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  • This book has been a project spanning several years. Many have commented that the first edition was one of the best technical books they ever read. What’s made this book a reality are the many people that aided in its development. We took a big risk in developing the second edition of this book and decided to build the book on the Web. We received feedback from around the world when writing this book, and thus we have an evolving list of contributors and reviewers.

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  • A comprehensive guide to help you cut through the hype in order to select the best E-Learning tools and vendors for your specific needs. With its ability to both reduce operating costs and train more people, E-Learning is an attractive option for companies that are trying to balance business and educational goals. But in order to implement an E-Learning program, you'll have to wade through hundreds of learning management systems, learning content management systems, authoring schools, and collaboration environments to determine what solution will work best for your situation.

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  • Default installations of almost any operating system are prime targets for hackers, and Solaris is no exception.These installations are usually devoid of any vendor patches, may be running system daemons with more privilege than necessary, and are likely to use insecure protocols.This chapter is designed to get you to begin thinking about Solaris in terms of security by examining the shortcomings of the default Solaris installation, as well as the tools available for monitoring the system. Most intrusions will result in your Solaris systems displaying uncharacteristic...

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  • Chapter 7 - Business intelligence tools and vendors. This chapter presents the following content: Relationship with capabilities and solutions, customization and standardization, types of vendors, BI vendors, type basis, type classifications.

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  • The first printing of the First Edition appeared at the Las Vegas Interop in May, 1994. At that same show appeared the first of many commercial firewall products. In many ways, the field has matured since then: You can buy a decent firewall off the shelf from many vendors. The problem of deploying that firewall in a secure and useful manner remains. We have studied many Internet access arrangements in which the only secure component was the firewall itself—it was easily bypassed by attackers going after the "protected" inside machines.

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  • Arelational database management system (RDBMS) is an essential tool in many environments, from traditional uses in business, research, and educational contexts, to applications such as powering search engines on the Internet. However, despite the importance of a good database system for managing and accessing information resources, many organizations have found them to be out of reach of their financial resources. Historically, database systems have been an expensive proposition, with vendors charging healthy fees both for software and for support.

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  • Microelectromechanical systems are moving from the simple single-function devices of the past to more elaborate systems with complex structural intricacies with rich dynamic subtleties. However, despite the relatively large number of CAD for MEMS tools, products, and vendors, MEMS design today still largely consists of working at the whiteboard with colleagues and entering simplified equations into Mathcad, if not writing them by hand on the back of an envelope. Today’s CAD tools are useful for design verification, but are not often used in the early phases of design.

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  • A few years ago, I wrote a book with a colleague about open source ESBs (Enterprise Service Buses), Open Source ESBs in Action (Manning, 2008). In that book we wrote about using open source tools to integrate applications and expose legacy systems as services. In the years that followed, ESBs were seen as one of the cornerstones of developing Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs). In 2008, when people talked about SOA, especially in the enterprise world, they meant the traditional SOAP-over-HTTP-based services.

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  • The design, engineering, and production of any complex system require special skills, tools, and experience. This is especially true for the industrial base that supports the design and construction of nuclear submarines. A single shipyard, Barrow-in-Furness, designs and builds the United Kingdom’s nuclear submarines, and many of the vendors that support submarine construction, especially those associated with the nuclear steam-raising plant, are sole-source provider

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  • In the enterprise-level software development business, there are formal processes for estimating projects with multi-million dollar values. Each part of the project is divided into tasks, and each role and responsibility is identified. Each individual element of the project undergoes a detailed hourly estimation in order to create a comprehensive schedule. Major risks to the project’s success are identified in a risk assessment process. Additional labor hours are added to the price estimate to compensate for these risks by adding labor hours to the price estimate.

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  • The result of this effort is a unique and not easily categorized resource book – Communication and Natural Resource Management: experience/theory. It is not a work of theory and yet examines theoretical perspectives. It is not an account of best practises and yet provides examples of interesting and useful initiatives. It is not a training manual and yet presents exercises and learning objectives. It looks at how experience is, and can be guided by theory and how theory can be derived from understanding experience.

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  • The .NET platform is the foundation upon which the next generation of software will be built. Microsoft has invested a lot of capital in its development, and is putting its considerable weight behind its adoption as a new standard. A long list of Microsoft partners have also announced support for .NET tools and components— you can check for a current list of vendors who have .NET offerings. The .NET platform is much more than a new language, software development kit (SDK), or even an operating system.

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  • As technology evolves, it is always necessary to integrate data between different systems. The integration component is increasingly gaining importance, especially the component responsible for data quality as well as the cleaning rules applied between source and destination databases. Different vendors have their own integration tools and components, and Microsoft with its SSIS tool is recognized as one of the leaders in this field.

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  • Synthesis is the process by which you convert a design written at the register-transfer level (RTL) into a gate-level netlist. The RTL specification is written in Verilog or VHDL, using high-level constructs such as for loops and case statements. The synthesis tool transforms this RTL specification into a set of logic gates,such as AND, OR, and BUF, that are connected in a network. To specify the gates that the synthesis tool uses to build a netlist, you need to choose a technology from a specific vendor.

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  • The benefits of software defined radios (SDR) are identified in many chapters of this book. SDR will potentially permit new protocols, applications, and air interface waveforms to be flexibly and even dynamically deployed across a variety of implementation platforms and products, sourced from multiple vendors. It will bring the benefits of open standards that have been enjoyed in the PC world to the arena of wireless communications.

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  • Delivers the know-how that novice database developers, enthusiasts, and independent software vendors need in order to use the SSE database Written in the typical nonintimidating For Dummies style, the book's emphasis is on installing SSE and using it to create simple database applications with other tools in Microsoft's Express product line Covers how to use SQL Server Express Manager, an easy-to-use management tool that comes with SSE, and the Application XCopy feature, which provides SSE with the ability to treat databases like files...

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  • Built upon a foundation of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) technologies, Web services have become a widely accepted industry standard in the last few years [1, 2]. Because of their platform independence, universal compatibility, and network accessibility, Web services will be at the heart of the next generation of distributed systems. As more vendors offer SOAP tools and services, the advantages of using SOAP and Web services as an integration point will become even more pronounced.

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  • It’s also important for managers of start-up funds to understand the numerous expenses associated with operating a hedge fund. As an example, many funds – like the $20 million fund described above – cannot afford a non-bundled third-party vendor’s order management system (OMS), risk management product, aggregation service, trade allocation module and attribution tools. Once a fund understands its expenses, it can determine exactly the asset level and performance combination necessary to cover those expenses and have an adequate profit.

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  • 10 1 Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Technology Primer FIGURE 1.2 Hyper-V administrative tools. like). Whereas software vendors readily support their applications on physical hardware systems, they have not necessarily fully supported their applications on virtualized systems. With the release of Hyper-V virtualization from Microsoft, however, Microsoft has openly announced full support for their current versions of applications running in a Hyper-V virtualized environment.

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  • E-mail is undoubtedly one of the greatest communication tools we have today. Employees, vendors, customers, executives, and other corporate users have all benefited from the advancements made to e-mail over the years. However, e-mail has also created many problems for IT professionals with the spread of viruses, Spam, and worms. In addition, e-mail has spawned many lawsuits from users offended by the mail received in their corporate inbox.

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