Thematic studies

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  • A number of studies have presented machine-learning approaches to semantic role labeling with availability of corpora such as FrameNet and PropBank. These corpora define the semantic roles of predicates for each frame independently. Thus, it is crucial for the machine-learning approach to generalize semantic roles across different frames, and to increase the size of training instances.

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  • Thematic knowledge is a basis of semamic interpretation. In this paper, we propose an acquisition method to acquire thematic knowledge by exploiting syntactic clues from training sentences. The syntactic clues, which may be easily collected by most existing syntactic processors, reduce the hypothesis space of the thematic roles. The ambiguities may be further resolved by the evidences either from a trainer or from a large corpus.

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  • Resembling a large-scale comprehensive building design, an encyclopedia necessitates the collaborative efforts of countless individuals and may take considerable time to complete. It seems long ago that Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers invited me to edit a two- volume encyclopedia about 20th-century architecture. In 1998, I was teaching the history of architecture in a landmark 1890s Richardsonian Romanesque building at Lake Forest College, a small liberal arts college north of Chicago.

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  • The OECD is a unique forum where the governments of 30 democracies work together to address the economic, social and environmental challenges of globalisation. The OECD is also at the forefront of efforts to understand and to help governments respond to new developments and concerns, such as corporate governance, the information economy and the challenges of an ageing population. The Organisation provides a setting where governments can compare policy experiences, seek answers to common problems, identify good practice and work to co-ordinate domestic and international policies....

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  • Nowadays it is hard to find areas of human activity and development that have not profited from or contributed to remote sensing. Natural, physical and social activities find in remote sensing a common ground for interaction and development. From the end-user point of view, Earth science, geography, planning, resource management, public policy design, environmental studies, and health, are some of the areas whose recent development has been triggered and motivated by remote sensing.

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  • The reader of this book will find within it ideas and models based on my 25 years of experience in clinical, educational, developmental, and medical psychology among Arabs, Muslims, Jews, and Americans, but mainly among Palestinian Arabs. I studied for my master’s degree in clinical psychology at Haifa University in Israel, during which time I received some practical training at Jewish psychological centers in Israel. Thus both my theoretical study and practical training were based on the Western-oriented theories of psychology.

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  • The term E-business was initially crafted in a thematic campaign by IBM in 1997 and subsequently defined as “a secure, flexible, and integrated approach to delivering differentiated business value by combining the systems and processes that run core business operations with the simplicity and reach made possible by Internet technology” ( Prior to the offering of this definition, the term E-business and E- commerce were often referred to interchangeably.

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  • The prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis among college students in Shaanxi is high. Although tuberculosis leaves much psychological and social impact on patients, little is known about its impact on college students. The objective of this study is to explore the experiences and psychological process of college students with pulmonary tuberculosis in Shaanxi, China. Methods: 17 college students with pulmonary tuberculosis were recruited purposively from 9 colleges in Shaanxi. Indepth interviews were conducted to collect data and a thematic framework analysis was used....

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  • Because students benefit greatly from increased word power, the study of vocabulary should be enjoyable. Unfortunately, vocabulary workbooks often lose sight of this goal. To make the study of vocabulary an exciting and enjoyable part of college study, I wrote Academic Vocabulary. The goal of this book—the third in a three-book interactive vocabulary series—is to make the study of vocabulary fun through a variety of thematic readings, self-tests, and interactive exercises.

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  • Four thousand world words presented in 16 contextuallzed, thematic units.Each lesson in the unit presents vocabulary trough color photographs and illutrations, contextualized readings, hight - Frequency word patterns study , and active learning opportunities

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  • This sub thematic literature review has been undertaken with valuable suggestions, critical support and words of motivation from a number of people: Nirmala Karunakaran of Greenpeace helped source valuable books, Ghazala Shahabuddin of Chintan helped wade through the papers and participate in discussions about them, Ravi Singh edited the report at short notice, Pranay Lal, of the Centre for Science and Environment rummaged at short notice through his desk top to add on new materials, Madhu Datta offered a Sunday and an important new study, Subhash Kumar (Delhi University), Dr.

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  • The information has been organised thematically in possibly simple way. It concerns social nsurance benefi ts and some of non-insurance benefi ts that are, however, managed by ZUS, as a public institution servicing the social security system in Poland. The study also describes the general principles of operation of separate systems, which are not managed by ZUS: health insurance, family benefi ts, benefi ts in respect of unemployment as well as the scheme of social insurance of farmers.

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  • This book presents an empirical inquiry, rooted in van Manen’s hermeneutic phenomenology, describing the work experiences of Indian call centre agents employed in international facing call centres located in Bangalore and Mumbai. Through a holistic thematic analysis, the study identifi es being professional as the core theme that captures the essence of agents’ lived experience. The notion of professionalism embraced agents’ identity, altering their self-concept and enhancing their self-esteem....

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  • The island nation of Cape Verde has given rise to a diaspora that spans the four continents of the Atlantic Ocean. Migration has been essential to the island since the birth of its nation and connections to faraway places continue to dominate its day-to-day life. This volume makes a significant contribution to the study of international migration and transnationalism by exploring the Cape Verdean diaspora through its geographic diversity and broad thematic range.

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  • Even a well-resourced, well-designed evaluation study is unlikely to be able to address all of the above thematic areas. Deciding what to monitor should be demand-driven, informed by the target audience and evaluation objectives as well as the thematic priorities of an organization. Similarly, the characteristics of a project or programme (such as type of intervention, scale, stage) and feasibility issues (such as institutional capacity, financial and human resources and time) are important considerations.

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  • The creeks are comparatively less along Tamil Nadu coast and the analysis of LandSat and Thematic Mapper data of April 1983 and December 1983 shows that the 'creeks are dynamically changing due to the seasonal variations. The study of Ennore and Kovalam creeks are also dynamically changing during the southwest monsoon and suffer excessive sedimentation during this period. The already exiting Jetties near Kalpakkam and Madras harbour cause excessive sedimentation near the Kovalam creeks and Ennore creeks.

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  • This report presents a detailed assessment of both the status and prospects of the media industry in the region. Positive advertising expenditure growth is forecast across all of the countries covered, following the decline that has affected the global and regional media sector over the last two years. This edition also highlights the growing importance of local content from the point of view of both production and consumption, as reflected in the title, Inspiring Local Content, and in the thematic topic of Section 3.

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  • This paper presents an empirical study on the robustness and generalization of two alternative role sets for semantic role labeling: PropBank numbered roles and VerbNet thematic roles. By testing a state–of–the–art SRL system with the two alternative role annotations, we show that the PropBank role set is more robust to the lack of verb–specific semantic information and generalizes better to infrequent and unseen predicates. Keeping in mind that thematic roles are better for application needs, we also tested the best way to generate VerbNet annotation. ...

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