The truth claims

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  • Change is the watchword of our times. The pace of graduate studies has acceler- ated, as less time is available for pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees. At the same time, schooling is as demanding as ever, in the form of formal coursework in scientific theory and practice.We hope that this textbook will make academic life easier for graduate students.

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  • I have accepted no statement of fact, however generally made, until I was fully persuaded from my own personal investigation that what I heard was really a fact and not a rumour. Wherever I have ventured upon conclusions, I claim for them neither infallibility nor originality. They are offered frankly as my own latest and clearest thoughts upon the various subjects discussed. If any man can give me better evidence for the error of my conclusions than I have for the truth of them I am prepared to go with him, and gladly, as far as he can prove his way. And I have offered...

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  • The Corporate Weblog Manifesto 1 Tell the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. If your competitor has a product that's better than yours, link to it. You might as well. We'll find it anyway. 2 Post fast on good news or bad. Someone say something bad about your product? Link to it — before the second or third site does — and answer its claims as best you can. Same if something good comes out about you. It's all about building long-term trust. The trick to building trust is to show up!...

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  • In Kant’s writings, the topic of religion occupies a strategic space at the confluence of epistemology, ethics, and politics. Inquiries into the validity of religious truth claims and the possible meanings of religious writings and images form a vital part of Kant’s ethical and political project. This project focuses on advancing human autonomy, both individually and in terms of political concerns with shared worldviews, laws, and rights.

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  • To base an analysis of professionalization in terms of the ‘truth’ or ‘falsehood’ of claims to independence, etc. risks the adoption of an uncritical stance towards the role of professional ideology which is reduced, in this formulation, to a receptacle of ‘false consciousness’ (Larrain, 1979; Thompson, 1984). By suspending the category of truth we can concentrate on the ‘truth-effects’ of ideology expressed through discourse (Foucault, 1981).

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  • has been said that where there is no sense of danger, there no danger need be feared; so the writer of this Autobiography ventures, despite any array of critics, to present the sketch of his life to a public whose indulgence he craves. He claims no merit for literary workmanship, but solely for truth and candour, and in those respects his book cannot be excelled. As understood by the writer of this preface, the aim of the work has been twofold, namely, to leave to a large circle of cherished friends, acquaintances, and relatives the exact memorials of a life marked by more than an...

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  • The traditional view that expected nominal rates of return on assets should move one-for- one with expected inflation is first attributed to Irving Fisher (1930). Financial economists have also argued that, because stocks are claims on physical, or “real”, assets, stock returns ought to co-vary positively with actual inflation, thereby making them a possible hedge against unexpected inflation.

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  • The undersigned Tax Credit Recipient hereby releases the State of Oregon and its commissions, agencies, officers, employees, contractors, and agents, and agrees to defend and indemnify the foregoing from and against any claims, demands, or costs (including attorney and expert witness fees at trial and on appeal) arising from or in any way related to claims made by Tax Credit Recipient or any parent or subsidiary of Tax Credit Recipient and which are related in any way to the Oregon Department of Energy’s issuance or failure to issue any pre-certification or final certification to applican...

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  • To the less narrowly technical reader, the development of the historical sense in one of the earlier culture peoples has an interest all its own. The historical writings of the Assyrians form one of the most important branches of their literature. Indeed, it may be claimed with much truth that it is the most characteristically Assyrian of them all. [Footnote: This study is a source investigation and not a bibliography. The only royal inscriptions studied in detail are those presenting source problems.

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