The target language characteristics

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  • Trong bài báo này, chúng tôi đề xuất một mô hình tổ hợp sử dụng đặc tính ngôn ngữ đích để rút trích cụm danh từ song ngữ qua phương pháp chiếu trên kết quả đối sánh từ bằng phương pháp thống kê. Đặc tính ngôn ngữ đích được sử dụng trong mô hình này là phân đoạn từ, trật tự từ và phân lớp từ.

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  • When consumers buy products like for instance food products, they make choices by comparing price and quality among alternatives|e.g. a standard product and an animal-welfare oriented variant. The choice between product variants is influenced by the available information channels and the related uncertainty of information concerning di erent quality characteristics.

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  • We develop a general feature space for automatic classification of verbs into lexical semantic classes. Previous work was limited in scope by the need for manual selection of discriminating features, through a linguistic analysis of the target verb classes (Merlo and Stevenson, 2001). We instead analyze the classification structure at a higher level, using the possible defining characteristics of classes as the basis for our feature space.

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  • Statistics alone do not tell us why mortality or coverage rates are rising or falling, nor suggest which policy responses are appropriate. Chapters 2-7 of this report look beyond the target-by-target information and attempt to identify trends, successes, and failures which are currently affecting the health sector as a whole. Some of the challenges are fundamental, and characteristic of poverty and lack of development in general, although many are specific to health.

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  • The noisy channel model approach is successfully applied to various natural language processing tasks. Currently the main research focus of this approach is adaptation methods, how to capture characteristics of words and expressions in a target domain given example sentences in that domain. As a solution we describe a method enlarging the vocabulary of a language model to an almost infinite size and capturing their context information.

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