Towards prohibition

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  • The overlap between regulations on germ-line genetic intervention and reproductive cloning is refl ected in Opinion 54 of The French National Consultative Ethics Committee in 199717 where it cited Art.16-4 of the civil code, which prohibits genetic modifi cation of descendants as an implicit ban on reproductive cloning. Another example is the Law on Healthcare in Georgia18 , which states ‘Human cloning through the use of genetic engineering methods shall be prohibited’.

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  • Many factors can influence the dynamic balance that exists between the host and the pathogen (M. tuberculosis), but the host immune response seems to be the most important. This is illustrated by the vulnerability of immune-compromised individuals to develop tuberculosis and by the age-related spectrum of disease witnessed in immune-competent children. This age-related spectrum of disease reflects the ontogeny of the host immune response towards M. tuberculosis.

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  • John Hudson peered at me over his half-moons. A rm frown was on his forehead. His hands were folded rmly on his desk. ‘Say that one more time, lad’, he grunted in his familiar and frequently feared North Yorkshire accent. I gulped and let it go one more time. ‘I don’t think the work I am doing here is worthwhile. I mean, I could be researching cancer – something bene cial for mankind. But I’m working on beer – what puts bubbles on a pint, why lager tastes of sweetcorn, how to choose the best barley.

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  • Accordingly, the Government has been considering the feasibility of getting local TV services on to the non-DTT platforms and has held discussions with these providers. The costs associated with broadcasting on the satellite platform in particular are likely to be prohibitive to most local TV service providers, primarily due to the high cost of transponder capacity that would be required in each location. In addition, the degree of localness that can be provided largely mirrors the current regional television structure rather than a specifically local one.

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  • With the increased use of technology to share information among law enforcement agencies and the courts, it is common for jurisdictions to place information regarding civil and criminal cases, including protection orders, in secure governmental databases or on websites to allow for easy access to case information. VAWA limits the personal information that can be publicly posted on the Internet.

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  • Which of the following best characterizes the “ambiguous position” (line 10) in which Soviet scientists were placed during the decades that followed the Bolshevik Revolution? (A) The Soviet government demanded that their research result in scientific progress, although funding was insufficient to accomplish this goal. (B) They were exhorted to strive toward scientific advancements, while at the same time the freedoms necessary to make such advancements were restricted.

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  • In the previous chapters we have addressed models that can be solved by analytical or numerical means. Although the class of addressed models has been very wide, there are still models that cannot be solved adequately with the presented techniques. These models, however, can still be analysed using simulation. With simulation there are no fundamental restrictions towards what models can be solved. Practical restrictions do exist since the amount of computer time or memory required for running a simulation can be prohibitively large....

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