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  • This publication represents research and analysis compiled, edited, and written by the author. In that effort, the following information may be helpful to the user for better understanding of this dictionary.

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  • When asked where landscape architects work, many people might point out their back door to the garden. It would be more accurate, however, to look out the front door. The landscape is anywhere and everywhere outdoors, and landscape architects are shaping the face of the Earth across cities, towns and countryside alike. Landscape architecture involves shaping and managing the physical world and the natural systems that we inhabit. Landscape architects do design gardens, but what is critical is that the garden, or any other outdoor space, is seen in context.

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  • This paper presents an adaptive learning framework for Phonetic Similarity Modeling (PSM) that supports the automatic construction of transliteration lexicons. The learning algorithm starts with minimum prior knowledge about machine transliteration, and acquires knowledge iteratively from the Web. We study the active learning and the unsupervised learning strategies that minimize human supervision in terms of data labeling. The learning process refines the PSM and constructs a transliteration lexicon at the same time. ...

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  • After completing chapter 3, students will be able to: When is it appropriate to recognize revenue before or after the point of sale? Revenue recognition details for long-term construction contracts, agricultural commodities, and installment sales; revenue principles for franchise sales, right of return, and “bundled” software sales; how the flexibility in GAAP for income determination invites managers to manipulate or manage earnings;...

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  • This publication has been produced through the collaboration of the Trade Unit of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Integration and Regional Programs Department of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the Washington Office of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

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  • In Vietnam, the use of the term is relative graphics, by the naming of graphics terminology is based on the meaning of its use. For example, business graphics, graphics, drawing stamps, graphics, advertising, etc. ... And graphic design is really what is still a matter of controversy. Some universities still training standpoint decorative graphics are close to the painting, a number of training centers on the use of graphics software as part of the graphics and some news again the notion of the West as a graphics and media sector....

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  • The FCC uses the term cognitive to mean " adaptive" without requiring machine learning, This text coins the phrase " ideal cognitive radio ( iCR) " for a CR with autonomous machine learning, vision ( not just a camera ), and spoken or written language perception. There will be an exciting progression across aware, adaptive, and cognitive radio ( AACR ). Enjoy!

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  • Congratulations! You are about to embark on an adventure. This book is about the processes, the people, and the practices that we call construction management—a term and a profession that may be unfamiliar to many people. Construction, as most individuals understand it, is an activity or a series of activities that involves some craftspeople, building materials, tools, and equipment. But you will learn that there is a great deal more to it than that.

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  • The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering provides a compendium of more than 18,000 terms that are central to the various branches of engineering and related fields of science. The coverage in this Second Edition is focused on building construction, chemical engineering, civil engineering, control systems, design engineering, electricity and electronics, engineering acoustics, industrial engi- neering, mechanics and mechanical engineering, systems engineering, and thermodynamics.Many new entries have been added since the previous edition with others revised as necessary.

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  • Some terms, which will be repeated throughout this book, shall be defined more precisely: . . . . ‘‘Portable batteries’’ are understood to be all kinds of electrochemical energy-storing devices used in portable appliances regardless of whether they are rechargeable or not. Non-rechargeable batteries are called primary cells (batteries) or dry cells (batteries). Rechargeable batteries are called secondary batteries or accumulators. Also the terms ‘‘galvanic primary’’ and ‘‘galvanic secondary’’ cells are common. ...

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  • Accountants draw upon these understandings in presenting, re-presenting and legitimising their activities as professional. With reference to the UK accountancy profession, we observe the bodies administering the training records and examinations of prospective professionals that justify the right to the privileges of membership.

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  • Historically, a course on data structures has been a mainstay of most computer science departments. Over the last 18 years, however, the focus of this course has broadened considerably. The topic of data structures has now been subsumed under the broader topic of abstract data types (ADTs)—the study of classes of objects whose logical behavior is defined by a set of values and a set of operations.

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  • The design, construction and testing of valve-regulated lead/acid cells with grid designs optimised for high-rate partial state-of-charge cycling for hybrid electric vehicles are described. Computer modelling was used to develop the grid designs. This showed that designs with opposed tabs and terminals on the top and bottom of the cell were likely to have the best performance not only in terms of grid conductivity but also for uniformity.

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  • The information used for the extraction of terms can be considered as rather 'internal', i.e. coming from the candidate string itself. This paper presents the incorporation of 'external' information derived from the context of the candidate string. It is embedded to the C-value approach for automatic term recognition (ATR), in the form of weights constructed from statistical characteristics of the context words of the candidate string.

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  • This paper proposes a simple consumption-based explanation of both the cross-sectional variation in expected stock returns and the countercyclical vari- ation in the equity premium. I use a representative household model, in which intraperiod utility is a constant elasticity of substitution (CES) function of nondurable and durable consumption. The household’s intertemporal utility is Epstein and Zin’s (1991) recursive function, which allows for the separation of the elasticity of intertemporal substitution (EIS) from risk aversion.

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  • Job growth traditionally has been the driving engine for apartment demand in a city like Denver. Other influences assist to some extent, such as retirement housing and student housing, with the latter especially important in Boulder. The rebound from the Great Recession is helping to generate that demand, which is especially fortunate considering the number of new units that will be entering the market over the next year. Government backed financing served as the primary vehicle for apartment construction following the financial crisis in 2008.

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  • Necessity of Introducing Some Information Provided by Transformational Analysis into MT Algorithms Irena Bellert Department of English Philology, Warsaw University A few examples of ambiguous English constructions and their Polish equivalents are discussed in terms of the correlation between their respective phrase-marker representations and transformational analyses.

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  • In this type-II demo, we introduce SIDE1 (the Summarization Integrated Development Environment), an infrastructure that facilitates construction of summaries tailored to the needs of the user. It aims to address the issue that there is no such thing as the perfect summary for all purposes. Rather, the quality of a summary is subjective, task dependent, and possibly specific to a user. The SIDE framework allows users flexibility in determining what they find more useful in a summary, both in terms of structure and content. ...

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  • This paper proposes a novel approach to automating the construction of transliterated-term lexicons. A simple syllable alignment algorithm is used to construct confusion matrices for cross-language syllable-phoneme conversion. Each row in the confusion matrix consists of a set of syllables in the source language that are (correctly or erroneously) matched phonetically and statistically to a syllable in the target language.

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  • The purpose of this study is to test how equity market timing affects capital structure from the Initial Public Offering (IPO) perspective. Using Ordinary Least Square (OLS) technique to analyze a data-set of 102 Vietnamese enterprises in the construction industry for the period from 2006 to 2014, we conclude that, in the short-term, the impact of equity market timing on capital structure is relatively low. Whereas, in the long-term, the impact of equity market timing on capital structure is more obvious.

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