Total Order Relations

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  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Priority Queues! includes Priority Queue ADT, Total Order Relations, Entry ADT, Comparator ADT, Priority Queue Sorting, Sequence-based Priority, Selection-Sort.

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  • The minimum number of colors needed for a dominated coloring of G is called the dominated chromatic number of G, denoted by χdom (G). In this paper, dominated coloring of graphs is compared with (open) packing number of G and it is shown that if G is a graph of order n with diam(G) ≥ 3, then χdom(G) ≤ n − ρ(G) and if ρ0(G) = 2n/3, then χdom(G) = ρ0(G).

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  • Seagram acquired substantially all of the outstanding PolyGram shares. On that date, Philips received NLG 11,531 million in cash and 47,831,952 Seagram shares representing approximately 12% of the outstanding Seagram shares. The sale of PolyGram resulted in a gain of NLG 10,675 million, or NLG 29.65 per share, free of taxes. In order to gain insight into the Company’s cash flows, earnings capacity and financial position, the information about discontinued operations has been segregated from the information about continuing operations.

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  • The relationship between law and football is, perhaps surprisingly, one with a long history. However, although early examples of legal intervention focused primarily upon public-order issues, as football began to evolve so did the law’s relation to it. Different forms of law began to be utilised, culminating in the large number of commercial law issues now confronting football. As this book shows, the ways in which football is regulated are not necessarily all legal in nature, and much of the book is concerned with the mechanisms used to control the game, both internally and externally....

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  • Milk is the primary product produced and sold from dairy enterprises, but secondary revenue sources including cattle sales, cooperative dividends, and the value of manure are also available. In the ARMS data, the costs associated with these secondary items cannot be separated from those for milk. In order to estimate milk production costs to compare with prices for conventional and organic milk an equivalent milk production is computed (Frank).

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  • Results of this study show that the level of CC impacts on the residential areas is rather high, with an average LVI of 0.056. In addition, the results of AHP shown that the impact levels on the study fields are determined to follow a decreasing order as: first level group including energy, water supply and drainage, transport, and public health (with total score 0.22).

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  • The population is continuing firms in these time periods. Since we cannot distinguish organic from acquired growth, we study total growth. In order to relate to previous literature, we use employment and sales as growth indicators, yet in addition we introduce productivity and value added. 7 Productivity growth is defined as growth in value-added based labor productivity, which is the single most frequently used productivity statistic (OECD, 2001 p. 12).

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  • There are already significant new vehicle orders in place that will be delivered into service in CP5. Government is leading the procurement of rolling stock for Crossrail, Thameslink and IEP in CP5, in total expected to be in the range of 2,100 to 2,900 new vehicles. The principal uncertainty within this relates to the size of the proposed IEP contract. At one time this was assumed to comprise more than 1,000 vehicles but we understand that the initial order is now likely to be for the construction of approximately 550 vehicles, for HST replacement on the Great...

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  • The ring-fencing model may make the universal bank riskier (in relation to total risk capital in the group) and less effective since the group’s ability to take benefit from diversified risks and internal synergies is reduced. Additionally the ring-fence approach would probably increase the capital needed within a banking group subject to the ring- fence, not least because the trading entity will need a high capital cushion in order to be able to attract funds. More capital may compensate for the higher risk level, but the capital will be used in a less efficient...

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