to be at a particular cell cycle phase to cause greatest effect.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Minireview cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Closing gaps in the human genome using sequencing by synthesis...

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  • The 26th report of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution on the urban environment13, proposes an environmental contract between central and local government, which would be a high level agreement to promote environmental action at the local level. On the ground, this would mean a local authority developing a strategy containing a small number of mandatory elements, but would also encourage the authority to design a programme to tackle a variety of environmental activities across sectors with the aim of stimulating improvement and innovation.

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  • Cross-border claims for personal injuries are becoming more common. Furthermore, European nationals increasingly join class actions in the USA. These tendencies have created a need to know more about the law of damages in Europe and America. Despite the growing importance of this subject, there is a dearth of material available to practitioners to assist them in advising their clients as to the heads of damage recoverable in other countries. This book aims to fill that gap by looking at the law in England, Germany and Italy.

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