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  • Thus, rather than merely being an exercise of redactive skills, writing enhances one’s ability to ‘see’ by enabling the writer to abstract and objectify his/her understandings from his/her concrete involvements (Ong, 1982). For the pre-service teachers of this study, tutoring an ESL student in writing and reflecting on that experience through the maintenance of journals were designed as experiences that would provide them with opportunities to critically examine ways in which ESL learners develop writing skills in English.

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  • The most unfair criticism of business folks is that they are just “marketers,” somewhat of a negative label in the tech sector. I think marketing gets a bad rap. In MBA terms, there are four Ps that define marketing: product, price, placement, and promotion. Defining the product and price is a creative process. The goal is to develop a product idea—sold for a profit—that matches the needs of the targeted customer. Research, analysis, and creative work are necessary in order to succeed.

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  • Within ArcGIS software, the term database servers refers to instances of Microsoft SQL Server Express that have been enabled to store geodatabases. You create geodatabases and perform other administrative tasks for database servers through the Database Servers node in the Catalog window or ArcCatalog. Performing the administration of the database server and its geodatabases through ArcGIS Desktop means there is no extra software or database administration expertise required for you to create and use these types of ArcSDE geodatabases....

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  • The original function of seatbelts was to re- strain only adult-size occupants, and some belt- assembly design parameters are in conflict with those that would best secure CRs. These param- eters include belt anchor location, buckle size, and type of retractor and latchplate. These and other issues regarding child restraint compatibility with vehicle belts and seats are addressed in an SAE Recommended Practice (SAE J1819, 1994). 105 Unfortunately, however, not all products comply with this voluntary standard, nor have all prob- lems been solved.

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  • although state solar programs report limited marketing initiatives of their own, this per- spective reflects a narrow definition of marketing – one that primarily focuses on communi- cations-centered initiatives, such as website strategies, public relations activities, and educa- tion of stakeholders. these marketing resources are important.

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  • To effectively perform data mining, however, we cannot naively consider all candidate instantiations, since the number of such instantiations is exponential in the number of variables. We provide algorithms and heuristics that ex- ploit the granularity system and the given constraints to reduce the hypothesis space for the pattern matching task. The global approach offers an effective procedure to dis- cover patterns of events that occur frequently in a sequence satisfying specific temporal relationships.

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  • Medicaid, a joint federal and state program which provides health care coverage for low-income individuals and families; pregnant women; and aged, blind, and disabled people, provided health coverage for an estimated 20.1 million children aged 2 through 18 in federal fiscal year 2005. 12 The states operate their Medicaid programs within broad federal requirements and may contract with managed care organizations to provide Medicaid benefits or use other forms of managed care, when approved by CMS.

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  • The National Settlement Service allows participants in private-sector clearing arrangements to do multilateral funds settlements on a net basis using balances in their Federal Reserve accounts. The service provides an automated mechanism for submitting settlement information to the Reserve Banks. It improves operational eff iciency and controls for this process and reduces settlement risk to participants by granting settlement f inality for movements of funds on settlement day.

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  • Vibrio mimicusis a causative agent of human gastroenteritis and food poisoning, and this species produces an enterotoxic hemolysin (V. mimi-cus hemolysin) as a virulence determinant. Vibrio mimicushemolysin is secreted as an 80 kDa precursor, which is later converted to the 66 kDa mature toxin through removal of an N-terminal propeptide via cleavage of the Arg151–Ser152 bond.

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  • At objective level, VNRC has worked closely with the ministry of health and provincial health authorities on communication efforts that aim at reducing further spread, infection, death and other impacts of HFMD. The national society has engaged in situation updates, coordination, planning and responses to HFMD at national and provincial level through using their role as a member in the steering committee for epidemic and pandemic prevention and control.

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  • The result of the research shows that (i) There is an equivalence relation between the GCI and economic position of Vietnam in AEC; (ii) The limitations of Vietnam GCI are just the causes of the limitations and laggings in the current economy of Vietnam; (iii) The breakthrough for the development of Vietnam economy, shortening the economic gap of Vietnam among the countries in AEC, is necessary to have solutions to improve the competitiveness of economy.

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  • Activating Vocabulary - ESOL is designed for teachers with limited preparation time who want to provide lively, motivating language skills lessons to introduce, test or revise. Activating Vocabulary - ESOL by Mark Fletcher Illustrated by Mark Fletcher Copyright © Brain Friendly Publications Telephone/Fax: (44) 1303 238880 E-Mail: Website: ISBN 0-9546664-2-9 PRINTED BY HYTHE PRINTERS LTD., HYTHE , KENT

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  • Social scientists teach that politicians favor groups that are organized over those that are not. Representation through Taxation challenges this conventional wisdom. Emphasizing that there are limits to what organized interests can cred- ibly promise in return for favorable treatment, Gehlbach shows that politicians may instead give preference to groups – organized or not – that by their na- ture happen to take actions that are politically valuable.

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  • Social scientists teach that politicians favor groups that are organized over those that are not. Representation through Taxation challenges this conventional wisdom. Emphasizing that there are limits to what organized interests can cred- ibly promise in return for favorable treatment, Gehlbach shows that politicians may instead give preference to groups – organized or not – that by their na- ture happen to take actions that are politically valuable.

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  • In writing this book, I summoned perspectives and experiences that extend many years into the past, to the early days of my career. I drew upon a wealth of knowledge, insights, and wisdom imparted by an array of people who have helped me grow professionally and per-sonally over the past two decades. The available space in this book and the limitations of my long-term memory prevent me from recogniz-ing everyone who has had a positive (or at least important) influence on my development and the formation of the ideas articulated in this book.

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  • The resource-based view of the firm (RBV) is one of the latest strategic management concepts to be enthusiastically em-braced by marketing scholars. This paper argues that the RBV holds much promise as a framework for understanding stra-tegic marketing issues but cautions that, before it is adopted, it needs to be fully understood. Consequently, the paper charts the development of the RBV from its origins in early economic models of imperfect competition, through the work of evolutionary economists to the contributions of strategy and marketing scholars over the past two decades.

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  • For communities around the world interested in reaching a global audience with their conservation related products and stories direct mail Catalogs and their online equivalents are an obvious choice. Some recent statistics from the National Mail Order Association (NMOA) and the American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) show that the US catalog industry is a $400+ billion marketplace and is made up of thousands of catalogs some with huge distribution and some which appeal to a specialized niche of the consumer market.

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  • This paper gives an overview of the global insurance market and emerging trends; the importance of the insurance sector for economic development; the significance and elements of an effective regulatory framework; development issues arising from insurance services liberalization; the importance of insurance as a public good; and the implications of GATS negotiations for the insurance sector and areas of potential export interest for developing countries.

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  • Inadvertent fetal exposure to contraceptive hormones is common, with a USA study estimating that approximately 70 000 fetuses are exposed to oral contraceptives annually.23 Most of the data on fetal outcomes relate to COC. The CEU found no studies that specifically assessed exposure through quick starting contraception. Studies are often limited by their observational nature, potential confounding factors and small sample size. Reassuringly there have been no consistent findings of specific fetal abnormalities.

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  • This book is a final year undergraduate text on stochastic processes, a tool used widely by statisticians and researchers working, for example, in the mathematics of finance. The book will give a detailed treatment of conditional expectation and probability, a topic which is essential as a tool for stochastic processes. Although the book is a final year text, the authors have chosen to use exercises as the main means of explanation for the various topics, hence the course has a strong self-study element.

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