Theoretical divisiveness

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  • Dependency parsers show syntactic relations between words using a directed graph, but comparing dependency parsers is difficult because of differences in theoretical models. We describe a system to convert dependency models to a structural grammar used in grammar education. Doing so highlights features that are potentially overlooked in the dependency graph, as well as exposing potential weaknesses and limitations in parsing models.

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  • “Self-studying social sciences and humanities skills of cadets at division level” is a subject matter of Psychology in the military education. The author has researched on the theoretical and practical studies to develop the concept of self-studyning skills of social sciences and humanities of cadets at division level, including essential elements of the skill, stages of building the skill and important factors effecting the skill; specifying the situation and propose psychological - pedagogical measures to improve the skills.

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  • This book contains 104 of the best problems used in the training and testing of the U.S. International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) team. It is not a collection of very difficult, and impenetrable questions. Rather, the book gradually builds students’ number-theoretic skills and techniques. The first chapter provides a comprehensive introduction to number theory and its mathematical structures. This chapter can serve as a textbook for a short course in number theory.

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  • The single coherent form is particularly difficult to describe and assess because of the fluid transitions between the form elements which sculptor Erik Thommesen [8] have chosen to divide his sculptures in. First and foremost Thommesen uses theoretical dividing of a form into form elements when balancing the form into a harmonious whole by scaling and shifting each form element. Other effects such as rhythm, contrast, and activation of space can be processed in the same way [9]. The theoretical division of the form sometimes trigger a physical division.

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  • The earlier in the process a student reaches the main idea, the better the structural principle is challenged. Lessons from the experiment suggest that getting a main idea and utility properties reconciled is a challenge that encourages students so that they will have a better drive in the process than students who work from a context adjustment solely. Reflection on the formgiving process was supported by a theoretical division into form elements. This was also used in discussion of a form’s weakness and strength with respect to the design specification.

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  • Some years ago in one of those all too rare moments of reflection it occurred to me that I was only three lifetimes away from the very beginnings of modern psychology. It is generally agreed, as we will see, that what we call "scientific psychology" began with Wundt's laboratory at Leipzig around 1879. Similarly, applied psychology is seen to have begun with the work of Francis Galton in England at about the same time. A short time later James McKeen Cattell, one of Wundfs first American students received his Ph.D. at Leipzig and went on to work briefly with Galton.

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  • With these three fundamental propositions as postulates, it will be the end and aim of this Course of Reading to develop plain, simple and specific methods and directions for the most efficient use of the mind in the attainment of practical ends. To comprehend these mental methods and to make use of them in business affairs you must thoroughly understand the two fundamental processes of the mind.

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  • This report would not have been possible without the important contributions of National Research Council (NRC) leadership and staff, and many other organizations. First, we acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF). We particularly thank David Ucko, deputy division director of the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings, whose initial and continuing engagement with the committee supported and encouraged the development of the report....

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  • That every idea in consciousness is energizing and carries with it an impulse to some kind of muscular activity is a comparatively new but well-settled principle of psychology. That this principle could be made to serve practical ends seems never to have occurred to anyone until within the last few years.

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  • It is forty years since Humanist Manifesto I (1933) appeared. Events since then make that earlier statement seem far too optimistic. Nazism has shown the depths of brutality of which humanity is capable. Other totalitarian regimes have suppressed human rights without ending poverty. Science has sometimes brought evil as well as good. Recent decades have shown that inhuman wars can be made in the name of peace.

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  • This book is called a ‘Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice’. It is composed of chapters by experts in the field and was conceived during the AGACSE-2010 conference in Amsterdam. As you scan the contents, you will find that all chapters indeed use geometric algebra but that the term ‘practice’ means different things to different authors. As we discuss the various Parts below, we guide you through them. We will then see that appearances may deceive: some of the more theoretical looking chapters provide useful and practical techniques.

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  • Biosystems and Biomaterials Division. The primary objective is to collaborate with or conduct research consistent with division projects in standards, measurement methods, and theoretical models that improve understanding and prediction of complex biological processes associated with environmental health, human health, and cell-based manufacturing.

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  • The World Health Organization recognises the quality of the early years as a key social determinant of health17. There are sound theoretical and empirical reasons for focusing mental health promotion interventions on young children to prevent a range of problems in later life18 including mental health problems, obesity, criminality, family violence, poor literacy, unemployment and welfare dependency. Prevention and early intervention is also less expensive and more effective than treatment19.

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