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  • In this work, we review various PhCs detected in water treatment plants. We propose that fungi, particularly white-rot fungi (WRF), can be used for their bioremediation and describe the main mechanisms used for degrading this type of emerging pollutants; however, we also highlight the need to prospect for new fungal models.

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  • Keeping the above points in view, the present study was undertaken for isolation, screening and characterization of efficient microorganisms for urban solid waste decomposition, and formulation of microbial consortium and their evaluation for rapid composting of the urban solid waste was conducted in the Department of Agricultural Microbiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru-65.

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  • The effect of cyanobacterial isolates on growth performance and yield status of Triticum aestivum, Zea mays and Hordium vulgare was studied. Fifteen cyanobacterial isolates were used individually and in combination to study the effect of their consortium on the growth performance and grain yield of Wheat, Maize and Barley.

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  • Epithelial ovarian cancer is one of the most lethal gynecologic malignancies. Clinicopathological factors do not permit precise prognosis and cannot provide guidance to specific treatments. In this study we assessed tumor infiltrating CD8+ T cells in association with Ki67 proliferation index and evaluated their prognostic impact in EOC samples.

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  • An attempt was made to suppress Orobanche in its subterranean stage of development using native arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) on tobacco. In this investigation seven AMF spp. were isolated, grouped and mass multiplied according to their morphological differences, from the Orobanche suppressive soil of a tobacco growing area. Further, these seven native AMF isolates and their consortium, a standard AMF consortium, sugarcane native AMF consortium, recommended dosage of an herbicide and uninoculated controlUIC (absence of AMF spp.

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  • Field studies were conducted to study the role of native pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs) in plant growth promotion and anthracnose management in chilli. The efficient PPFM isolates were identified for field evaluation upon in-vitro functional characterization. Three selected isolates (PPFM6, PPFM170 and PPFM35) along with their consortium, the reference strain of PPFM (Methylobacterium extorquens AM1), chemical control (carbendazim) were included in field experiment.

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  • With the advent of the Green revolution high yielding varieties had their upper hand and the medicinal properties of landraces and the traditional rice varieties became an ignored experience. Traditional rice varieties are a consortium of desirable traits such as high yielding, tolerance to extreme stress conditions and also are rich in nutritive and therapeutic value. They have reduced sugar content and are preferred by people who are trying to regulate their sugar intake or suffering from diabetics, overweight. They are rich in vitamins, fibre and glutamic acid.

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  • The method of preparation of mass inoculum (MI) of native AM fungi was standardized following the principle of multiplying the nucleus inoculum (NI) of AMF (consortium of native soils) under partially sterilized in situ. Inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in root zone soils of different agricultural crops for which treatment no. 17 (Fenugreek –MaizeSorghum) host trap crops was found to be suitable for their mass multiplication.

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  • A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of inoculation of microbial consortia on growth parameters of green gram. The beneficial microbial strains were collected from the department of Agricultural Microbiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. These strains were tested for their compatibility and prepared three different microbial consortia such as rhizosphere consortia-1, rhizosphere consortia-2 and phyllosphere consortia.

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  • An attempt was made to screen forty native AM fungal isolates from the soybean rhizosphere of Belagavi and Dharwad districts based on their peroxidise activity and total dry matter accumulation in soybean under the restricted water regime of -500 kPa. Top three fungal isolates viz., UASDAMFS15, UASDAMFS25 and UASDAMFS36 tentatively identified as G. maculosum, G. manihotis and G. globiferum respectively. For pot culture studies three irrigation regimes were maintained viz., -33 kPa -500 kPa and -1000 kPa. An experiment was laid out in completely randomized design with factorial concept.

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  • Combined soil application of Bio NPK and pesticides either simultaneous and sequential can enhanced plant growth parameters effectively and most of the pesticides tested viz. Profenofos 50% EC, Spinosad 45% SC, Dichlorvos 76% EC, Imidacloprid 30.5% EC, Fipronil 5% SC, Chlorpyrifos 20% EC, Pyraclotrobin 20% WG, Ridomil 68% WP, Quizalofop 5% EC and Finoxaprop 9% EC found safe to beneficial bacteria at the field recommended dose exhibiting no reduction of bacterial population compared with untreated control.

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  • Endophytes are the micro-organism which shares the life long relation with the host. The bacterial endophytes promote the growth directly and indirectly by several mechanisms. Keeping in mind, the present investigation has been carried out to evaluate the bacterial endophytes for their plant growth promotion in vitro condition. Four screened bacterial antagonists viz., SVC 11, BE 1, NGB 21 and M1W1 were evaluated for the germination and the vigour of French bean, brinjal and rapeseed mustard seeds. The bacteria were used individual as well as in consortium mode on the respective seeds.

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  • Bacterial and fungal endophytes are widespread inhabitants inside plant tissues and have been shown to assist plant growth and health. However, little is known about plant growth-promoting endophytes (PGPE) of medicinal plants. Therefore, the aims of this study were to identify bacterial and fungal endophytes of Teucrium polium and to characterize plant growth-promoting (PGP) properties of these endophytes.

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  • The editors of this book would Uke to thank the company CESPA Ingenieria Urbana and the Institute of the Environment of the University of Girona for their financial support of the congress (7*^ Conference of the International Water and Resource Economics Consortium and 4^^ Seminar on Environmental and Resource Economics) that gave rise to a large number of papers collected in this book. We would also like to extend our thanks to Angels Xabadia who unified the layout of the different chapters in a timely and excellent manner.

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  • Experts were located in two ways. First, nearly a thousand were identified in an extensive canvassing of scholarly, government, and business documents from the period 1990-1995 to see who had ventured predictions about the future impact of the Internet. Several hundred of them participated in the first two surveys conducted by Pew Internet and Elon University, and they were recontacted for this survey.

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  • Nonprofit organizations are now continuously being challenged to be more strategic in their communications efforts. Communications activities must add up to more than a series of isolated events such as the dissemination of an occasional publication or press release. Being strategic requires that nonprofits be more deliberate, innovative, savvy, and less reactive in their communications practice. Nonprofits are encouraged to regard communications as essential to their overall success and integrate it throughout their organizations.

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  • The national minority consortia (NMC) include The National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB), Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT), and Pacific Islanders in Communication (PIC). The NMC will continue their mission to support the production of high-quality diverse public media content. Over the past year, consortia members have played a significant role in American Graduate and we anticipate a number of higher-profile projects emanating from the consortia in FY 2013.

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  • The committee is grateful for the contribution of participants at its three public meetings. The presentations and discussions at these meeting were valuable in informing the committee about relevant research findings, issues of interest in the research community, the perspectives of advocacy organizations, and the concerns of individuals with breast cancer and their families. The agendas for these meetings appear in Appendix A.

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  • This report continues the National Academies’ efforts in the reform of education by calling on researchers to recognize the importance of teaching and to join together with educators to promote undergraduate learning. The goal in this case is to prepare the next generation of biological researchers for the tremendous opportunities ahead. Attaining this goal will require that faculty spend more time discussing their teaching with their colleagues, both within and outside of their own field or department.

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  • In 2001 I was contacted by a consortium of research institutions and wind energy interests with a request to provide some background information on the operational characteristics of acoustic radars or SODARs. The consortium partners had set up and been funded for an European EU project to evaluate SODARs as a tool in monitoring wind flows at wind turbine sites. They felt reasonably confident in their knowledge of SODARs and had purchased some instruments, but wanted to be able to consult on any more complex issues which arose.

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