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  • Advanced Computer Architecture - Lecture 16: Instruction level parallelism. This lecture will cover the following: correlating branch predictors; tournament predictor; high performance instruction delivery – branch target buffer; hardware intensive approaches; predictor increases misprediction rate;...

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  • This research employed two sets of questionnaires, one for each participant group, presented in the form of Likert scale and Lisrel (Linear Structure Relation) for the analysis of descriptive analysis and inferential statistics.

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  • The study was aimed at explaining the anxiety level of Football School students who competed in “Rector UNY Cup 2014” national tournament. The study was descriptive quantitative using purposive random sampling to obtain the subjects.

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  • Kelly’s combinatorial lemma is a basic tool in the study of Ulam’s reconstruction conjecture. A generalization in terms of a family of t-elements subsets of a v-element set was given by Pouzet. We consider a version of this generalization modulo a prime p. We give illustrations to graphs and tournaments.

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  • In this paper we obtain conditions on weak tournaments, which guarantee that every non-empty subset of alternatives admits a stable set. We also show that there exists a unique stable set for each non-empty subset of alternatives which coincides with its set of best elements, if and only if, the weak tournament is quasi-transitive.

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  • My many visits to Australia were made much more enjoyable by my friendship with Phil Tresidder. Phil was a press man who covered it as it was. He wasn’t a sensationalist and he didn’t manufacture things. I have so many great memories of Phil and of Australia. I well remember playing the Augusta course with Phil the morning after my last US Masters win in 1978, and in turn playing several rounds at his home course, Bonnie Doon, in Sydney. I used to meet him at various golf tournaments around the world and enjoyed finding out what was happening in Australia.

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  • Whenever I explain to golfers (or to nongolfers, for that matter) that I’m writing a book about golf etiquette, invariably they reply, “Have I got a story for you!” Numerous golfers have regaled me with tales of clubs broken, or tossed into trees never to come out, or vanished to the bottom of a pond. One told me of her experience driving a cart through a bunker, while another recounted the marvelous story of two eagles being scored on the same hole by people playing in the same group.

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  • In October of 1860, officials of Scotland’s Prestwick Golf Club extended an invitation to the 30 or so golf clubs then operating in Scotland and England to send up to three “respectable caddies” to compete in a golf tournament. Eight professional golfers entered. Willie Park, Sr., went around the 12-hole course three times in one day in 174 strokes to become the first winner of what would become The Open Championship. The next year, officials opened the event to amateurs. Ten professionals and eight amateurs entered. “Old Tom” Morris won with a score of 163.

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  • On August 10, 1994 at about 3:30 in the afternoon, I was driving to Highland Meadows Golf Club in Sylvania, Ohio. Our then 20- year-old son, Kevin Michael O’Toole McHugh, was with me. Highland Meadows was not a new experience for either of us. Kevin had played there many times, including in junior golf tournaments. His sisters, Kathy and Lisa, had both worked at the Club. Kathy was the Club’s office manager for several years and Lisa worked in the dining room and the office while going to college....

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  • When my son Samuel picked up a tiny tennis racket at the tender age of three, he swung it with grace. Later, he was good enough to earn a spot on a top-ranked Belgian club soccer team. On a trip to America, he hit a home run in one of his first baseball games at camp. Yet one by one his athletic passions dropped away. At tennis tournaments, parents screamed on the sidelines. Samuel tensed, and all too often he came off the court in tears. He dropped off the elite soccer team after a year, finding the sport too stressful, and proceeded to turn in what seemed...

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  • Championship, the voice went silent as the players raced to the sidelines, lift ed the ailing Case onto their shoulders and carried him to one of the baskets, so he could cut down the nets one last time. Th e voice cracked on the aft ernoon of March 16, 1974, in the deathly silence of Reynolds Coliseum as superstar David Th ompson was wheeled off the court aft er tripping over teammate Phil Spence’s shoulder during the NCAA Tournament East Region championship game. And it boomed when he shared the great news that Th ompson would be all right, causing an explosion of noise that has never...

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  • Iwasn’t always obsessed with Ivy League basketball. I didn’t grow up watching any of the teams, nor did I know any of the players. Frankly, until I went to college, I’m not sure I could have named the eight schools in the league. This fascination I developed grew out of my love for basketball. I am one of those hoops junkies who can watch the sport anywhere, anytime. I’ll sit entranced for hours in a sweaty gym while a group of fifthgraders play a game most of their parents would prefer to avoid. Of all the sports I’ve covered through the years, none fascinates me as much as basketball...

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  • The crown jewel of college basketball remains the Final Four, where four teams battle it out for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) supremacy in the season-ending tournament. Several players have starred on March Madness’s biggest stage. These players saved their best for the NCAA championship game.

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  • By tapping into the memories of those who participated, this book strives to create a picture of what playing Iowa high school girls' basketball was like from the time it began in 1893, up through its initial growth period of the 1950s and 1960s, to the 1990s. In my attic is a sturdy cardboard storage box that houses my high school basketball scrapbook. I shared a dream with my teammates-to play in the state tournament! My dream was realized; in my senior year at Reinbeck High School my team won the state championship.

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  • Over the past eighty years, basketball’s sweeping international growth has come about because of the creativity and acumen of individuals on and off the court. Th e history of the U.S. men’s basketball team at the Olympic Games shows this in striking fashion. Th e U.S. team’s history makes for a dynamic tale as it takes us from Olympic basketball’s humble beginnings as a full - medal sport at the 1936 Games in Berlin, where the tournament took place outdoors in the rain, to Bill Russell’s marvelous play in Melbourne, to the controversial 1972 U.S.

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  • In the last thirty years there has been an explosion of academic interest in American sports. Colleges and universities offer courses in the history, philosophy, sociology, economics, and literature of sports. For twenty years I have taught a sports history class at Metropolitan State College of Denver. As I explored the scholarship of this burgeoning field and became familiar with Denver’s sports history, it struck me that scholars had neglected an important part of the American basketball experience.

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  • Ever since Taiwan captured its fi rst Little League Baseball world series title in 1969, baseball has been a sport in which the Taiwanese people have taken deep pride. Over the next twenty-seven years Taiwan appeared in the annual tournament twenty-one times and captured seventeen titles. I have followed Taiwanese national teams since I was small. Like many fellow islanders, I watched live Little League tournament games on television late into the night as I sipped instant noodles, a favorite snack in Taiwan.

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  • Algorithm and Networking for Computer Game 1 Introduction —1.1 Anatomy of Computer Games —1.2 Synthetic Players ——1.2.1 Humanness. ——1.2.2 Stance —1.3 Multi playing —1.4 Games and Storytelling —1.5 Other Game Design Considerations —1.6 Outline of the Book ——1.6.1 Algorithms ——1.6.2 Networking. —1.7 Summary I. Algorithms 2 Random Numbers —2.1 Linear Congruential Method ——2.1.1 Choice of parameters ——2.1.2 Testing the randomness ——2.1.3 Using the generators —2.2 Discrete Finite Distributions —2.3 Random Shuffling —2.4 Creating Game Worlds. ——2.4.1 Star map generation ——2.4.

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  • Other arguments have been raised to explain the existence of high executive salary, but they are not ethical justifi cations. An example is the claim that executive salaries are an example of “the economics of superstars”. Th ere are some fi elds, notably sporting, arts and entertainment, where “superstar” performers may earn rewards far greater than the average for that fi eld. Th e potential incomes in these fi elds have the character of prizes in a tournament, with a comparatively small number of prizes rela- tive to the number of competitors.

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  • IT was the age of chain armour and tournaments--of iron barons and barons' wars--of pilgrims and armed pilgrimages--of forests and forest outlaws--when Henry III. reigned as King of England, and the feudal system, though no longer rampant, was still full of life and energy; when Louis King of France, afterwards canonised as St. Louis, undertook one of the last and most celebrated of those expeditions known as the Crusades, and described as 'feudalism's great adventure, and popular glory.

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