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  • Studying human medicine in Germany – there is hardly any other career plan that is more flexible and more reliable at the same time. For there is a wealth of opportunities open to graduates in medicine: besides employment in a hospital or in general practice, there are also jobs in research, in industry, in the public health service or in manage- ment consulting. The practical and high-quality training at German universities enjoys an excellent reputation internationally and is integrated into a network of hospitals, universities, research institutes and business enterprises.

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  • derisory term meant something vastly different in its heyday. Hackers then, as now, were concerned about how things fit together, what makes things tick. Generally, many early hackers concerned themselves with understanding the nature of the telephone system, which encouraged the development of “blue boxes” and war dialers such as Ton Loc. Public bulletin boards (such as Prestel) had security flaws exposed and various services disrupted.

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  • As we approach the start of the 21st century, we are undergoing a major revolution in information. Access to information is made easy by the many journals and magazines available on a multitude of subjects. In addition, there is a wealth of information on the world wide web (the Internet) which is available for access by all users.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'excel hacks', công nghệ thông tin, tin học văn phòng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • A subtrope of Evil Is Cool: Basically, if there's a truly evil male villain, he's going to be a sharp-dressed villain. He'll wear a sharp-looking suit. Silk tie, expensive shirt, exquisitely ironed pants, leather belt and perfect jacket. Always perfectly in fashion. Bonus points if it's a monochrome suit, and extra-special bonus points if it's a monochrome black suit.

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  • This essential survival guide for successfully managing the modern-day IVF clinic condenses a wealth of expertise and experience from the authors in trou-bleshooting and implementing quality management in the IVF laboratory. With high-profile media coverage of mistakes at IVF clinics and escalating regula-tory scrutiny, there is increasing pressure for professional accreditation. Modern accreditation schemes, which are largely based on the principles of ISO 9001 and related standards, require quality systems.

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  • This is a work in progress. It is a work that has been in progress for at least the last ten years if not more. It is a work that has much more yet to come. The study of environmental harm is relatively new for most criminologists. For myself, in writing this book I have had to draw upon my own work over the last decade plus that of a relatively small handful of criminologists who are fellow travellers in this area. On the other hand, there is a wealth of material from other fields and disciplines that is entirely relevant and useful to a study such as this...

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  • Rabbit medicine is a rapidly expanding area of veterinary practice and rabbits are now the third most popular mammalian pet in the UK. Vets are treating more sick rabbits than ever before, but many vets do not have the clinical experience required to give effective treatment. There is a wealth of information on rabbits available to vets, but much of this is from the laboratory animal field and often isn't applicable to the pet rabbit.

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  • Information and knowledge have emerged as major sources of wealth in the recent past. There is a digital revolution and it has impact and influences on the consumers, producers, investors, exporters, importers, public policy makers, academics, students, consultants, administrators, lawmakers and all others directly or indirectly involved in various processes of the new economy.

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  • With the wealth of interest in XML in the last few years, developers have begun to crave more than the introductory books on XML and Java that are currently available. While a chapter or two on SAX, some basic information on JAXP, and a section on web services was sufficient when these APIs were developed, programmers now want more. Specifically, there is a huge amount of interest in XML data binding, a new set of APIs that allows XML to be dealt with in Java simply and intuitively, without worrying about brackets and syntactical issues. The result is a need...

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  • This book contains a wealth of practical information for any person  who aims to produce short effective documents within the work envi-ronment of the early 21st century. It is not simply a guide to business writing. It does not focus on writing  rituals, nor does it compare different uses of the English language for  writing purposes. There is no in-depth attention to why our writing  should have a certain tone, tendency or technique.

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  • Information and knowledge have emerged as major sources of wealth in the recent past. There is a digital revolution and it has impact and influences on the consumers, producers, investors, exporters, importers, public policy makers, academics, students, consultants, administrators, lawmakers and all others directly or indirectly involved in various processes of the new economy.

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  • The topic ‘elite’ may be dealt with either in a few lines, or in many pages. There is no half way. In fact, it encompasses issues which are crucial to the social sciences, such as the relation between the distribution of wealth, prestige and power; the exercise of power and the composition of the group that holds it. The list is extensive.

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  • In some cases, there may be reasonable proxies for quantified benefits and costs. For example, a firm might possess relatively complete technical descriptions of material flows (inputs, intermediate products, emissions). These material quantities, while not explicitly translated into financial quantities, may provide rules of thumb that qualitatively inform decision-making and guard against severe errors in decision-making.

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  • Indeed, these tough times can be seen as an opportunity for the industry to reinvent itself. Perhaps, the industry has moved beyond the first phase, in which it established itself as a part and parcel of the investment matrix. The industry needs to evolve again to strengthen its position and proposition. It is probably time to question established wisdom and explore alternatives. In the present situation, there may be no single ‘silver bullet’ solution, but it will require a multitude of initiatives to be taken across the entire spectrum of activities of a mutual fund.

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  • The medical model emphasises health care and remedial treatment. Greater importance needs now to be attached to primary prevention and health promotion and with which there is a heightened need for people to accept their personal responsibility and individual accountability. Traditional approaches to health have not encompassed sufficiently primary prevention. New models are needed for positive health. These models require a reassessment of value systems in society that enables improved understanding of the WHO slogan: ‘health is our real wealth’. ...

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  • In terms of their attitudes towards the benefi ts of work and accumulating wealth, New Zealanders do not differ markedly from respondents from the comparator countries. New Zealand has a high-quality regulatory environment. It is assessed by the World Bank as being second in the OECD (and third in the world) for overall ease of doing business. However, there is still scope for New Zealand to further improve its performance in certain sub-indicators.

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  • Chapter 6 It appears on the surface that two major causes of inferior investment performance among individuals are poorly timed decisions and high costs. While there is ample evidence that people lower their returns by market timing, style shifting, and paying high expenses, these mistakes are also symptoms of a much deeper problem.

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  • As euery humane body _(deare Countrey men) how wholesome soeuer, be notwithstanding subiect, or at least naturally inclined to some sorts of diseases, or infirmities: so is there no Common-wealth, or Body-politicke, how well gouerned, or peaceable soeuer it bee, that lackes the owne popular errors, and naturally enclined corruptions: and therefore is it no wonder, although this our Countrey and Common-wealth, though peaceable, though wealthy, though long flourishing in both, be amongst the rest, subiect to the owne naturall infirmities.

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  • The rainforest is the richest ecosystem on the planet, with half of its entire species, and most of its fresh water. There are more species of fish in the Amazon than all the entire Atlantic Ocean, more in one pond

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