Thinking thin

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  • The weight-loss journey, for most people, is a lot like a theme park ride, a very stressful and scary one. It doesn’t have to be. Ideally, it should be more like a fun, exciting adventure, with a safe and pleasant outcome. Although I hope you will think this book is funny, please realize that the weight-loss concepts are serious. Healthy skinniness can’t occur without laughs, since negative emotions undermine successful weight loss. Laughter is the hallmark of a life lived better, a life full of pleasure and joy....

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  • My name is Barbara and over the past two years I have undergone an ‘Extreme Makeover’. I have lost 45kg and gained a new body and a new life that I never dreamed was possible.At 167cm tall and weighing in at 97kg I was a desperate size 22; I now weigh 52kg and wear a size 8—chalk one up for the fat kid! After exhausting all of the usual programs and fad diets, I was fed up and decided to develop my own weight loss solution. I needed a plan that was flexible, easy to follow and could fit in with my extremely busy life.Armed with a little...

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  • A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to describe someone . B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , pictures , chalks ... C / Procedure : I / Warm up : Brainstorming - Ask Ss to think of the adjectives used to describe body build and hair . thin Work in group body build long * Possible answers : - fat - slim - tall - short - overweight - slender - Color : black / dark blond / fair brown grey II / Presentation : - Show Ss a picture of Mary and...

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  • Cartoon Fish Drawing Sparkle the Goldfish Sparkle is easy to draw when you break him down into simple shapes. We'll start with, as usual, a circle. We're going to draw Sparkle as if he is facing us, but angled a little to the side. This angle will be a lot more interesting than if we drew him facing us directly. Basic Forms: Draw an oval. This will serve as our sphere. Think of it as being squished at the sides to give us a nice thin fish. Remember to draw lightly so that you can erase these basic lines easily...

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  • "WHAT a funny letter, Daddy," said Spen, as he looked at the narrow envelope which had just arrived, and listened to the crackle of the thin paper. "Do you think so?" said Daddy. "It is from home." "From home!" said Spen, laughing, "why, Daddy, this is home." "I mean from the old country, Spen." "The old country, Daddy?" said

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  • To move signals of that frequency around efficiently within my transmitting station needed what can only be described as plumbing transmission lines made out of thin copper pipes and ceramic insulators—the alternative being expensive, specially constructed, but very high loss, coaxial cable. Yet here we are twenty years later happily shoving similar frequencies down twisted pairs without really thinking about the physics involved! Three factors about radio frequency signals are very important in understanding our problem:...

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  • No excuses, Mr. March." The office was enormous, the desk massive, but sitting behind the latter Pierpont Alton Sturdevant dominated both. Not because of any physical quality. He was below average in stature nor did his graying hair have the patches of white at the temples that fiction writers and the illustrators of advertisements seem to think are the invariable mark of 'men of distinction.

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