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  • English is a language of the West Branch of the German group of languages ​​in the Indo-European), were imported to England by the languages invasion of many people in the 6th century. Transmitted throughout the English colonialism in the boom period of the British Empire, from the British Isles through Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the United States and some English becomes "sub-language" most important and increasingly more people learn to use.

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  • Tokyo is one of the world's leading metropolises, and certainly one of the most orderly and fascinating with its mixture of ancient Japanese traditions and the modern Japan's success and use of technology – as a tourist you won't find anything like it anywhere else in the world. 30 million people live in the region of Tokyo, and everywhere you go there are people - the Japanese seem to be out and about 24 hours a day, but somehow it's never too crowded or chaotic.

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  • China is known as the Middle Kingdom or the Central Kingdom and its central point is the capital, Beijing. Chinese culture has developed in the different areas of the nation over thousands of years and since the emperors took up residence in Beijing and made it the capital city, it has been favored with one fantastic building after another. Today, after the fall of the empire, tourists and the general populace are admitted to the opulent palaces, the temples and all the places where the emperors once made their way....

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  • Birmingham is England’s second largest city, and the tourists will find a comfortable city, which is tied to the surrounding region through the many canals, which were dug at the time when the city was the first proper industrial city of the world. The industrial history is a fascinating part of Birmingham’s identity, and in the city as well as the in the vicinity you can get a closer look at the first steps man took towards the efficient large-scale industry we know today

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  • Like Varna, Burgas is located by the Black Sea, however in the southern part of Bulgaria. The area is known to be blessed with sun, warm weather, and lovely sandy beaches. Sunny Beach is the largest resort by the coast and the destination is, thus, an obvious choice for many visiting tourists as are the other great resorts here with a range of entertainment offers. From all resorts, it is a short trip to the big city life in Burgas or other attractions.

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  • Rome is the Eternal City, to which tourists will come back again and again to make new discoveries. As the centre of the Roman Empire, Rome's history is second to none, and everywhere around the 7 hills of Rome this becomes apparent. All roads lead to Rome; and just as well, because going there once is not enough. The Romans, the climate, the history and the gastronomy make for a lovely southern atmosphere to be remembered forever.

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  • Nice is the main city on the French Riviera, and who does not immediately associate the name with palm trees, a hot sun and nice beaches? With its beautiful location on the Baie des Anges, Nice is a good starting point for trips along the coast or into the interior. Nice has attracted tourists for centuries, and it is possible that the Romans started tourism as early as 2,000 years ago by building the Roman baths, which can still be seen in the Ciniez quarter.

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  • Århus, the capital of Jutland, has for centuries been central to the trade in Western Denmark. Århus is the second-largest city in Denmark and one of its cultural centres in addition to its commercial status – a combination tourists benefit from. Århus city centre is very atmospheric, with lovely shopping streets and beautiful buildings, ranging from the Middle Ages to present-day architectural jewels.

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  • New Zealand, with its natural beauty and modern cities, is a particularly pleasant country for tourists. Most of the more than four million citizens reside on the northern island where the largest city, Auckland, and the capital, Wellington, are situated. Both cities offer the tourist an abundance of sights, not least the beautiful surrounding landscape, which almost makes people refer to New Zealand as its own mini-continent in terms of its nature

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  • Shanghai has great historic attraction. It is one of the largest Chinese cities; a lively and interesting metropolis. Shanghai is one of China’s economic locomotives, something that shows quite clearly in the city streets, which function as a showcase to the world of Chinese progress and increasing wealth within the global economy. For tourists, this means a number of fascinating skyscrapers and exciting modern architecture, not least along the city’s harbor where the Pudong district rises up impressively opposite the old city center....

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  • Destinations offer an amalgam of tourism products and services, which are consumed under the brand name of the destination. Leiper (1995, p.87) explains that destinations are places towards which people travel and where they choose to stay for a while in order to experience certain features or characteristics-a perceived attraction of some sort. Cooper et al (1998) define destinations as the focus of facilities and services designed to meet the needs of the tourists.

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  • Although there is plenty of literature on destination planning and development of facilities (Inskeep, 1991 and 1994; Pearce, 1989; Gunn, 1994; Davidson and Maitland, 1997), there are few textbooks examining destination marketing (Heath and Wall, 1992; Goodall and Ashworth, 1988) and even fewer illustrate destinations as an experience-provider for tourists and locals (Ryan, 1997 and 1991a). This is also reflected in the academic literature published in journals and other scientific publications.

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  • Varna is the largest city on the pleasant Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The town centre is located in vicinity of the miles long sand beaches that this region is so well known for. Many tourists visiting the region stay in a holiday destination such as Golden Sands, and from here it is only a short trip to the many sights in Varna and other interesting places and landmarks in the region.

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  • Destinations in authentic (often Third World) countries are often off the beaten track. Tourists enjoy authentic experiences in places which have experienced limited tourism development. Emerging destinations in Asia, South America and Africa attract a small number of adventurous tourists who are prepared to forego their comfort in order to interact with local communities and unspoiled surroundings. Although these regions may develop at a later stage to mass tourism destinations, they need to be planned properly in order to sustain their resources.

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  • Having been born and educated in Scotland, and possessing a tolerable acquaintance with its History and Literature, the Author of the following Work felt that he had some facilities for giving to the people of this country a just idea of his native Land. The plan of his work is somewhat new, combining in a larger degree, than he has hitherto seen attempted, descriptions of Scenery, with Literary and Biographical Sketches, portraitures of character social and religious, incidents of travel, and reflections on matters of local or general interest.

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  • Unrecorded alcohol refers to alcohol that is not taxed and is outside the usual system of governmental control, because it is produced, distributed and sold outside formal channels. Unrecorded alcohol consumption in a country includes consumption of homemade or informally produced alcohol (legal or illegal), smuggled alcohol, alcohol intended for industrial or medical uses, alcohol obtained through cross-border shopping (which is recorded in a different jurisdiction), as well as consumption of alcohol by tourists.

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  • Let me back up a little. Well, maybe a lot, because thisbook actually started in 1987, when I divorced, gave every-thing away (no storage), and took off with a backpack to starta new life. My kids had left home, my husband was an ex,and it was finally “my time.” I no longer wanted to live in onetiny dot on the giant map of the world. I wanted to explore, toadventure, to connect with the diversity of life on earth. I wasready to live my dream

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  • English for International Tourism is a multi-level course for students who need English for professional communication in the hotel and tourism industries. Illustrated with material from Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Travel Guide series and authentic material from companies within the tourist industry this, the intermediate level book, presents effective communication strategies for workplace situations such as giving advice, taking bookings and dealing with complaints.

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  • Our friendly, expert authors get you ready to roll with practical advice, whether you're a novice or experienced RVer. From buying or renting your rig to how to outfit it, you'll get essential info. When you're on the road, there are 14 trips that cover the country from coast to coast, whether you want to enjoy lobster in Maine or get your kicks on Route 66.

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  • Brian Snow is a river guide on the Columbia River. Typically brian takes tourists around 30 to 80 miles upriver. Round trip takes anywhere from 2 to 8 hours before returning to dock. Brian has noted that overall fuel costs vary based on “miles upriver” and he is considering changing his guide fee to separately charge customers for estimated fuel costs. Below Brian’s log for 15 typical days showing “miles upriver” and “total fuel cost”.

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