Thermal oxidation

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  • The thermal stability of the eight functional units ofb-hemocyanin of the gastropodan mollusc Helix pomatiawas investigated by FTIR spectros-copy. Molluscan hemocyanin functional units have a molecular mass of approximately 50 kDa and generally contain three disulfide bridges: two in the mainly a-helical N-terminal domain and one in the C-terminal b-sheet domain.

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  • Groups of oysters (Crassostrea gigas) were exposed to 25C for 24 days (controls to 13 C) to explore the biochemical and molecular pathways affected by prolonged thermal stress. This temperature is 4C above the summer seawater temperature encountered in western Brittany, France where the animals were collected.

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  • The thermal stabilityofperoxidase fromleavesof theAfrican oil palm treeElaeis guineensis(AOPTP) at pH 3.0 was studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), intrinsic fluorescence, CD and enzymatic assays.The spectral parameters asmonitoredby ellipticity changes in the far-UV CD spectrum of the enzyme as well as the increase in tryp-tophan intensity emission upon heating, together with changes in enzymatic activity with temperature were seen to be good complements to the highly sensitive but integral methodofDSC....

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  • Metals are used as biomaterials due to their excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and mechanical properties. Since some electrons are independent in metals, they can quickly transfer an electric charge and thermal energy. The mobile free electrons act as the binding force to hold the positive metal ions together. This attraction is strong, as evidenced by the closely packed atomic arrangement resulting in high specific gravity and high melting points of most metals.

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  • I have been familiar with plasma spraying in one of the leading thermal spray research laboratories in North America; Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies at the University of Toronto since I started my PhD thesis under supervision of Professors Javad Mostaghimi and Thomas W. Coyle in 2001. Having access to various methods of thermal spraying, diagnostic tools, and processes simulation, I gained experiences in process, deposition, characterization, and simulation of various types of thermal spray coatings....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa hoc quốc tế đề tài : Direct Synthesis and Characterization of Optically Transparent Conformal Zinc Oxide Nanocrystalline Thin Films by Rapid Thermal Plasma CVD

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  • This volume is intended to orient the reader in the fast developing field of semiconductor nanowires, by providing a series of self-contained monographs focusing on various nanowire-related topics. Each monograph serves as a short review of previous results in the literature and description of methods used in the field, as well as a summary of the authors recent achievements on the subject.

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  • The unfolding pathways of the two forms ofPlasmodium falciparumacyl carrier protein, the apo and holo forms, were determined by guanidine hydrochloride-induced denaturation. Both the apo form and the holo form displayed a reversible two-state unfolding mechanism. The analysis of iso-thermal denaturation data provides values for the conformational stability of the two proteins.

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  • We have studied the stability of the histone-like, DNA-binding protein HU from the hyperthermophilic eubacteriumThermotoga maritimaand its E34D mutant by differential scanningmicrocalorimetry and CDunder acidic conditions at various concentrations within the range of 2–225lMof monomer. The thermal unfolding of both proteins is highly reversible and clearly follows a two-state dissociation/unfolding model from the folded, dimeric state to the unfolded, monomericone.

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  • The protein synthesis elongation factor, EF-Tu, is a protein that carries aminoacyl-tRNA to the A-site of the ribosome during the elongation phase of protein synthesis. In maize (Zea maysL) this protein has been implicated in heat tol-erance, and it hasbeenhypothesizedthatEF-Tuconfersheat tolerance by acting as amolecular chaperone and protecting heat-labile proteins from thermal aggregation and inactiva-tion.

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  • The proposed biological function ofb-lactoglobulins as transporting proteins assumes a binding ability for ligands andhighstabilityunder theacidic conditionsof the stomach. This work shows that the conformational stability of non-ruminant porcine b-lactoglobulin (BLG) is not consistent with this hypothesis. Thermal denaturation of porcine BLG was studied by high-sensitivity differential scanning calori-metry within the pH range 2.0–10.0.

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  • The interaction of heat shock protein with molecular mass 25 kDa (HSP25) and its point mutants S77D + S81D (2D mutant) and S15D + S77D + S81D (3D mutant) with intact and thermally denatured actinwas analyzedbymeans of fluorescence spectroscopy and ultracentrifugation. Wild typeHSP25 did not affect the polymerization of intact actin. The HSP25 3D mutant decreased the initial rate without affecting the maximal extent of intact actin polymerization. G-actin heated at 40–45C was partially denatured, but retained its ability to polymerize....

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  • Composite materials often demand a unique combination of properties, including high thermal and oxidative stability, toughness, solvent resistance and low dielectric constant. This book, "Thermoplastic - Composite Materials", is comprised of seven excellent chapters, written for all specialized scientists and engineers dealing with characterization, thermal, mechanical and technical properties, rheological, morphological and microstructure properties and processing design of composite materials.

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  • The heat transfer and analysis on heat pipe and exchanger, and thermal stress are significant issues in a design of wide range of industrial processes and devices. This book introduces advanced processes and modeling of heat transfer, gas flow, oxidation, and of heat pipe and exchanger to the international community. It includes 17 advanced and revised contributions, and it covers mainly (1) thermodynamic effects and thermal stress, (2) heat pipe and exchanger, (3) gas flow and oxidation, and (4) heat analysis....

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  • Introduction: Mixed ionic–electronic conductors (MIECs) have been and continue to be of interest for strategic applications related to energy conversion and environmental monitoring including batteries, fuel cells, permeation membranes, and sensors. Within solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), for instance, nanostructured ionic and electronic conducting materials can increase the electrochemical performance of the cathode and thus could potentially facilitate lower-temperature operation and thereby provide faster start-up times, improved stability, and less complicated thermal management. ...

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  • CHAPTER 4 4 COMBUSTION Richard J. Reed North American Manufacturing Company Cleveland, Ohio 44.1 FUNDAMENTALS OF COMBUSTION 44.1.1 Air-Fuel Ratios 44.1.2 Fuels 44.3 1 3 4 1 1431 1 3 4 3 44.4 44.5 BURNERS 1 3 4 9 44.3.1 Burners for Gaseous Fuels 1439 44.3.2 Burners for Liquid Fuels 1441 SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS OXY-FUEL FIRING 1442 44.2 PURPOSES OF COMBUSTION 1435 1 4 4 7 44.1 FUNDAMENTALS OF COMBUSTION 44.1.1 Air-Fuel Ratios Combustion is rapid oxidation, usually for the purpose of changing chemical energy into thermal energy—heat.

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  • Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and ozone, play an important role in balancing the temperature of the Earth’s surface by absorbing and emitting radiation within the thermal infrared range from the source. However, with the enormous burning of fossil fuels from the industrial revolution, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has greatly increased.

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  • Lee et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:258 http://www.nanoscalereslett.

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  • Titanium oxide ST01, ST31, TiO2 catalysts modified by V5+, N2+ and supported on MCM41 and SiO2 have been used for photooxidation of p-xylene in gas phase. Physicochemical properties of catalysts were determined by the methods of BET Adsorption, Xray Diffraction (XRD), UV-Vis spectroscopy, and atom adsorption spectroscopy (AAS) methods. The photocatalytic activity of catalysts were determined after thermal treatment as well as UV lighting. The common observation is that the higher temperature of treatment the lower conversion of p-xylene obtained.

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  • Oxidation of benzyl alcohol plays an important role in organic synthesis for the purpose of producing benzandehyde - a valuable chemical intermediates. MCM-41 is an important member of M41S mesoporous materials family. It is proved to be very potential for being used as support materials due to its high specific surface area, thermal-hydrothermal stability, etc.

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